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You get the idea


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I love it when the surface is just barely out of reach. You're going to die for want of a few inches, girl. Them sinking down to the depths is great in a "and they were never seen again" sort of way, but this is something special.



Remember for Twitter images, ":orig" will get you the original image size.


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I don't know the exact tweet, but it's this guy.

>Remember for Twitter images, ":orig" will get you the original image size.

God. Fucking Twitter.


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What's your favorite part of drowning?


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Does anyone know where else to find xx808xx’s works besides his deviantart?
He used to have and but suddenly they’ve been wiped. What happened there?


File: 1557455656342.jpg (136.09 KB, 907x1280, 5ee6fab5.jpg)

Here's an example of one of his stuff that was on his liveblog that isn't on his deviantart (this was archived on the wayback machine). I'm lucky to have saved a few that the wayback machine didn't get on my phone. But why'd his liveblog suddenly erase all of a sudden? It had content since 2009.


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Did he delete this one from his deviantart? Relatively recent and I could’ve sworn it was on his deviantart


File: 1557489655747.jpg (37.14 KB, 740x1079, submerged_girl_by_xx808xx_….jpg)

Yeah, it's a shame that the one that didn't make on deviantart is the one with the three girls.


File: 1557490431366.jpg (69.06 KB, 1024x944, last_call_2_by_xx808xx_dcp….jpg)

Oh hey! You found it! Thank god, I think that's the only one aside from the one where there is no gag in one variation.


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So he actually responded back to me! But the only thing he said was “Thank you for the message. I’m sorry for interrupting your enjoyment” I sent another message asking if he knows what happened to his blog and the artwork but it doesn’t seem like he’s very god at English unfortunately. Anyone know how to translate that? Or if he has a pixiv account or something? I don’t use pixiv so I’m not sure how to search him.
In the meantime, I’ll just post all the stuff I have that’s not on his deviantart (sadly, I’ve actually deleted some good stuff in the past because I didn’t know his blog would suddenly be erased)


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His best straitjacket one. I like it when their legs are restrained with more than just rope.


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Someone wanted pictures with weight on hands.
I found some.


File: 1557598032112.jpg (39.8 KB, 786x1017, chunli_sinks2_by_tree_ink_….jpg)


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I've got a decent amount of these, will dump them.


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One of those hand weights here.


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I like the scuff marks here.


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She's got the right idea.


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I like it when they're struggling to escape ways that just aren't going to help at all. Like, what could be in her bag there that's going to do anything to those cuffs?


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See this picture with every post. Really like it, well-captured moment. Just pushed off, well above the water, but already doomed.


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Oh, gurochan doesn't care about reposts? Man.


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Flood detected? You don't say.
That's it. I don't know why I saved so much of this guy's stuff, it's really not very good, but enjoy anyway.


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Wow, I haven’t seen this and this one is very good. I love the ones where it looks like they’ve made some progress in escaping despite all odds. And yeah, I love his work for just the simpleness and the subtlety I guess. There’s no explicit nudity or sexualizing but there’s that little spark of excitement from watching a girl in a summer school uniform struggling with her bonds in danger. It’s kind of like the old detective/spy shows to me. Bomb, burning, and hanging perils are other ones with the same feeling.
The I’m really looking for is one where the girl is in cement shoes with a gag looking up and both her hands are to her right as she’s visibly struggling. There’s some rope around her neck too. It’d be awesome if you had that.
Also, I got a reply from him. He said people complained about it and it was deleted. I asked him if he had another site or backups of it.


File: 1559396482528.jpg (29.13 KB, 600x682, IMG_1683.JPG)

Actually I had it on my old computer. Thank god past me was so resourceful.


File: 1559638598583.png (4.8 MB, 2480x3496, 1548308951712.png)

Anyone got source on this one?


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