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Im a 18 year old boy who wants to be kidnapped and raped.Im wanting to be kidnapped. Taken to a place where no one will find me and be turned into a sex slave/human toilet. Forced to be raped. Forced to eat scat. Forced to bathe in manure. Im looking for someone to do this to me.take me to a construction site or camp site porta potty, shove my body in the toilet/waste collection tank. use me as a toilet. tie me up. piss shit cum puke spit on me or in my mouth. have me wear a diaper. toss used diapers,condoms,tampons, and panty pads on me. let me eat the waste of many workers.i want to be tied up in a barn and forced to eat horse,dog and cow shit drink horse piss, and be raped by multiple horses,dogs and cows and have to lick there asses clean and be forced to lay in a slurry of poop. i need to be filled with dog shit while i get raped by a big dog dick.

Kik humant0ile7


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I want play a game...


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that's illegal dude


RP is that way ->


Surprisingly, you're in the wrong place


Nice try FBI


NOT TODAY, ISIS! Not today.....


fantasy is fun but it should stay fantasy. As those hormones calm down youll understand. Breathe and enjoy the guro pr0n.


How about seeing a therapist instead?


I obviously agree, I've been into all sorts of things for the past 4 years, just started getting control of my hormones recently and can actually function
And also get off to normal shit again (where as beforehand I was unable to).


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