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Since the other thread has autosaged, time for a new "people cut into halves and bits" thread.
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source please


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This would be so much better if she was pregnant and you could see half of a baby


Love the idea !


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Ashley From 'Ragnarok'. A super-sexy character killed off in just the third chapter.


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The file names are Pixiv image IDs


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Lets get this back up.


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Fate from Nanoha series.


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Crushing her head after she's already dead is pretty brutal.


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Source: harasaki


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Don't know the artist for this one.


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Chopped in half.


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Got a source for this one? Google brought up nothing.


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Source is [Amagappa Shoujogun] Fukurou no Yubi | Owl Fingers (Ryona King Vol. 6) [English] [Nanda Sore Scans] [Digital]


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Koume gets slashed by a slasher movie villain.


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Source is BeastAnime.


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Source unknown.

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