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Victims begging not to be be killed and offering sex to live


And killed anyway?




Any chance you've got a source? I definitely know this artist but can't place it


I like how you post something completely unrelated to the topic you started. I don't think information extortion and ending the warlocks has anything to do with offering sex in exchange for life.


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So holding her breasts up suggestively is... unrelated? The protagonist clearly is unwilling to shoot a pretty woman and she's using that against him.



This is relevant to my interests.


You obviously can't read Japanese then because the context is completely different.


He should have shot her pussy instead.

What's it say?


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I didn't really think about this, but this scenario is very hot. Fap material 10/10.

Some contributions from TheInsaneDarkOne


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Not sure how much this fits the theme ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sauce is RedMan on TheDarkSpot


I actually appreciate the info on what the page translates to, but idk why you would be so incredulous that people can't read japanese


who is the artist?


That's Korean, not Japanese.


hard to find this, sadly


Bumping to save this from death



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Too bad I can't find my Aegis Corps. There's a chapter or two that would be perfect for this thread.

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