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Please cut off futanari and shemale penis.


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#6103 - she actually just had her uterus cut off after it was pulled out


#6103 - she actually just had her uterus cut off after it was pulled out


#6103 - she actually just had her uterus cut off after it was pulled out


#6103 - she actually just had her uterus cut off after it was pulled out



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D'oh. Other half is in the castration thread:


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Love dickgirl guro, please keep this up!!!!!!!


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Please stop bumping this thread without any images, or I will lock it. This thread has been inactive for months.


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Finally lol


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Where is this from?


Don't know why s/he's crying for, that ropes in the way of the blade


Google Bakukon Touki Maara. This particular sequence is from part 2.

If someone happens to know of a translated version I'd happily present them with an entire Internet.


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Good pic


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High on drugs, she would come out of her anal orgasmic trance with a nasty surprise waiting.


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Mom... Why hurts to be a girl?




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Whats this from?


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Lock mother is son milk :3


There's a page where she gets her penis cut off in a futa cock sword fight. And then it gets served at a banquet.


anyone have source for this? reverse image search is not working


whats this from?


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do you have the sauce?


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