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A dedicated thread for severed cocks and balls!
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Take me to anal slavery in Iceland pls
t. gay boy from Russia with sexual and mental disorders (19 years old, 50kg weight, height 180cm, pretty)



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got a source for these?


Looks like something from dofantasy or fansadox. Earlier work, issues 1 to 100. Youll find the artists name on their homepage


Please don't post this crap here.


Fuck off, mong.


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Any one know the source of this?



Got anything that doesn't go to a blank page?




иди нахуй


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Can anyone link the website where there is this content of brutal and extreme ballbusting muscle girls … (Tearing balls kicking them hard)


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Everyone Please give the source alongside.


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This is the uncensored place.
I would have posted this sooner but it has been down for a while. It's back up now.




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Is this from a visual novel?


Yeah, I found a sauce to the full CG.
It's on page 401 to 418.



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>>62230 just out of curiosity, what turns you on about this?


Source plz


Who wants to know and why?



79643 Nothing to see here. Move along…


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Full nullification and looks like he takes their anus too? Harsh and hot


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If anyone knows the source, I would greatly appreciate it.


Bloody hell, post the rest already ya tease


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oh yeah, steamed egg's back in the game. good times.


we really need a separate gay and straight thread of this


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My first edit!
I know it's not perfect, I'd love to hear any advice on how to improve


> implying futa (and traps?) are straight

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