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Cannibalism thread is unbumpable, long live cannibalism.


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Real talk, this image is hot but can you cook something with blood still pumping through it? How would that work? Would that be at all edible?



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Does this count?


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hell yeah!!!! meat absolutely counts. meat counts extra even


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Yo. I'm learning and improving fast. Here is my latest work, I hope you enjoy. Its still not the best but I feel I'm done well.

I feel I'm confident enough to take on a name now. And I hope you will enjoy my future works.


Not bad at all!


good stuff!


Thanks dude. I do my best to make each drawing better than the last.

On another note did people like my old stuff when you had it on Tumblr? It was only there for a couple of days before the purge but I'm curious as to how well it does. It seems to have gotten some good votes on Reddit. And where did you find the one with the fat lady I made? That one was ages old.


Actually your first post (the B-grade meat slaughter) was around tumblr for a while, and it wasn't even originally posted there by me. But yes all the stuff by you that got posted was pretty well received!


>>64715 very good stuff dude




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Amazing work, keep it up, we need more thick piglets.


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oh wow I love that art style, anyone know the source by chance?


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ShindoL's Cultural Anthropology. It's good but not enough cannibalism. :(


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It seems as if the banquet attendees are having some digestive problems, but there is so little of the guest of honor left, I can not tell who it is, or why they seem to have been poisoned by her flesh.


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The body doesn't look cleaned out or, judging by the head, even cooked really so I think that would probably do it. You can see intestines in the background which really shouldn't be there if you're going to be eating. Very unsanitary.
The head also has flies around it. Could very well just have been rotten.

Honestly, not properly preparing a body for consumption is a big pet peeve. Like great, cook that whole human with her head on and stink your house up like burnt hair. Fantastic. Good job, idiot. Don't even get me STARTED on cooking people alive, either.


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Does anybody have a Forbidden Feast membership? Is it worth it?


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Kinda? His art is good, but he doesn't upload fast enough for a constant membership to be worth it. So just get a month, save all the images for your personal enjoyment and de-subscribe. If you want more, just subscribe a few months later.


Tyy. I'll share anything worthwhile from it.


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the way you reference other posts is like this

also would like some sauce.


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The arrow is good but the girl is a bit chubby. Wanna watch some Japanese porn for a while?


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Sure, I'd love to watch some Japanese Pornography.



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Does anyone have a copy of the old thread?


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