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Time to start a new thread. The old one isn't bumping anymore. Translation please?


Shouldn't this be in req?


Basically what you'd expect.

"This was me"
"Sale 50 yen off"
"Naomi Ikeido (17), meat from legs, thin sliced, domestically made"


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Anyone willing to translate these ones?



File: 1554030478470.png (2.18 MB, 1940x1200, 1548001366023.png)



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we still miss a translated version for:


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Yes please! and this one:


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can somebody translate this comic, please?


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I have the (original, I assume) Japanese version of that. I had a quick look online, but couldn't find a source to the Japanese one. I can upload it here, if anyone wants to translate.



Come on guys, somebody has to speak french here.


Bon bon bread kissiy kissy surrender see bu play


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Again, not really guro, just some bdsm, but I've just happened to stumble onto this and it had the Kagamine twins having fun and just a little bit of text, so I figured why not go and translate it.
Also, for more fun with the Kagamine twins check out my thread on /lit/



I know I have read it in German, if anyone could get it in German for me, I could translate it to English.


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Translation please?


Here's my attempt:
"Even dead this horny girl's pussy is still tight!"
"Seriously, best onahole ever!"
"As a thanks I will use her until the end!"


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(Probably should be in /req, but at least the images fit the board.)


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I've never really posted here but I couldn't find the translation thread in req, but can someone help me with this one?
I can usually stick the image into Google translate and get the general idea but it can't read the handwriting on this one at. This is part of an album if anyone wants to translate the whole thing, but I'm mostly just curious about this page unless the context for the others is important.
Sorry again if this is the wrong place.


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