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Pretty collection...

Why not just to"harvest" and to mount both breasts and the, inner, outer, entire genitals, while keeping the "ex-owner" alive and healthy.

She could admire the trophies exhibited and the use that is made of them...



There isn't enough of this


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portable mounts are the best mounts


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Is this game hard to setup?
And can I do the same to ported models?



Short answer is yes. If you want it to look like this you need a bunch of high res mods as well as various pose mods (and some creativity). Got 200+ mods on the go at the moment


Thanks, I've been modding HoneySelect so I'm used to it being tedious.

Are there many game ports of models?
Been looking at guro animation packages and hope I can just apply it to the models



Not really. The only good ones are Deadly Mutilation and that mod is completely out of date and not updated any more. Won't work with the body meshes either. The game you really want is Fallout 4 with its mutilation system. You'll want body mods and skin mods but that game doesn't quite have the same support


That's a shame, I took a look and it's pretty much what I wanted.
What exactly would happen if I use it on ported models?


What mods did you use for the spitroast and the wall decorating?


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