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The gallows, the electric chair, the guillotine, the firing squad. Any images that depict an execution are welcome.
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thx u a lot


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can anyone translate?


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The final result


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You have one with this girls crucificated?


The proper term is "crucified", and no.





Stop bullshitting me, beheader!
"Tomorrow is your death day. Wash your neck and wait!"
You're disgusting!
("Wash your neck and wait" is Japanese idiom, means "just you wait".)

I wash my neck, but is it meaningful?

If I cut my head, I will spill blood and Body becomes bloody.
(My head that makes the mouth crawl is so cute!)

I will definitely die, No doubt.
Ready to die.
"Don't begging for life just befour!"!? 
Never Do!
Instead, don't fail to cut my neck!


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source is carl


Oh my fuck. Botched executions are so much worse than the ones done right.


Did this thread hit bump limit?


Has it? It’s only at 200 images and posts. I thought it could get to 600+


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I don't think there is a limit anymore, people just aren't posting (or have run out of pictures).


There is definitely a limit. Multiple older threads of stuff like beheading, hanging, drowning cannibalism, and happy to die are gone within the last few months.


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Posting a classic Juan Gotoh piece.

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