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old one got deleted
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43037 is the sequenece before those



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recolor I found of ops image


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Oh gosh I love this one so much


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whats the source for this




source on this one?


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You know - I made the same mistake at first too… but this is the Women slaughtered LIKE animals thread… not the Women Slaughtered BY animals thread.
One wordcan make such a difference eh?


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Does anyone know about a series of panels where a young schoolgirl wanders upon a slaughterhouse and they let her work with them until she becomes a high schooler where she decides she wants to be slaughtered herself and gets her wish? I think it was in the deleted topic


there's an english version somewhere, artist's name in english is kuroni


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ayylien girls count too.


This is it! This was the one I liked that I forgot to save. You’re a lifesaver



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bump for more content


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Paste the filename into pixiv image url.
Or, you can just look through the catalogue and find the artists thread.


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You should at least try to bump with an image related to the thread topic.






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Anyone up for some nice, mechanised, fully automated slaughterhouses?
Not that I don’t like the human element, but these are just a little more, well, a very human solution to not having to face what you’re doing.
To me, that just makes it all the better.


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Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs has one. Goes into some detail but not nearly enough. There's the stroggification scene from Quake, kinda turned into a cyborg while awake. That one's on youtube. The Factory of Nightmares has women becoming sex slaves via machinery. Also Canned Peaches is around the same. Available translated on e-hentai. Pic is by kuroni.


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next one after the kuroni one


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