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Well, gurochan has dead… again, so let's start again this.

Girls + explosives, exploding, boom!


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By Jim Sugomi


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I actually miss Jim…


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Source? Its fing HOT! :D


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Not sure if this counts, but…


Everything counts ;-)


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Especially if it counts DOWN.


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Why's the idea of a sexed up lady suicide bomber hot?


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Hard to say, want to give her a hug?


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10/10 would accept her valentine


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So what about games? What games can you have fun with explosives and bombs?

There's Bomb Squad Academy, defusing bombs. Door kickers action squad has some nice parts too.


Never heard of these, what’re they?


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They're both Steam games. Bomb Squad Academy has you disarming bombs with electronic boards. Figure out the right wire to cut, switch to flip, etc to disarm the bomb.

Door kickers action squad is a platform shooter where you have to kill the criminals, free the hostages and one some levels disarm the bomb.


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Wait wtf is post 25 this?
Why was it deleted?


Never mind I am a silly goose. It was from Right before Death. The gurochan purges have put me on edge


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Why's all the hearts on the bombs kinda hot?


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Got a 'before' pic?


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Unfortunately there is not a 'before' picture. Sorry


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Kantai Collection




Gundam SEED


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What episode?


In the other topic there was a short few panels where a girl who is tied up and duct tape gagged in a warehouse is seated across from a bomb. There’s a close up of her crying face before the bomb explodes blowing her up and a few limbs remain after the explosion. Does anyone have it!


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