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When stripping isn't enough


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Flood detection triggered because I posted too many images


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i wish i remembered what this manga was called


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Artist name is jm on pixiv and this is like the last flaying-adjacent thing I have on hand


Mai Chan Daily Life


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More specifically seems to be from Uzaiga Waita's "Game Over" Manga.

how could i forget this meme classic


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cmoooon there's gotta be more of that stuff out there.


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Let's get this one back up in here.



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cmon flood detection just lemme post this shit



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and 4/4


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Many thanks.


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Moving on


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why and how did it let me post a completely empty message


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now where she think she's going like that?


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Does this artist still make guro gifs? I feel like I've only ever seen three of them circling around


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Source on this?

Their pixiv account's last post was in 2017 so probably not.


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Hey now, don't die on me thread!

unlike probably every other girl in the pictures did.


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Does anybody have the full comic?


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this is amazing. you wouldn't happen to have more of it, or even a source?


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Artist's name is Feather, they're Chinese. This is from something called "Mad Doc Miss Universe"


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It gives me flood detected too.


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Tried Google and SauceNao with no avail :(


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