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Please cut off futanari and shemale penis.


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#6103 - she actually just had her uterus cut off after it was pulled out


#6103 - she actually just had her uterus cut off after it was pulled out


#6103 - she actually just had her uterus cut off after it was pulled out


#6103 - she actually just had her uterus cut off after it was pulled out



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D'oh. Other half is in the castration thread:


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Love dickgirl guro, please keep this up!!!!!!!


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Please stop bumping this thread without any images, or I will lock it. This thread has been inactive for months.


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Finally lol


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Where is this from?


Don't know why s/he's crying for, that ropes in the way of the blade


Google Bakukon Touki Maara. This particular sequence is from part 2.

If someone happens to know of a translated version I'd happily present them with an entire Internet.


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Good pic


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High on drugs, she would come out of her anal orgasmic trance with a nasty surprise waiting.


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Mom... Why hurts to be a girl?




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Whats this from?


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Lock mother is son milk :3


There's a page where she gets her penis cut off in a futa cock sword fight. And then it gets served at a banquet.


anyone have source for this? reverse image search is not working


whats this from?


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do you have the sauce?


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Source please




Sorry for those thinking that this one was a futa, but that's her uterus being cut out after it was pulled out in a different image.


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>>79366source ?



>>32395 source please


I'm not sure you understand how subject threads work.



so people can't discuss or post related material regarding the "topic thread".


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sorry you're wrong. that looks pretty much like her cock to me


Look at the pictures I referenced and tell me how they qualify


Yeah, generally uterine prolapse is drawn redder / a darker pink… OTOH it'd be a pretty weird shaped cock. Either way the art would be questionable, but with all the pixelation it's hard to be sure without a translation of the original VN.



We do not appreciate backseat moderation.

Additionally, they are related to the image set in which the penis is cut off, so final stance, by I, a moderator: It is allowed.


pretty sure if I went and posted images in a titled thread that don't clearly have anything to do with the subject other than being in the same style / from the same VN as some others that do you'd be first up to give me a ration of crap though? there's no cutting off of futanari / shemale dick, in fact only one of the two even clearly has a futa in it. Are we meant to stay on topic, or not? Don't abuse your position to be an ass.



ah yes. "we" have made a decision.
"we", the elusive mod team that's been so inactive recently, have come out of hibernation to police this thread.
don't "we" have better things to do?


anyone can put moderator in the name block dumbass. ## or gtfo(Here's your proof. 1 day ban, not a punishment, just showing you I'm not bullshitting.)


We have not been in hibernation at all. We just haven't been posting.



Just because you're not getting your way doesn't mean I'm being an ass. Please take your temper tantrum to somewhere nobody can read it.


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Lolwut at gurochan putting the URL below the image and so far away from the text "source:".

…regardless, same source as >>80191


Can someone can give me the source of this ?



Thank you

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