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Post panels and discuss your favorite goreporn manga.
Please try not to spam the thread with source requests unless you've absolutely tried your best and cannot find any leads.
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Source? Where do y'all get this and not have the sauce.


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Dungeon Keeper or something like that.



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>>68374 and >>68695 is from manga called karada sagashi, mc killed gruesomely many times in that manga


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another death from same manga


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still sources for this one


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I'm also requesting source on this.


Apocalypse Zero


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What's the name of this one?


File: 1557995308007.jpg (1.39 MB, 2448x2472, 1557827119067.jpg)

Anyone know the source?


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Source? I tried the sourcenao but no match.


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I tried the sourcenao but not work.


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This is looking interesting too.


File: 1557996415515.jpg (378.58 KB, 1291x1854, 1557898124189.jpg)

What manga is this?


File: 1557996619940.jpg (522.71 KB, 1292x1848, 1557898727286.jpg)

That looks like some kind of nice horror story. Anyonek now about it?


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And this?


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And this is the last one. anyone know these. Thr soucenao don't help.


cant find it on source finder, maybe couse there are multiple pages combined


This one is called Kokai Shokei


Do you have a link to the manga? Got several different kokai shokei mangas searching through google and none of them were the right one.



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No pussyjuice allowed!


It seems there is only raws for download like this https ://


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anyone know the name of this manga?


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Sources please!

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