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Time for a sequel.
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pixiv illust_id=73478881


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source please


source please


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Looking for a specific pic that's absolutely driving me crazy.

It's good quality western-style, the landscape is brown and rocky I think. The main event is some savage girls (two maybe three?) fighting and in the foreground one of them is standing over another that's on the ground, smashing her skull in with a hammer.

Appreciate any help.



[Eight Dogs ~Ninpou Hakkenden~] by
Masakazu Yamaguchi  (エイトドッグス〜忍法八犬伝〜 山口譲司)


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Is there more or an artist?


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I'd love a followup as her shield flickers


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this image its in japanese language…can someone translate this epic image?


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Homage painting


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artist name?


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