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Let’s get the heads rolling
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Unknown, sorry.


[BLACK Cyc] Gun-Katana - Non-human Killer



dude, i exhentai is gone for me, the page won't load, isn't it dead??


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Source? Would love to see more decaps of the pokegirls


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Source on this one please?



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Was there by chance an older decapitation thread?

There's an image I'm looking for that I could have sworn was posted in this thread, but I just went through every single image and it's not here…

(if anyone is wondering, the image in question that I'm looking for was I believe a dark-haired girl that, instead of a traditional beheading, instead got her face cut off and in the subsequent page shows she's actually still alive and is screaming in pain; it was on pixiv and it may have been a monochrome image)



Thanks for the link - that thread is the sort of thing I'm looking for, but unfortunately the image I am looking for is not there.

However, there was an image that had the exact same sort of thing I was looking for, and doing a saucenao on the image in order to go to the artist's pixiv page let me find the exact artwork I was looking for - I was even able to confirm it's the right thing via my browser history which also confirmed that the image I was looking for did come from gurochan (but I can't figure out which thread it came from):



Debreasting? No wonder I couldn't find it because there's since been a newer debreasting thread created (I had looked through it already).


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That looks like a good one of the right before death thread


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I'm surprised no one has (or had) drawn Star Butterfly's mother Queen Moon the Undaunted a situation like the pics on this thread (or even the pics on the execution thread) considering she looked just like Marie Antoinette until like season 3 and we all know what exactly happened to Marie Antoinette

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