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Guro artists are usually extremely talented, and it's very rare to find awful guro-related art. However, it's not impossible. This thread is dedicated to guro art that is so fucking bad, it becomes funny.


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MSPaint + MakeaGif = "art"


File: 1534812771321.jpg (57.99 KB, 483x660, 1175804933835.jpg)


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why the long face?


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My own contribution. Took me 1000 hours in MSpaint.



Love the viking helmet. Really adds a layer of menacing to the drawing.


hahaha I loved the theme, it is not difficult to find bad arts, since not always people who have guro fetishes are good artists, I will try to find some things that I have seen


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the classic: good ideas, bad execution


>>60392 sad thing is, it's almost good, but it's way too messy and unfocused and it ends up looking like a mess.


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heres some more of the first "artist", their work really is beyond shit tier


Kinda has that 'old playing card' vibe


Damn sorry for double post. My internet is shit.



Well, I fapped.


>Guro artists are usually extremely talented, and it's very rare to find awful guro-related art

That's a crock of shit and you know it. It's far easier to find shitty guro artists than it is to find decent ones.


File: 1534869706701.jpg (172.78 KB, 497x703, girls_rule_by_vapour42-d6x….jpg)


wow that's really bad


Fucking this. I see more bad art for particular fetishes than good art. Why? Because said awful artists saw little content of their fetish being drawn, and so they started drawing their own, adding to the growing stack of shitty art that pertains to their fetish(es).

Problem is, many of these people lack the skills to draw well, even after many years. Why? Because their desire to draw doesn't come from wanting to learn how to draw - meaning, they have little desire to learn the basics such as body posing, body anatomy, facial expressions, perspective, backgrounds, and so forth. You have to learn the basics first and build off of those skills you learned, and that takes years. People who have niche fetishes are motivated to draw so that they can create more images of their fetishes, skills be damned. They just want to see [insert fetish here], and the rest of the image turns out awful because they don't care about the technical side of it - they are solely focused on the topic of the drawing, which is their fetish. It is no surprise that places like DA are chock-full of artists (read: autists) who crank out fetish drawings, sometimes at rapid pace, with a good portion of them being "MS Paint-tier" garbage. Its much easier to spit out 100 images of your poorly drawn fetish than it is to sit down and actually *learn* how to draw first, then learn your fetish second.

If I wanted to, I could have flooded the gates with more awful art pertaining to my fetishes - and it *would be* awful because I'd be more motivated by my fetishes than improving my ability to draw. I have thought about the time it would take to learn how to draw reasonably well (time I don't have anymore these days as an adult), and then of course learn how to draw well digitally because that is all what people want anyway. I'm not a young kid anymore, and to learn these skills now at my age…I would just turn into every other "try-hard" artist I see who doesn't have that natural gift to draw. I've seen the works from many artists from when they were kids/younger - they had *that something* that if exercised for a long enough time, would result in a grand talent. I don't have *that something* - believe me I've kept my old drawings. I'm better at collecting art and simply shoving money off to someone who can do the job better than I can, which leads me to my next point…

This is why good artists who draw alot of (niche) fetishes are adorned by their fans as kings and queens - because these people picked up the basics first and were already on the way to becoming good artists, while they also developed a liking to draw [insert fetish here]. I can think of a few people I would gladly fork over cash to, to draw what gets my motor running (because lets face it the main goal at the end of the day is more good fap material). However, it is money that I don't have, and you never actually own anything psychical its just an image file. I paid money for "ones and zeros". I guess the other motivation for shit-tier artists to draw their own fetishes is lack of funds to have other, better artists draw their fetishes for them. Or perhaps the stigma of being told "no" from an artist whom they really admire and would have loved to see their fetish in their art style.

I didn't think I would spend the last day of 2018 ranting on an "on again, off again" guro chan board, but here we are. OP, you are so full of shit it is leaking out of your ears.


anything by Zerns and Nightposter. as if it wasn't enoguh they're drawn like shit, they have those shitty captions.


I can't wait for machine-drawn art to become more widespread for this reason. I have loads of perverted ideas but I can't draw for shit, I can't find many talented artists willing to draw my ideas, and I'm mostly unwilling to pay $200+ for a commission from the rare ones that will.

Get on it Google, give us skynet already


that guy hasn't improved in the 10 years i've been seeing his art, i'm almost certain he just traces (poorly) from 3D models.


why don't you just try. what's the worst that can happen? you'll make the above list. or you'll learn to draw. or somebody will see your badly drawn idea and like it enough to try drawing it better. waiting for the AI to do it for you will get you disappointed when the AI turns out to be a government scheme to catch all the perverts.


We'd destroy the planet before we accepted attempts to stop being perverted bro. It's one of the three things (besides food and housing) that people absolutely wouldn't tolerate going without. Besides the root of the tech is already there now and just needs more work. I can already get an algorithm to figure out that a scribble is supposed to be a girl and another scribble is supposed to be a knife.



Making fun of a guy who had a stroke?
You guys gone be in line to be the next President! All hail POTUS!


Kevin Kinne and Badhand are hobbyist which get a lot of bitching. Maybe we should include them too?


Kmon22 and Smithy after Sunset!


I have seen some retards bitching at fitesprite or nitesprite. Does that make him eligible for this list?


File: 1546904603407.jpg (81.47 KB, 1024x573, tumblr_oj1xp8b5Jw1vthcj9o1….jpg)

he was shit before the stroke. should have switched to poser years ago. he clearly was using photo reference and still fucked up proportions every time. plus he drew with pencil and colored with crayolas and that only looks sort-of-not-terrible as a 25x25px thumbnail. and there was a wall of text crammed in a couple of enormous speech bubbles, on a picture that was supposed to represent a split second when a voluptous policewoman gets shot in her jugs, but the dialogue was five full sentences of her begging for her life and the killer assuring her that mercy is not an option.

but at least he tried drawing from photo reference. Zerns is much worse.

which reminds me of two more guys: Tamerlanelcruel and Redeemer(pic)


If this turns into a list of recommended hobbyists worth noting, I would mention Beancooler too.


I am looking for a 3d Artist who published at Templars side before it went down.

The name was Escape.

Any idea where he is publishing now?




Fuck yes, as a cannibalism fan I'll take most things but this guy's style is so fundamentally unattractive.

What really gets me about these sorts of artists is how little they improve. Some of them draw a LOT, but you can barely see any improvement in technique over the years, whereas with other artists you will see dramatic improvements comparing their work year on year.


I'm really not a fan of Tamerlane's art, but I know people who are. So I guess he's not "improving" because someone likes his works and he doesn't see the need of changing style.


Fuuby could be mentioned too. Always the same style with silly big eyes.


File: 1547018516357.jpg (117.65 KB, 1024x720, the_sandman_cometh_by_rede….jpg)

yes, the "i don't need to improve" mindset is the core of the problem with all these guys.


I found an other daring hobbyist at DA: Kay-Ember!

Do not be afraid. Try to draw something yourself!

The live as an unqualified art critic is surely not rewarding.

Do not complain of the learning rate of others while not learning anything yourself!


dhim on DA! Above a censored youtube version for all underage art critics! Grow up and learn drawing!

The rest should check out his gifs on DA. Truly awesome!


>Do not complain of the learning rate of others while not learning anything yourself!
oh, so I have to be a professional movie director to criticize a shit movie? do I have to open my own restaurant before I can criticize a bad cook? I hate this lame excuse for terrible artists.


where does that notion even come from, it's so dumb, and i keep seeing it. and usually as an excuse for bad art, interestingly.
besides, how does he know, maybe some of us are professional artists and we know what we're talking about.


File: 1547133266351.jpg (554.16 KB, 1500x1000, a290dc2a6fc5322d55f3a9bebc….jpg)

Here's an old one from me. I think its a testament that you can get better just by drawing shitty guro drawings.


Ok idiots listen up:

YOU CAN COMPLAIN ABOUT ART! However some people complain that others never learn.

NOW try your shitty cooking example again. Moron!

The reason why your are not professional artist is really plain and obvious for anybody being in business (=professional). Thus your are obviously not in business and are missing any relevant skills.




You seem to be mixed up, buddy. Why would an artist complain about their customer's art skills? That's no what we're talking about here. We're talking about customers complaining about artists art skills.


not even that, i never paid anybody for an art piece:] what, is there a rule i can't complain if i didn't pay? well, i never heard of that rule, and if it's shit i'm gonna say it.


File: 1547161967878.jpg (108.01 KB, 666x899, 6-4f.jpg)

back to topic, there is Cptn1999. i wouldn't say he can't draw, there is some technical skill. but he draws ugliest, most un-sexy characters i ever saw.


Honestly, used to be a fan of shadman and Ayaswan. Their art has significantly gotten worse, the former doesn’t even try anymore and is a wannabe edgelord. The latter is a former patreon/paywall whore turned attention whore.


EXACTLY! Retarded wannabe ART CRITICS have no money, no skilss, no education. Thesy would never pay an professional Artist.

THAT IS HOW I RECOGNIZE YOU! Moreover any professional Artist does too!

A Hobbyist however is a person with interest in art an does actually appreciate skill. Therefore he is a POTENTIAL customer.




THUS: Learn drawing yourself!


>Guro artists are usually extremely talented, and it's very rare to find awful guro-related art.

I can assured you that was not the case, even in Pixiv. There are lot of artist with good idea but their skills just not there.
Maybe including me.


File: 1547246579903.png (1.08 MB, 1200x1299, merge_from_ofoct (2).png)

If you say so.


I feel like this thread is unnecessarily mean spirited. Yeah, some people are less skilled than others, but a lot of it comes down to personal preference. Gurochan users should understand better than most that what some people find to be disgusting others find to be aesthetically pleasing.

That said, personally I think that Tamerlanelcruel's stuff would be infinitely more appealing without the weird, ugly racial caricatures, but if that's what they want to draw, so be it I guess.



You sound rather unprofessional yourself. Which of the crap artists posted here are you?


Let me try the cooking example again.

I go to a restaurant and the food is crap.

Than I go there for the next decade and think the food is still crap?

Sounds silly to me. Maybe I just like to complain?

Maybe the solution is plain and simple: People just want to piss at artists? Like a 3 year old yelling at everything to terrorize the parents?

Baby does not want special food. Baby wants to kick the plate around!


dude, you're that baby. stop kicking our plate, we want to feed in peace.
and picking on shitty art is delicious.


This is a board about fap material for a fetish that has very small representation as-is. Why would you want to ostracize people who are at least contributing something? I'd rather take a bunch of crappy drawings with the potential for great ideas than nothing at all.

We're on a guro board. Why be an asshole here of all places?


File: 1547359454955.png (250.67 KB, 600x600, misty2019-A1-bg-600.png)

Here is a redraw of the art, which was a fan version of Misty McQuade the brainshild of John McQuade. John is the Grandmaster of this art trend as he was the first who published a lot and is still entertaining a DA account.

So basically this is my new Misty 3 years later. you may compare with my old Misty above and decide if practice is helping.

The old has colors picked from a comic. This does not go well with my shading technique. The new one is using a picture of Brandy Smile as color model.

As Brandy is working with suzyfight as well as mainstream porn she truly deserves to be the color Model for the most iconic fetish character.

Personally I do not think that my work belongs to "blood & gore" simply because there is no blood and gore on the pictures.

It might belong to "Freakshow" (the first, actually meant to be funny) or "Furry" (the greenthing)


File: 1547359984591.gif (81.6 KB, 144x144, trigli-A1c2-chain2-ani-144.gif)

Ok and here one more which again is meant to be funny.

A new OC called Pervy Whinesteen. A sad ogre weighted down by chains. Partly inspired by Barwen and Triglypuff.

Color model is glorious August Ames. May she rest in peace.


This exactly though. People here are lucky that anyone draws this stuff as it is. It's easy to just ignore the stuff you don't like, folks.


File: 1547376025242.jpg (250.45 KB, 1770x1445, guillotine01.jpg)

Arawak is hard to beat in being bad. he traces photos, but still the outcome is really really stiff and awkward


File: 1547376131958.jpg (240.25 KB, 1520x1720, duel001b.jpg)


File: 1547376192369.jpg (190.01 KB, 1520x1520, duel001c.jpg)


File: 1547376307699.jpg (168.51 KB, 1220x920, Graphic001a.jpg)


File: 1547376697601.jpg (173.69 KB, 1220x920, graphic001b.jpg)



Dhim cannot draw for shit and his “art” hasn’t improved in years.

He’s basically the Edithemad of fetish artists.


What exactly is it what dhim and edithemad have in common?

Dhim is doing fight animations in flat color digital comic style.

EditheMad is doing realistic porn pics with cranyons.

For hobbyists they are both extremly talented.



Except Edithemad is known to be a cunt to his fans (he left for a month over someone criticizing his art, Jfl) and still manages to get them to suck his dick despite being an egotist.

Dhim, however, cannot draw to save his life and his animations look like something from newgrounds on coke.


Well a hobbyist has no obligation to treat his fans nicely.

A professional usually acts more friendly since she sees a potential customer.

However if your goal is to get art to your liking the simple solution is still: learn how to draw.

Since I am assuming you have ample time and no money to spent on pros, this is really your only chance to get anything to your liking.

Back to topic.
I believe Pollux deserves an honorably mention for a gifted hobbyist.


we have no obligation to treat a hobbyist nicely just because their stuff is free. free shit is still shit. "learn how to draw" is not a valid defence for shitty art. once you post something publicly it's open for criticism, and if it's shit it will be mocked mercilessly. "learn how to draw" is what one should do before posting their stuff online for everyone to shit on.
also, it would be nice to provide a sample of art of somebody with such generic nickname as "Pollux".


It's kind of amusing - I imagine that most of the people posting on this board have little or no artistic talent of their own. (Professional level artistry is of course, the exception not the norm, so it stands to reason)

In all probability, most of the posters here couldn't draw half as well as the artists they're trying to poke fun at. (with the clear exception of the one poster who posted his own MSPaint drawing… and well, kudos to him… that takes some balls)

Take a step back.. pull up your media of choice, and get to contributing to the community. Draw something gorey - paint something freakish, pen some depraved story. Bare your creative soul to the world.

I'm sure it'll be an enlightening experience for you. Maybe you'll even be brave enough to share something you've drawn, in this thread?



B☆流魔 is a tragic case of 'draws exactly what I want to see, and never improves whatsoever'. Especially zombies. You want bad art? Look up most hard vore, it's really rare to find stuff that looks amazing. I'll take mediocre if it's got decent details, but some artists just think making a bunch of haphazard scribbles is good enough. Why must you mock me so?


File: 1548300655832.png (58.04 KB, 850x306, 20100216_kq6j.png)

If the art is bad then point out, preferably politely, which part is shitty so (hopefully) they will learn and improve.
Unless they can't take even polite criticism, its good to not being an a-hole. Because there are only so much one can learn by themselves and polite feedback might helped them to be better.



As an artist, this is exactly what i would like.
We need criticize, but not useless ones



They can still see its off and its clearly not doing it for them. Its some customer is always right stuff. I agree though it takes some guts to comic to actually drawing and challenging oneself. Try your own hand a drawing and dont be afraid.


i have had a little "criticism" similar to what is offered in this thread. i have ignored it because it's impossible to tell if the criticism is valid or if the person just likes being mean for no reason.

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