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old one got deleted
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i hate the flood post thing holy shit

these are all from vvindowsme


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one more


64513 could someone please add the panels that take place before this one


There arent any afaik


I've seen them on an old gurochan


Where did you find that one? I don't see it on his Pixiv.


Theyre from the itt we summon vvidowsme thread here on gurochan. He posted a download link, im just reuploading. If there are more i dont know of em


God bless vvindowsme. He (she?) is basically my inspiration.


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43037 is the sequenece before those



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recolor I found of ops image


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Oh gosh I love this one so much


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whats the source for this




source on this one?


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You know - I made the same mistake at first too… but this is the Women slaughtered LIKE animals thread… not the Women Slaughtered BY animals thread.
One wordcan make such a difference eh?


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Does anyone know about a series of panels where a young schoolgirl wanders upon a slaughterhouse and they let her work with them until she becomes a high schooler where she decides she wants to be slaughtered herself and gets her wish? I think it was in the deleted topic


there's an english version somewhere, artist's name in english is kuroni

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