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Post panels and discuss your favorite goreporn manga.
Please try not to spam the thread with source requests unless you've absolutely tried your best and cannot find any leads.
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Hey, I was the one who made the request at >>78021
Thanks for the share! Though they werent what I was looking for, sorry.



Me again.
I was hoping someone would share more pictures of this particular girl's corpse.
Thanks for helping a brother out. :)



Her name is Noel, I think.


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Source: Murcielago


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Sorry to break it to you but she gets revived later on. See

I think there were one or a couple of more girls getting killed. I might post them later.



Since you didn't upload any new pictures, I'd assume there are no more scenes with her corpse? Ah well… Thanks anyway.
Must say though, the comic is remarkably well drawn. :D


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Here is another


DAMN! That middle panel is HOT!! I wish there wa like a hentai just centered about stuff like that…

Some scenes from Goblin Slayer were SO GOOD. Necro and all the sexy dead adventurer girls… shame they cut down HARD on it in all the chapters after 2nd book…


ateya no tsubaki came out of histus recently but nobody seems to be uploading the raws


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I need source of No.68172



I impulsively bought this comic and wow it is so goooood


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himenospia, chapter 26
(they didn't draw the corpse's nipples even though the manga is otherwise uncensored)






Oh man! Where did you find this?
I was looking for this for a decade! Literally!
Please share the source if you have it. Many thx!


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kamen rider black, ch19


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Source? These really hit my sweet spot.


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Mad Bull 34 - Part 1




File: 1575714497087.jpeg (2.37 MB, 1378x2039, 3AB4C447-14CA-4A10-B79B-F….jpeg)

They do excellent work, thank you


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Mad Bull 34 - Part 2


File: 1575747189242.jpg (313.93 KB, 758x1099, 3.jpg)

Mad Bull 34 - Part 3


File: 1575747604944.jpg (333.74 KB, 762x1100, 4.jpg)

Mad Bull 34 - Part 4

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