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There is a Halloween story incoming!


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There is a Halloween story incoming!

At the night of halloween i will upload it to my site.



not a big surprose no one wants to support an entire paywall comic.

glad people aen't supporting this behavior.


how is 90 patrons "noone" lol


It's literally crowd funding comics. Those comics will eventually be posted here too or to DarkTale's site.

Cheapskates(like you) can go fuck themselves. The artists don't owe you anything and can ask any price for their art (ofc if it's too high, they won't get buyers).


Not so sureabout him posting it actually, i've asked him if he ever intended on posting the comics after the crowd funding was completed and he seemingly dodged the question.

He actually did used to post the updates on E-hentai, but he just stopped after a while.


I have ALL of his updates as i pledged for the high tier. I could upload it all right now on exh or here. But i will let him do it himself. I'm ok with keeping stuff behind a paywall for a month, two or three to get funds to commission more of it. But keeping it behind the paywall permanently or for a very long time is just a bit of a dick move.

Also as many people here think DarkTales is the artist - NO, he is not. He is the commissioner - he pays people to draw those comics for him and there is nothing bad about it. :)


Well no one would pledge to him knowing that all his works becomes free after some months.

Also let's be serious he can do everything he wants with his works (even if just commissioned from other artists) it's only his choice to draw for free or behind a paywall


I did notice the scarecrow comic he commissioned he just released on his pixiv account.

However iwould alsolike topoint out that i'd already seen the comica year ago after someone uploaded it to E-hentai.


the people willing to support it would, as well there will always be people wiling to pay to get access to something earlier than everyone else.

if you also release it for everyone after say 2-3 months you have less of a risk of someone pirating your stuff because they know they just have to wait a few months instead of forcefully stealing it.



So predicitibly it's been almost 5 months and still doesn't seem like we're anywhere near the comic going public. i bet 2 months from now it still won't be released, it may not even be released by next halloween.


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Does anyone know who the artist for the halloween n xmas comic is? Darktales doesnt source the guy anywhere


I believe he still has these commissioned through Linart



DarkTales here.

That is not LinArt. But the artist want to remain anonimus in this time.

I will post this story on the net soon. Maybe tomorrow. It was 6 month passed. Now maybe it's time. :)

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