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Last thread seems to have vanished, so let's share all we have! There was a lot of this style in particular, artist unknown. If anyone had those saved please share them.



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I think I recall someone saying the artist was a japanese artist named Bacon (or whatever katakana spells that out); don't quote me on that though, I never looked into it cuz I don't speak foreign. Someone do please correct me if I'm wrong.




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Just dumping some shit from my tumblr blog, hope you don't mind


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or at least trying to, damn flood filters


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1) are you that blog, and
2) did you (they?) delete? i can't find anything searching protonstar.


ok first question was pretty dumb since it turns out i can't read.


Tumblr has perma-safe search on, you won't be able to find anything porn/guro by using the search bar, either from the "main" tumblr page, or searching in a porn blog.


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Yep, you need an account and to disable safe mode. Then just click on one of the links I posted and it will take you to my blog.


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There might be a new AyaSwan set around… With lots of brainfucking in it


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What is this!? Where did it come from?

I've seen this gif floating around for like 10 years or something. Does anyone know the original source or author? Is there more? Is it from a show, or a random one-off ani by a guro lover?


Artist's Pivix:

Most of the pivix page is just links to the artist's no-longer-in-operation website. But you can purchase all the various animations and images that were hosted on it here:

Alternatively, If you're poor/don't care about artist's income, I'm pretty sure there's a working Mega of the archive a few dozen pages deep in /req…


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My new favorite.


source please



This is a private commission.


From which artist?





it should be the same artist who made this, though that's the commissioner's gallery.


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Preview sketch of a piece I've commissioned. The foreground at least. The complete piece will be fully colored and there will be some stuff happening in the background, mainly heads on spikes and a large pile of corpses.

The theme is a group of humans eradicating a race of tribal cat people. These 3 girls are being executed by skull fucking rather than conventional methods.

The artist will post it publicly to pixiv when finished(snipemare25).


Fuck yes, thank you for this!


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Artist posted it to their pixiv so I'll put the uncensored version here.


File: 1558347383780.png (718.44 KB, 1200x1200, aI43LRb.png)

wonderful stuff, thank you for sharing!

Source of my post:


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Roll brain fuk


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I found these while going through a very old(10+ years) laptop I had. I think I remember there being a bit more to this set but I couldn't find the original source so it's probably lost to time.


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second bit



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Another one


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Astolfo giving a post mortem blowjob.


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Another piece by harasaki.


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Source is pxkanif on pixiv


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Unknown Source

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