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Since the other thread has autosaged, time for a new "people cut into halves and bits" thread.
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Where is 74713 from


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source please?


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Wow! Where's this from?


Read the filename.



By the same guy who gave us this


you sure? looks less skilled


definitely not same artist, first one is chifudoon, i don't know who second is


oops i guess i am wrong? he has a new deviantart, i never saw him draw like this! exciting!


Well, chifudoon was unable to work further in the comic due to his health issue. Now there is this new brazilian artist who is handling my comic, he has skills, too. Maybe not as good as chifudoon but I believe he can deliver the vibes. Oh and it’s vincent newman here by the way.


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Apologies, I don’t know if it’s because of mobile but I cannot read the full file name, so I’ll as as he did. Where is this from


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Who's this new Brazilian artist who's working on this? Do they have a Deviantart or Pixiv?


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File: 1571082625333.png (7.6 MB, 2400x3200, soulcaliburcasshigh_by_tur….png)

Pretty sure this hasn't been posted anywhere yet


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Source: pxkanif


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source please

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