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A dedicated thread for severed cocks and balls!
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Rio says he's giving up art because there's no money in it.


If you're good at something, never do it for free.


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here you have penectomy


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Any more shota guro? Preferably done by lolis


Source for this please…


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the ultimate severred dick upscaling machine (works repeated)


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here we go


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flood detection, i'll take a break


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there an uncensored version?






Man, thats unfortunate. If we all just supported him with some money


Rio' a greedy bastard.



Actually, Rio gave a number of reasons for quitting. I offered to send him a little money but he refused. Maybe it's only a temporary hissy fit. He seemed pretty adamant.


Castration-is-love, how much is that picture?


I didn't pay anything for it. Rio asked for ideas and he did it for free.


How did you contact him?
I could write him a letter about my fantasy.


Rio contacted me. I presume he found my email address in a comment to my blog. And he has asked me not to give his email address out. Sorry.


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I swear I saw it in this thread, but I thought I saw a picture by Underrock (or very similar art) where a futa was hanging by her balls and cutting them off, but I can't seem to find it… does anyone know?


File: 1557406009437.jpg (1.21 MB, 2568x3445, 2panel77vrggermcolor.jpg)


Is there any chance he could, or you could ask him to share the rest of the content he has if he's quiting anyway? Like sketches, ideas, scraps whathever he may have on the subject? He is whitouth doubt the best illustrator on this subject/ genre. Imo

Hope him all well and that he will find something he enjoys doing. After all thats whats important in life. Good luck Rio!


I'm not gonna ask him for scraps. Sorry.

One of his problems is that he lives in Russia and he could be prosecuted for making this art.

Yes, we all owe him a huge dept of gratitude and wish him well.


Strip the EXIF information and dump it anonymously on Pastebin or a donated dropbox or something, via a VPN? Though if he's serious about quitting there's a good chance he already Deleted Fucking Everything.


Give me your email address and I'll pass it on to Rio. I'll tell him what an ardent fan you are.


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