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I wanna see some artwork of muscular girls getting gored but I have a hard time finding them...


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This muscly enough?

Anguro Kraken did this commission for me and I quite liked it.


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Here's one of a bunch of buff, and busty, amazon babes engaging in what I termed 'Amazon Battle Games'.

Basically it's an excuse for two teams of amazons to chop each other up into bloody heaps of corpses.

The art is by Caldeo - you can find them on DA.


Sauce Brother?




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Keeper's 3D skill and your stories? Match mad in heaven :)


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Source is Maggot Baits


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ooooh, like!


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Neat muscle girls are my fav


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In what way is this girl "muscular"?


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i feel like i've been waiting for the english release of this for fucking ages.
mangagamer FINALLY has it in "finalizing game" stages but christ… they shelved it for a fucking full year…


What is this from and who is the character?


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