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Cannibalism thread is unbumpable, long live cannibalism.


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Real talk, this image is hot but can you cook something with blood still pumping through it? How would that work? Would that be at all edible?



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Does this count?


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hell yeah!!!! meat absolutely counts. meat counts extra even


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File: 1549587313815.png (1.41 MB, 1865x1219, Splatter4.png)

Yo. I'm learning and improving fast. Here is my latest work, I hope you enjoy. Its still not the best but I feel I'm done well.

I feel I'm confident enough to take on a name now. And I hope you will enjoy my future works.


Not bad at all!


good stuff!


Thanks dude. I do my best to make each drawing better than the last.

On another note did people like my old stuff when you had it on Tumblr? It was only there for a couple of days before the purge but I'm curious as to how well it does. It seems to have gotten some good votes on Reddit. And where did you find the one with the fat lady I made? That one was ages old.


Actually your first post (the B-grade meat slaughter) was around tumblr for a while, and it wasn't even originally posted there by me. But yes all the stuff by you that got posted was pretty well received!


>>64715 very good stuff dude




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Amazing work, keep it up, we need more thick piglets.


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oh wow I love that art style, anyone know the source by chance?


File: 1550866456268.jpg (185.82 KB, 1280x1818, 26.jpg)




ShindoL's Cultural Anthropology. It's good but not enough cannibalism. :(


File: 1551062135211.jpg (84.85 KB, 752x550, 133475515859 - Copy.jpg)


It seems as if the banquet attendees are having some digestive problems, but there is so little of the guest of honor left, I can not tell who it is, or why they seem to have been poisoned by her flesh.


File: 1551089691541.jpg (368.18 KB, 666x666, 1508539377287.jpg)

The body doesn't look cleaned out or, judging by the head, even cooked really so I think that would probably do it. You can see intestines in the background which really shouldn't be there if you're going to be eating. Very unsanitary.
The head also has flies around it. Could very well just have been rotten.

Honestly, not properly preparing a body for consumption is a big pet peeve. Like great, cook that whole human with her head on and stink your house up like burnt hair. Fantastic. Good job, idiot. Don't even get me STARTED on cooking people alive, either.


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Does anybody have a Forbidden Feast membership? Is it worth it?


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Kinda? His art is good, but he doesn't upload fast enough for a constant membership to be worth it. So just get a month, save all the images for your personal enjoyment and de-subscribe. If you want more, just subscribe a few months later.


Tyy. I'll share anything worthwhile from it.


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the way you reference other posts is like this

also would like some sauce.


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The arrow is good but the girl is a bit chubby. Wanna watch some Japanese porn for a while?


File: 1555488380920.jpg (3.89 MB, 3700x1900, 70648833_p0.jpg)



Sure, I'd love to watch some Japanese Pornography.



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File: 1557805496247.png (693.75 KB, 999x706, 74644422_p0.png)


Does anyone have a copy of the old thread?


File: 1558072489856.jpg (413.86 KB, 1754x1240, 74759891_p0.jpg)


File: 1563093165377.jpg (173.99 KB, 825x920, jimsugomi-299108-maydawnco….jpg)


File: 1563125234669.jpg (192.73 KB, 1200x900, D7BH9H5UEAEQ-Hh.jpg)


File: 1563125387018.jpeg (182.7 KB, 1600x1200, D7BXGMpVUAATyOM.jpg large.jpeg)


File: 1564714782892.jpg (950.97 KB, 2045x1428, 76016991_p0.jpg)


do you have more of these?


File: 1565930101376.gif (43.24 KB, 894x602, 61186ae002ecef7972127a1c4e….gif)

This dude posts 250+ high quality images from a veteran gynophagia artist who has always maintained a strict paywall, and you don't even have the grace to thank him for posting it all on gurochan before asking for more?
Do parents not teach their kids manners nowadays?


These are a treasure trove of cannibalism images. Nice job.


Thank you very much for the images. While not strictly cannibalism, do you happen to have the first few images of Deconstructing the Tender and Trimming the Human Ham? Asking since you posted the rest of them.



Ungrateful Little Prick, at least say thank you and appreciation for this Anonymous dude sharing his own Bought Forbidden Feast Illustrations.


Holy shit, that's a legendary dump.
Bless you, anon.


This is so discouraging. To see years of hard work dumped like this honestly makes me feel like quitting. A few is fine, & sometimes I let it go, but ALL of it? I'm done. It's just not worth it anymore. Who every posted it, thank you very much.


And to see this, now that I'm only just getting back on my feet after & I lost all my subscribers because processors are too afraid to process my content. I tried to make the price reasonable and as you can see, I try to make the quality of art as high as I can. This is why you see artists not be appreciated and that's why they lose inspiration & quit. So yes, bless you Anon. If you have any decency, I'd ask nicely for you'd take them down. Because stuff like this is seriously making me think about quitting. It's just not worth the trouble anymore.


If you email the mods, they might do that for you. They've made it clear they're not happy about people doing mass dumps of artists' works.


File: 1566021216344.jpg (587.07 KB, 715x1031, c48273e06947a5a89fffc3f70c….jpg)

You will have more luck contacting the website moderators to get your art taken down. That said, I'm not sure what you expected when you uploaded artwork to the internet. Even behind a paywall, someone will find a way to steal it.


imagine thinking that artists monetising their work is permission to steal it. you people are ridiculous, a rule really needs to be in place for this kind of shit.


To those who get it, I've already messaged the admins. Thanks for the advice. But I'm sad to see that after almost a whole day the art is still here & no response.

To those who don't and think this is ok. It's this simple. Expecting art for free tells artists that what they do is worthless & cheap. And I know. The world's not fair. Shitty things happen. Even though as a creator who should hate sites like this, I don't, because I understand why sites like these are important for free speech & expression of fantasies & art as long as it's not harming anybody. That's why I allow some artworks be shared as long as it's not too much. I just draw fantasies & hope people can appreciate them, support my effort & time if possible. So to ask for that respect in return, is that too much to ask?

But when that trust is broken, the natural thing is to just stop, go away and find something else to do where you feel more fulfilled. So yes, you're right >>73725 & whoever that Anon was who uploaded my art & the people who are thanking him instead of thinking of the person who painstakingly spend years learning & drawing the art. Im not sure what I was expecting. Maybe that people would have a better sense of decency?

Maybe because you think that my art deserves to be stolen, because it's immoral & dark & doesn't deserve respect. Okay. Fine. I don't have any power to tell anyone what to do. But the longer I see the art here as it's not taken down yet by the admins or whoever else, the more I feel I it's time for me. In fact, I was already thinking about it when my payment processor blacklisted my site & took away my ability to earn but said to myself to try it one more time with other methods, put in the effort & start again. It's hard work but I'm not earning as much doing this anymore.

So you see how much damage something like this does to a creator. I had so many ideas, I wanted to build the world I created of with proper stories & characters, but now, it's just too painful to think of drawing & writing anything now. I'm not sure where to go from here, but maybe I'll say this.

If this isn't down by the end of tomorrow, I may have to say that I'm calling it quits, keep my site up for another month with the last updates I promised, finish up the last of my commissions I promised to certain fans who are generous enough to pay me to draw their fantasies, and leaving this all forever. If that's the case, then fine. You can have the artwork up here for all I care. I'm not earning enough anyway, getting too much trouble for drawing this kind of artwork from all directions from people who hate what I do, and now even those who like what I do. It just feels like the last straw, man.

Just do me a favor, if you can afford it, I just ask that you support your creators. It doesn't have to be me. It could be another artist, writer, whoever you enjoy. You want to see them do more? Then show them you care. That's all I'll ask.



I feel you man. Getting your shit stolen and casually reposted like that is insulting. I know its not much encouragement but consider that a portion of those who pay for your stuff stick around to support you in making more not buying what you've already made.

And man yeah, having the fruits of all your labor just fucked like that is a bitch. Sorry about it. I've been enjoying your freebies for years and I'm learning to draw myself. So I see your pain.

> this isn't down by the end of tomorrow, I may have to say that I'm calling it quits,

Dude that might be a little much this site is slow as all fuck, like not that active. So just because the mods aren't fast doesn't mean they dont necesarily care. As others pointed out its frowned upon to post paywalled stuff.


This post make me want to support you and I just did !


Hey man, have always found your artwork very appealing. Many times I've considered showing some financial support your way, but I'm afraid that I'm just far too paranoid to have any sort of paper trail tied to these sorts of kinks. >>73739 is correct, do consider how slow this site is. I would imagine the number of total eyeballs that have seen this dump are in the low double digits, a small fraction of that total have bothered to actually save anything from it, and by the looks of it you managed to get one paying supporter out of it happening; >>73741


Just wanted to agree with this, always been a huge fan, but i'm terrified of any of this getting tied back to me and ending careers by supplying financial info. Shame, that's the way of a lot of kinks.


It's not much, but this is the first time i've seen your art and I love it. It's not much, but you've gained a new supporter.



Be as it may you have to consider the advertising this is doing as well.

Frankly I've never seen your art prior to tonight, and it's lovely. This is a niche market and finding talent like yours is hard without a board like this one.

My two cents.


Yeah I never post here just browse, but I feel pretty upset about this. Money's never been super stable for me but you're one of the top artist doing this stuff. I follow your pixiv and DA to get a glmps at what you upload for free, which is extremely appreciated. And I've also purchased a few art packs and don't regret it at all. I've wanted to sub for a while but spending money on entertainment isn't something I can really do, can't even afford Netflix half the time if wanted to.
So I'll admit when I refreshed this page and saw some of your art that I'd never seen before I got really excited. But the more I scrolled I realized it was legit an art dump of paid content, from an individual artist who I admire and just got ripped off.
I know it won't mean much but after I realized what was going on I just skipped to the bottom, where I saw your comments. Even if it's already exposed, I haven't earned the right to see it, it's theft of years of hard work and your creativity.

No matter what you decide to do after this, I wish you the best. You're an incredibly talented artist, even if you move on from guro and cooking I believe you will prosper. Hopefully expand, given how specific and tabo this subject is.
I understand how this must feel like a volatlation of trust. I'm truly sorry this happened to you and I will you the best.



I'm sorry that this happened to you.

I will say to not get too discouraged as most of the people thanking the guy for posting your work would have never paid for it anyways.


Jesus wept you fucking goons, if you have actually managed to stop Twistd from drawing cannibal porn then I don't even know what to fucking say.


Hello Anon moron… I really wonder, if there is something wrong in your head, thinking that it is okay, to post a almost complete siterip of Twistd. He always shared some of his works on DA for free and didn't even do something, when there was something posted aside from his own freebies.

I had paid subs on his site for years and it made me really sad, that the payments were cancelled again, throwing his work back because he had to rearrange everything again. And now you idiot made it even worse, sharing almost everything of his work here? Do you even know, what a hard punch in the face this must be!?

I can't believe how stupid some people are. I really hope, Twistd goes on with his artwork… but I could really understand if he says now "Fuck this shit!".


Interesting. For many years ideas of "freedom" and "common" are being all the way around Internet, but when it comes to any personal motives - you, anons, are remembering that any work should be payed for.
Hell, that just…sad.
Around the world, for centuries, artists and authors are spending their lives for making something new, something unseen, something that is tickling one's deepest dreams and making one thinking "I am not alone with what I like!". Some people are being inspired of other's art and textual works. It is changing history itself. For the same amount of time lawmakers are trying to synchronise written law with people's understanding of existence. And EACH ONE of us is inspired by something. For me - those are works of Twistd and his neighbour. More hers than his, but I consider Twistd as the best cannibalistic artist all around, Artist from the capital letter "A".
And what do we have here? Some regular being just thought that he/she/it could leak Twistd's work. Not for likes - here are none, not for being greeted - look at comments, not for being famous - it's anonymous. Why? Just because.
Two worse words you may even hear as a basis of an action. Just because. Do, because you can, even if you don't have a right to. Do, because you damn WANT, even if you're not allowed. Do, because - why not?! - even if someone would be hurt and you would cause artist to stop working.
It's disappointing.



please for the love of fuck stop longposting and go to /dis/

i could not give a single fuck who's "right" or who wants the "last word" on the subject


To the artist:

I had saved every one of them till I got to your text post, I deleted them off my computer. Sorry this happened to you

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