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Old thread here: >>846


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Source: hxxps://

Artist: Nyte


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I'm bothered by Dr. XIII's posts in the hard vore thread - mostly because I view it for sexualized content involving women being torn apart while naked or in sexy attire.
The how to feed your dragon post is good, but those dinosaur images that Dr. XIII posts are usually poorly drawn and always bothersome.

So, maybe if we knew why people viewed the hard-vore thread, we could decide whether his stuff should be posted elswhere.

Vote on it


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Why should women have all the fun of getting eaten, though?


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And it's not just Dinosaurs that like a good Man-Eating spree.



Haha I nearly went on a rant went I read you post because I read it as

"I'm bothered by Dr. XIII's posts in the hard vore thread - mostly because I view it AS sexualized content involving women being torn apart while naked or in sexy attire."

And thought you were some crazy feminist coming to take away our Vore.

Personally I don't mind the art that Dr. XIII has posted here, clearly he liked it enough to post it. People do have different tastes, y'know. it. And it's not breaking and rules, so why not? And a poll? Really?


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People can be so Narrow-Minded when it comes to who gets eaten, and the quality of the Art. Fussy, Fussy, Fussy.


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Exactly. I find this delicious, even though it's arguably not very technically skillful.


Why not a poll, it's easy to do, easy to vote and should determine if Dr. XIII's stuff should be posted in another thread.

I respect everyone's right to fap to what they like - but we're all different and separating stuff based on our preferences is why we have threads in the first place!

So, yeah - everybody go vote:



Because if you separate the threads according what each person likes, you'll end up with a million threads, which will all die off.

I looked at your poll, and see you've rephrased your argument into the false dichotomy of "fap material" and "guro aesthetics"

I should point out too, that I started this thread to replace the old one, which ran successfully since 2014, and until it died, was the longest running thread on the site. And I don't recall anyone asking to split that one up.

One could just as easily make a poll asking to choose between monsters, and dinosaurs, or sharks and insects. I think I speak for most people, when I say, stop meddling and trying to twist the thread to your own particular whims.

You're welcome to start your own thread, and police it with an iron rod, of course, and watch it die as such threads invariably do.

That's just my two cents. This isn't really my thread TBH, even though I did start it, vore isn't my main interest here. I just saw that the old thread had saged, thought it would cool to have a continuation.



The artist is actually not nyte; the artist is someone under the name of "Chirpy" whom nyte commissions.

Does anybody know who this Chirpy is, i.e., where I can find more of his work? He's too good for nyte to keep to himself.


Ah, thanks for the heads=up. :)



These blank posts are starting to get annoying. If you want to bump a thread, at least use an appropriate image.


I like annoying people who don't even pratice what they preach.


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Agreed. To much chatter here. Have another pic.


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She didnt stand a chance 👌


Is Nyte's entire portfolio worth buying off Gumroad? I've seen some of their stuff and it's really good like this one, but some of the older stuff does have wonky faces.


I don't know tbh. I got that from exhentai, seems to be quite a lot of his stuff there. Just search for nyte.


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source of the shark?



artist name?


Cover painting of a 1977 volume of Italian adult erotic comics, Tiburón

and it's a great sexy vore image



thank a lot



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It's a Cover Art for Killer Sharks: the Real Story by Brad Matthews. Most likely made in the 50's to 70's or so, back when Pulp Art were All the Rage. Like THIS cover here.


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