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Time for a new thread


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>>62836 Ah man what a waste of a good rifle


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Watching in slow motion
As you turn around and say
Take my breath away


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>>62849 It just happens sometimes


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Honestly with Negev's production drop rate she deserves it


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Typehatena's new Hatoba Tsugu doujinshi features Tsugu getting stranglefucked to death by a thick, long-dicked faceless man more than twice her size, with implied necrophilia at the end with him saying he was gonna have a little bit more fun with her dead body until it gets cold.


get that rate up anon!
and remember - it's not blood it's ketchup


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artist is doppel.


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Source plz?



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Love that setup, and vibes with asphyxia is supremely my shit. Source?


It’s by khatho on deviantart


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You can find the artist in pixiv like m0zg (even some of his works are in the artwork threads from here)


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There is a similar oicture where aere a blonde girl (maybe Mmarisa)gets kissed as strangled to death.
Someone can post it?


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source please ?


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Dark Tales



I really like that Flandre picture. Wish there was more, like maybe some necrophilia afterwards (although she already is a vampire, so it's always necrophilia).


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