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Previous gun thread seems to have vanished I'm opening up another one with some good shit I found
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Infection [by Oikawa Tooru]
Chapter 131


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gif I recently made for the alteration thread.


Loved it! I hope you can snipe even more strippers and people having sex!


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If Shad was so edgy as he was before he would draw the frame of the kid fucking that ass… He did that already few times in the past…


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fuck me, this is so hot


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Anyone know the source on this? I love it!



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A work-in-progress comic. Going to feature a lot of gore and torture, mostly involving extensive and over-the-top shooting, with a bit of masochistic desires from a seemingly immortal Catwoman.
Will she survive these savage attacks?
Feedback is very appreciated


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Have her shot in the pussy a time or a few. Maybe she orgasms from one.


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Gundam Narrative

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