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Time to start a new thread. The old one isn't bumping anymore. Translation please?


Shouldn't this be in req?


Basically what you'd expect.

"This was me"
"Sale 50 yen off"
"Naomi Ikeido (17), meat from legs, thin sliced, domestically made"


File: 1554030445119.png (2.05 MB, 1940x1200, 1546944935136.png)

Anyone willing to translate these ones?



File: 1554030478470.png (2.18 MB, 1940x1200, 1548001366023.png)



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we still miss a translated version for:


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Yes please! and this one:


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can somebody translate this comic, please?


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I have the (original, I assume) Japanese version of that. I had a quick look online, but couldn't find a source to the Japanese one. I can upload it here, if anyone wants to translate.



Come on guys, somebody has to speak french here.


Bon bon bread kissiy kissy surrender see bu play

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