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old one got deleted
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Anyone up for some nice, mechanised, fully automated slaughterhouses?
Not that I don’t like the human element, but these are just a little more, well, a very human solution to not having to face what you’re doing.
To me, that just makes it all the better.


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Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs has one. Goes into some detail but not nearly enough. There's the stroggification scene from Quake, kinda turned into a cyborg while awake. That one's on youtube. The Factory of Nightmares has women becoming sex slaves via machinery. Also Canned Peaches is around the same. Available translated on e-hentai. Pic is by kuroni.


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next one after the kuroni one


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source on these?


source on >66607 and >66608 ?


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OC enjoy folks.



Always a pleasure to find more of your stuff!



Thanks. I do my best to learn and improve. I just hope that people like and enjoy this. I hope to become much better and there are still many things to learn. Next time I do Guro I will make an /art/ thread.

Thanks for the interest.


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One of my favorite Sachisuke Masumura drawings out there. There's just something about mechanized beheading on an industrial scale that really ticks the guro boxes for me.


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You can find me on Deviant Art and Pixiv under my nick.


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And one more.


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Am I wrong, or does this include a lot of illustrations that were never released in full?


…or maybe i could actually check his pixiv and find out they started a fanbox and is posting completed illustrations based on these old sketches.


Some of these are old sketches he has on his pixiv and others are sketches he hasn't published. Once a month or so he does a poll from his collection of sketches and the winner is the one he completes fully.


>> 76301
Yes, the variant of >>76081 in the upper-right quadrant of >>76292 looks stunning, so I expect the younger sister (>>76072) and the new banquet table scene will turn out similarly.


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Whose pixiv is this?


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Thats g2, one of the best guro artists around. He recently started being active again after a couple years of silence.


You got a link to his pixiv profile?


G2's pixiv is actually fairly bare, but there's a fanbox as someone else said previously.

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