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New thread since i can't find the old one
To step things out, bonecrackings are encouraged in this thread


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oh snap


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Does anybody have images from the last thread or a link to an archive


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Cammy Cammy Ibu Ibu


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Relevant Video (No Gore)









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source please?


Read this>>68386


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source? please!




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…of what?


Source of 78824


I'm not even into this fetish, but this artist has my attention. Does anyone know who drew this?


File name (pixiv ID)


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Hello all, I am looking for a specific necksnap picture. Hoping there are more to be added soon here too.

The picture is of a guy fucking a girl. A boat rolls up with a front statue ornament. The guy then says to himself, "I need a new one." And as he is fucking her, he snaps her neck. Then you see her hoisted on the front of his ship.

If anyone has this picture, or knows where it can be found please share.


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you should probably ask that in /req/, buddy


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Spinal column rearranged into a pretzel.


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Found this one a little bit ago

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