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Lets get our favorite girls into skullfucking, necksnaps ,snuff and the such.
Would like to see kushina and nami!!
Lets also try to keep out scat please


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Himiko is best girl for this


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Who is the character ? Hanabi ?


This comic in Chinese (still want a translation)


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I'm dumping all i remember i found around various website,see if it inspire other (i have no MHA material however,the series is too recent,i think)


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Part 1/2


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How do i avoid flood detection ? AFAIK i can only post one image so of course i have to send multiple post for the thread to live,i'm not spamming


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The difference is subtle but she have her MILF haircut here


There is an absolute lack of guro fanart of Naruto girls getting garotted that i find quite unexplainable.You'll think that a fandom about Ninjas would enjoy tropes like silent elimination


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Forgot the pic,i hate myself


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Whose sexy head is that?


It's Kushina, you can see the seal on her belly in the background.


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Opinion:I personally dont like overkill guro,like when the character is turned into mincemeat.Clean-cut kill are hot too


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Some Photoshop thingie i found on DeviantArt that i personally didnt found that half-bad


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Not the best but i like the scenario suggested here:Hinata effortlessly killed by Pein in one instant as she ran to Naruto


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Cant find a lot of guro art of Nami i like,all the other i found are ruined by scat

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