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For those of you who are into this fetish, castration, penectomy, genital mutilation etc' you probably know that feeling, like you searched the entire internet and find no good porn, lets take a moment to change that. please share here your resources, not talking about pics, im talking about where you go to and what you search for to find them.

My go to is usually: , "castration" tag translated to japanease (furry warning)all the furry castration tags, neutered, castrated, gelding…
Rule 34 - castration and penectomy tags mostly - For castration captions, usually lame - under 'hentai alternative' i sometime find interesting stuff, almost never actual castration.
castrationislove - a great blogpost - have some stories which is nice Furry - must check the 'Expunged' box.

Related tags are mostly: Castration, Castrate, Castrating, Castrated, Penectomy, Eunuch, Nullo, Gelding, Gelded, Neuter, Neutered.

A must read hentai is 'Nuts eater' 1, 2 and 3, hoping to see 4 released

Artist i know are Sorenutz and Rio, both of which i have know idea where they publish their stuff

I hope you can benefit yourself and other people with content.


Pertinent question: does anyone have a working login for You need one even to access the read-only story subsite, their mods are infamously picky, my attempt to register failed, and the last "public" (bugmenot) account I knew of got banned months ago.

I kinda intend to gradually (so as not to flag up the process) download the full set and mirror them somewhere, or maybe just post 'em here in /lit/, but right now I'm frozen out.

Also a proper list of tags for Pixiv would be cool. A couple like "no rod", "no ball" and "human body modification" work, but I'm not exactly a native japanese speaker so it's a matter of fishing in the dark and copying whatever comes up in the tag list when a relevant pic surfaces and seeing if it generates any further hits.


Oh and there's a few things on (again, furry warning), but they have pretty much everything aliased under penectomy, castration and/or nullo with not much distinction, or any other options like "dickless" (for the case where penectomy has long since happened, or there was never a dick in the first place, rather than the act itself)… so it can be a bit of a crapshoot.


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Japanese tags would also be great to have.


Rio doesn't have a site. Sometimes he posts to Gurochan, sometimes he sends images to me (Mr. Castration-Is-Love).

Sorenutz has a Patreon account and a $25/month site at threemoonsart.


I never had a problem getting a membership. The last time I did they were very prompt. My problem is lack of interest. The stories are of such poor quality. I let my membership lapse and it gets deleted.

I confess at 65-years-old I've lost some of my zest for castration.

tumblr used to be good for it and maybe bdsmlr will be too.

DeviantArt has some good images. Search on the usual tags.

If you're into femdom, I recommend "Neutered by the Vet" on Amazon Kindle. It's given me 48 (no joke) orgasms so far. It's text, no images.

And you forgot Tejlor & Bernd who run slaveryart on Patreon. Castration is their stock-in-trade. They have a DeviantArt account too. And a bdsmlr one.


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OP covered all the sites I find stuff from.

Here are some artists you might like:

Diego draws amazons beating men in combat and castrating them for trophies


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Knave draws girlfriends mostly, damaging and destroying testicles, and sometimes removal


File: 1553984478173.jpg (232.86 KB, 500x650, tensi_11.jpg)

fetish fairy draws various innocent girls punishing boys and removing their genitals, though the site is in Japanese and not easy to navigate unless you read it:


File: 1553984742625.jpg (70.16 KB, 600x462, 12919396235.jpg)

Kami Tora draws femdom art centered on teasing, control, and punishment, although usually no removal though:


File: 1553985331677.jpg (118.9 KB, 500x500, 1261551727233.jpg)

There's a Japanese artist who draws particularly vicious musclegirls, but I lost the URL. The women frequently choose to display or to eat the balls.


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BABEL/Noise keeps a blog and updates pretty regularly, but it's another Japanese site that I find hard to navigate. Much more organized than the other Japanese sites, though:


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Sorenutz does lots of ball stuff and dominance, plus he does commissions.


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Space Jin draws no-bullshit women kicking, squeezing and popping balls


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Last up, Whizzer Black was a series of femdom drawings, but I don't know who the artist was, nothing new is coming out, and only some of it has to do with balls. (He liked spankings most.)

Hope some of you see something new here :)


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Ah, I forgot to tell you: Sorenutz has put a lot of art out there over the years, and I'm pretty sure there is no one place to find everything. The threemoonsart site is the closest you will find, as it's his "official" site. However, his commissioned art is (by default) owned entirely by the purchaser, and so he never posts it anywhere. I have given him explicit permission to use anything I commission as he likes in any gallery of his to promote himself, because that's how I found him, and I encouraged him to change his default to this too. Hopefully he will, and there will be more public stuff by him before long.


Those large muscular women ripping off cocks and destroying balls then harvesting or eating them. Is right here.

As for some of those searches in Japanese (good for Pixiv)
去勢 - Castration
玉潰し - Crushed Testicles
性器破壊 - destruction of genitalia (Brings up female genitalia too)
金蹴り - Crotch kick
金的 - Ballbusting (more or less)

Don't know of a femcan one. Wish I did, favorite part of this fetish!


Just wanted to add, you can find some castration/penectomy role play on F-chat. If that's your thing, just try not to be creepy about it. =P


Has he ever done more than just showing the lead up, or hiding the result? It seems like it's only teasing and none of it is truly graphic, from what I've seen.


Maybe I'm just bad at bullshitting and telling them what they want to hear from a new member then. Either way, if anyone has an account that they don't use much and don't care if some random abuses and gets banned, I'm more than happy to do the job of keeping it anonymously "active" by dint of logging on and reading the occasional thing, with no other banworthy activity… put it on pastebin in cyphered form and just link it from here or something if you're bothered about the share being detected.

And yeah, there's an awful lot of noise/chaff there, but occasionally you find a bit of gold buried in-between. May as well have a go at retrieving said nuggets permanently.


You know, I hadn't really thought about it. The earliest of his artwork that I have seen was usually pretty graphic, but today I don't think he has done anything with blood or penectomy in a while. (I could be wrong.)

This thread is about gathering all the sites and artists into one place so we can share where we find the best stuff, so I won't dump a bunch of his pictures into it. But, here's an imgur link in case you want to see a few of the graphic ones:


Thank you for the renders you posted.
Castration is the most awful emasculation possible, and I have fear-fantasies of it happening to me. That moment of total humiliation would be the worst.



Here's a trick. Go to the wayback machine,

Then go to January 7 2011.

Fiction archive used to be free and has hundreds of stories.

 No.68141 under the photo manip there is a huge thread on this. It still gets new posts.


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I forgot earlier where I found this, but I'm sure that this artist has a couple sites and a lot of comics. Does anyone know the name on this one?


lol disregard that, it's SCUM_Advocate


Nice. Shame that we lose the 8+ years of updates since, though. Some of the better series came along in that time.


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/d on 4chan dosnt allow for gore so the ball busting threads on there are allways shit. and pretty much anything i post on gets removed cause the mods dipshits


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Is there any news on Rio?


The stuff I like typically has the cock and balls being eaten. Alive with as much blood as possible is preferred I find most of my art on pixiv sadly none of its translated theres one long series of images involving rumia eating a guys cock and one of his balls I would love translated.


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Rio posted this image a while back at the other castration thread. I emailed him to verify it was one of his. He told me it was a rough, early effort. Other than that, he is staying in retirement. Sorry.



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