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This is a thread for guro art liberated from behind the patreon paywalls.Guro is free and should be enjoyed by everyone.It's one thing to pay for a comission, it's another to hoard art behind the paywalls and never release it for free.This must end! Let's relive the days of the old Gurochan! Down with the patreon-pigs, give guro back to the people!


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Steal from Walmart and your workplace not independent artists.


the fucks this entitled horse shit, get a job and pay 2 dollars, art is a job


Hehe I hope people will start posting so I can comeback here and see something new here every time, nice1 m8! Loved the communist speach btw! :P


Pay artists for their art if you want them to keep making it.


Well for starters, the pics you posted were never behind a paywall and completely free on Veiled616's pixiv. So all you sound like is just some prick who wants other people to steal art for you.

Can we ban this shit?


Veiled isn't exactly a good example to use since he always releases his works publicly at some point in the future. Regardless, what artists choose to do with their work is up to them. You're basically upset that someone isn't going out of their way to produce something for you that you want for free. The whole point of these crowd funding sites is to motivate the artists to produce more content that their community wants. How many of them would continue working as hard and producing as many works without their backers supporting them? I don't agree with hard paywalls either but at the end of the day they're the ones paying for the work of the artist so of course they should get some form of benefit.


If an artist want to earn money from their work, they are entitled to do so. They put an effort for that piece of art, and if people feels it worth donating a dollar to enjoy it then be it.


Just stop following those artists, if you can't or want to pay them. I did the same, you're better off this way. Even tho it sucks that guro is a niche and only few draw it.


Thread locked.

I didn't know the communists were coming for our porn.

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