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I wanna see some artwork of muscular girls getting gored but I have a hard time finding them...
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Please tell me theres an after photo.


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Tried some editing myself


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courtesy of Saruvain


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Strong women getting fucked up is the best.


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Not even rock hard muscles can stop steel rods.


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Inside(s) out.


Could you please share the source?


Paste the filename into the pixiv URL.


It says it doesn't exist, maybe you can show me how to do that? Or maybe when picture was posted on gurochan its name got changed?



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only paste the first sequence of numbers, skip the p0/p1/p2/etc


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Aint gonna be walking for a while like that.




look at >>80206, then look at the filename of the image you want to know the source of, then think reaaaaaaaaaaaal hard. i'm sure you'll figure it out.


I want more quality content like this


Yeah, well why don't you go look for some and post it here?


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Amazon in a bit of trouble.


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Same artist


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From Rising Dark Part 3 from Beast Anime


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The effects of the slime


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She Hulk gets killed by her own cousin

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