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What's better than sluts dying? Sluts enjoying their death!

Last one stopped bumping >>13049


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Also reposting this one because I think nobody saw it


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This should be enough to get the thread started


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Is 3D art allowed here?


Not on /g/, no.



Remind me to watermark my commissions! :D

Underrock did really good on this one - people can find it on their Patreon and I'll be posting it to my blog once I get clear of some work-crunch. So… a couple weeks?


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Ok, then lets not to beyond 2D arts, :-).


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Mmm… My wife and I had a night like this once. Never been so tempted to actually do it before.


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Hahaha!! Thank you for the link!! That comic is awesome! veiled616, you're one of my favorites.


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Gonna be some futa in the mix here but I'll at least keep the fur out.


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Wow I never knew gurochan was such a pain to dump on


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I've got too many more to post in a reasonable time, and this board is really shit for larger filedumps.

Here's a last few animated ones then I'm done for now.


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That's it from me for now.


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bump!! [art is by excaive on tumblr!]


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though presumably not anymore


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(C95) [Yokohama Junky (Makari Tohru)] Solo Hunter no Seitai WORLD 2 (Monster Hunter) [English] [desudesu]


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