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Post panels and discuss your favorite goreporn manga.
Please try not to spam the thread with source requests unless you've absolutely tried your best and cannot find any leads.
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That's fantastic! anyone have source or uncensored raws???


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Uncensored version is LQ (not found better tankobon raws).

Source - Mahou Shoujo Site, ch.120
aka Vol.15 pg.50-51

MS Site (and MS Site Sept) is not "strong guro" manga.
In "Mahou Shoujo of the End" (from same author) - more guro scenes.



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Corpse Party


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This isn't the hookup board you thirsty creep.


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psycho haha



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賢者の孫 第07巻


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Well this is looks like Pumpkin Night but i don't remember this picture in the english translation…
Anyone know anything about this? Maybe there is a agorier version of the manga?


untranslated Raw, maybe?



Yeah but this scene happend in the already translated chapter 3.

I know that the artist is started to publish again these chapters and it seems these are "Director Cut" chapters with some extra pages.


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Got the source for this? I know it's from Kaijin Reijo but I don't exactly know what chapter/volume it's from.


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Not sure, sorry.



I have seen many of Kaijin Reijo pictures that didn't come from chapter 1-3

but I only found chapter 1-3(not sure is them raw of chinese)and no chapter update since a several months ago


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Wish they would show more of the corpses but those are still great scenes. :) I wish there was more sexy dead girls in it showed like this!


What manga?


I love how in the end of Juuni Taisen manga Monkey's reanimated corpse appears nude. Too bad in the Anime she was dressed.


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Source ? Pls.



Follow the link in >>75449

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