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Anyone have some inflation bursting pictures? Furrys welcome.


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Just the thought of posting a 12 pic series on gurochan, with the flood filter as it is now, gives me headache, so I will only post this picture.

This is the source, she gets cum inflated and goes boom at the end. Very hot.



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but… they are nazis… why would he want the asians over the white "arian" girl based on race… What…


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File: 1551783148825.jpg (683.31 KB, 1820x2800, nazi_bimbo_s_demise___part….jpg)


If I made a Venn diagram of "anime enthusiast", "Nazi" and "white dudes with yellow fever" you're gonna see at least a few overlaps.



Also I unironically love all of these. I see a lot of inflation stuff and the fetish usually pisses me off as some kind of lame ass deviant art shit but when you add explosions and gory bits flying around/splattering everywhere I can dig it


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That was off-screen popping


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Can anyone translate please?


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