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Hi guys! I'm trying to found premium-works by Ayaswan in the web (yes, fuck Patreon). Can you help me with this? Will glad to see all pictures that you can offer.


Not cool man
I'm one of his patrons


Not OP.
Honestly - for how many times she lied and broke her promises + increased her patreon prices?(pay EXTRA for archival works? FUCK YOU) FUCKE HER.


Nope, if you want to see that badly just ask the artist in a good manner, not going full retard like this. It is sad to see people that don't respect the rights artist has.
Many are doing it for free, but I do it for Patrons first, then Pixiv and Gurochan second. Every artists has difference view of what to do with the works, so respect please.


Oh i would be ok with Aya if not for her to lock everything behind paywall she got a taste of free money and now she wont release even 2yo works - instead she ask for extra for them. She disappears for months at a time rarely giving a warning. She started to produce one kind of content. Any pools or ideas from fans? "suure i will do XXX next!" half a year later "Nah...not gonna happen. I got that nr.1000 messy brain guro to do!"
She have no respect for her "fans" so why should we respect her? "b.b..but mah feelings!" put them up yours. I lost any respect for her. I have been a patreon for a year then she increases her prices and started deleting old works and say you have to pay extra for it!
Anyway that's that. I wont spam more empty comments. Let me grab some of her premium s*** to post!


File: 1527353484974.jpg (8.69 MB, 6000x3000, 03 - KATAO.jpg)


File: 1527353508142.jpg (857.75 KB, 900x1200, PREVIEW 04-ALL.jpg)


Holy crap, that's suck. I get why people are getting angry at some artists recently. That's why I'm not gonna increase price, I believe people that just want to see will want to pay, I care more about amount of people than getting high price. And people that won't pay will just not, so why keep them all behind paywall.


Difficult question. Good guro artist are rare. And as all artist sensitive and easy to disappear as Carl and Beaver did. They did it because at the time not enough money was in the guro market at the time compared to other (No idea if it changed).

Not that I care too much about Aya as I'm not a patreon and the free stuff she posts is pretty rare. Also I'm pretty sure you can find her 3 years old art on some torrents.



Well on the exhentai he got a lot of old works.



Every artist, when they look out there, deciding how to go ahead with their art, has to judge the positives and negatives. I had to myself. For every cool comment one gets when one shares a pic, there's another comment that complains that the art sucks. For every person who is happy that a pic shows their particular kink, there's one (or more) complaining that the artist isn't catering to THEIR tastes. For every artist trying to scrape a little extra money together in their spare time, there will be people who think an artist OWES them art just because they are artists. You may not be making enough to pay your rent or even buy a sandwich, but some people will think even that is too much, and will just steal your stuff because instead of just not buying something if it's too expensive, they think they should just have it anyway.

For me, the choice was clear: don't bother. The hassle of making guro art outweighs the benefits. But don't think this is about me. Just think about all the other artists out there, deciding whether or not to share their stuff, seeing that the "community" is full of people who will just say "fuck the artist" as soon as they don't get their own way. Think of all the stuff you might never see because an artist sees stuff like this and says "why would I ever do anything nice for these people?"


Who gives a shit about patreon and business practices? Post stuff, that's what the board is for


Oh yes the good old tale of "im an artist so i dont owe you shit! also i can lie, make false promises and be a dick but you have to take it or no more art!"
I was a BIG supporter of Aya - a long time ago - i think in patreon payments alone i have spent like 300$ but whatever.
I will only agree with you that im unhappy with the content she produces lately. But not coz its not on my list of favorites - its because its SUPER repetitive.


Got any more from that first picture set?


That was the same reason I stopped being a patron. Almost 90% of their art consisted of beheadings, amputation, and skull/brain fucking.


File: 1527411442377.jpg (609.71 KB, 786x800, 003_10756149_p0.jpg)


File: 1527411454853.jpg (637.53 KB, 786x800, 004_10756149_p1.jpg)


Looks like she saw what you were doing and posted the Leona set on Pixiv.


I'm actually amazed to find ayaswans a girl, withhow deviant the art was i always imagined them as a guy, But overall iagree a lot of artists who deal with this subject tend to go crazy with the patreon scumbaggery, take profwilliams or darktales82 or whatever he wants to call himself.

He started off by posting 3 comics all involved snuff, (this is the same guy who did the old mansion comics by the way) well it was heavily implied the comic would turn guro, wellit does but you have to be a subscriber to his patreon in order to see it and the rest ofthe comic, including the text boxes, because he didn't even bother to include those for free, premium pictures i'm fine with as long as you still release stuff to the public patrons do deserve something.

But keeping an entire comic ending behind a paywall is pure scumbaggery, ifanyone has access to that comic i would love a link, because fuck scumbags who ransom their art behind a paywall.


Hah. So far. =)


Nobody has the ending to it yet. He's still been releasing 1 to 2 panels of it to entice his patrons to say till the end of the month and holding all of the premium content till the end of the month till they get paid.


-Ok so first off, Aya isn't a girl, that was just a stupid rumor someone started. Second, why are you people acting like such a ass towards him?
-I've been his patron for over 2 years now and even got some commissions and he was not rude in the slightest. I feel that he treats his fans just fine.
-Ok sure he doesn't always finish every projects he starts but what artist does? If he looses interest, he shouldnt be forced and criticized for it.
-Also he's been pretty good about telling patrons when he has to leave for a period of time so not sure why you're complaining about that.
-But the man is just trying to make a living and if you don't like it, just forget about it. I personally think his work is well worth the price and hope he will continue and just ignore you people here.
-Then regarding the higher price for older works, you only have to be in that tier for 1 month. For how much content you get, it is worth the price.

-The point is, if you don't like him, just ignore him. There's no need to badmouth and steal his content.


It wouldn't be stealing if he got it from Aya's patreon, lmao. There's no copyright - this is just sharing that some may consider immoral.


Just because it not a law protecting does not change right from wrong. Just because you could find a way to kill someone without breaking the law does not mean you can morally. The law is only there to enforce right or wrong.

The premium work has a price for a reason and taking it like will simply prevent them form doing more of such work later. You should also know they do not even have to give away their free work. So in reality you should be thankful you got something for free instead whining you did not get more for free.


Fuck patreon, fuck the new net, the poster is right.I miss the old gurochan where artists posted just 4 fun.I still have the old collection and i can tell you that nothing done on patreon in recen years equals it.As i remember there was an artist called tsepesi who was 10x better than this.... anyways dig all you can find!



Well i posted four full lenght comic here (Courage Trial, Night Before Halloween, Mindnight Party, Scarecrow ) before

But the Commission from LinArt is really expensive that's why i need money to continue it.

Hopefully thathelps to finish this one and order more of this from the future.

Of course i will post the older pages to the net one day. Maybe when my next LinArt story is out.


try out for free patreon posts, it helps avoid paywalls like this absolute jew has put up.


Amazing. Thank you a thousand times!


Shit like this is why there are so few of us. Everyone wants what THEY want, and want it for free. This shit takes TIME, most of all, but also skill and equipment. Commission us, support us, or STFU.


That's a nice post to make, but it'll still be posted on imageboards for free.
Understand that what you may want out of your hobby doesn't line up with what reality offers.

I'm really not trying to put down any artists, I'm just saying be realistic. You have literally zero authority to make that demand.



It's not about the "authority to make these demands", it's about realizing that these artists are people too, and motivation is a big factor in creating and sharing this stuff. Artists should ALWAYS have the right to demand pay for their work. People don't like it? Then make it yourself. You don't have the time or skill or equipment? That's why you're paying these people, because *they* do. I mean, all kudos to people who share this stuff for free, that's awesome. But with the time and effort that goes into this stuff, I don't blame anyone for asking for money.

In ayaswan's case, if he's not giving you value out of his patreon, stop supporting him, simple as that.


"Yeah totally, trying to make a living is such scumbaggery, am I right guys? Right?! And all those fucking shop clerks? Not letting you take that chocolate bar for free? Fucking SCUMBAGS!"

You fucking idiot.


AyaGate - Gurochan's first scandal, lol


I'm pretty sure our first scandal was existing at all...


I fully understand your moral point of view. I'm telling you it has no bearing on reality, and no amount of moralizing will stop people from posting images on imageboards.


Basically, you want to see Ayaswan's work, but whant us to pay for you...



Well, things are true the other way, too. Going on about how it's so terrible that people don't just create art "for the fun of it" (which reads a lot like "so I can have it for free, always") isn't likely to get artists enthused about providing new content. I still draw guro-related stuff as a hobby - but I keep it at that, just my own personal hobby, which I simply do not share with anyone else, ever. It can't be spread out of my control if I never post it. And why share with a community where many members simply do not respect my rights? So normally I don't moralize, but on the other hand GuroChan doesn't get anything from me, either.


Actually, it *is* stealing, and there is a copyright. Any time an artist creates something, a copyright is established on their work, and then the artist has the right to decide how their work gets sent out (unless you live in China or some other place that doesn't recognize copyright at all). Doesn't matter if one gets it from their Patreon or not - buying a right to view it does not automatically grant a right to be sharing it around yourself. There may not be anything practical a person can do to prevent it, but that doesn't make it legal or moral.


i think a big fault of this is patreon itself, donation sites shouldn't work on a tier system where the more you donate the more you get, it should be a pay what you wantsystem to support people.

the tier system overall makes it seem like you don't respect your fanbase, whether a fan donates $1 or $150 you should treat them the same, because that person is spending money to support you, they respect your work and want to seemore of it, And anyone who treats their fanbase like a cash cow is a terrible person. if you enjoy what you do, and love your fans you should treat them all the same even if they can't afford to donate $50 a month to you.


thats just stupid. If donating 1 dollar or 150 dollars got the same things, nobody would donate 150 dollars


not true, people are always willing to donate more to people they really like, look at twitch streamers



Twitch streaming isn't guro art making - you're suggesting that someone would fork over 50 bucks to a guro artist when they could get the exact same pics for 5 bucks, just because they like them. I'll believe that only when I see it, especially when the entire point of this thread is people wanting to get works for free, because fuck artists who make money in ways that offend us...


I'm an artist myself but it have nothing to do with this so stop pulling this "i draw for myself and dont share it with you coz you are bad ppl" bulshit. I see you all missed my point completely! I'm not talking about Aya or any other artist puting their works behind a paywall on patreon - im talking about lies and underhanded tactics to milk more and more money from fans while putting minimal effort into work.
I can open a patreon right now - give you tiers like 1$ thanks sucker 10$ you can see some previews etc. then promise "if i get 500$ a month i will do X number of drawings. if i get 1000$ i will do XX drawings! Then suck the money while posting some barely readable sketches talking about projects im gonna do when i get that XXX$ a month. then when that sweet $$ start flowing my way i will post "hiatus this month" then next month "family problems, no art!" etc. and milk it as long as i can while doing nothing. Then when that $$ go down a bit i will post a big "IM BACK AND READY TO DRAW!" and post some "projects" sketches im "gonna work on soon!" maybe even draw one or two colored drawings. money start to raise i post "tablet broken :( need donations!" and repeat everything again and again. Or im gonna do what for example Wing R's do - draw normal art then put it in a program - cut off the head without even bothering to change that happy expression on the character face and move it to the side add some shity meat/blood effect on that perfectly smooth cut rearrange the body parts then open a patreon and call it "a guro art i did!" and get 350$ each month from suckers while doing minimal work.

Artist wanna get pay for their art but they dont really wanna work for it. That's the problem. If i support an artist on patreon that promise me that he will do XXX drawing and after that he dont deliver it i have the right to be angry. If i see a promise that we will get XX thing when donations reach XXX$ and when it happens suddenly its "depresion" time and no art at all why THEN artist dont ask to be treated like its their JOB? If my job was to paint a wall and i went to work and says "nah im not gonna do it , i dont feel like it today" i would be fired on the spot or at lest not paid.


honestly the best artist i've found on patreon is underrock, he uploads all his stuff for everyone, there's minor exclusions of course like private comissions and what not, but for the most part he uploads everything for his fanbase.


And that's how it supposed to be! If you produce drawings, share them for a small fee on patreon and are a decent person, people WILL stay as your supporters on patreon for long! Keep high tiers for crap like HD pages or some raw sketches maybe a raffle or free drawing requests.


Can we get back to the free Aya stuff to stick it to the snobby asshole who is basically the "EA" of guro art now?


File: 1527491625382.jpg (564.01 KB, 1920x2304, GkOh3VC.jpg)


File: 1527491652662.jpg (289.79 KB, 1920x2304, HqgByod.jpg)


File: 1527491676025.jpg (592.19 KB, 1920x2304, WdlBHxx.jpg)


File: 1527491693400.jpg (298.68 KB, 1920x2304, 0EVpuoG.jpg)


You mention EA yet i give you a character from a Ubisoft game :P


wow he was holding back a picture from rainbow six siege, there's like no guro at all on that game.



> If i support an artist on patreon that promise me that he will do XXX drawing and after that he dont deliver it i have the right to be angry.

Sure, be angry. Go ahead and quit his Patreon, then. Or if you think he took your money and didn't give you what he promised then file a complaint and get your money back.

But when I look at this, I don't think, "gee, as long as I do a good job my fans will reward me," I think "holy shit, the moment one of these people gets angry for some reason they'll work overtime to fuck me over".


i would like to point out the pictures above were uploaded to R/Guro 9 months ago by a "whistleblower", I think after thatlong you should be fine releasing the photos to the public as anyone who has paid you has already gotten their use out of the photos.

but 9 months and these photos still remain patreon only, and those evil within ones have to be at least a year old and they've never been officially released either.


you mean this guy? i feel sorry for him to have only 69 patrons who support can he pay his rent at this rate?


you know who has a really good patreon is shadman, actually come to think of it shadman also hates the wayother artists use patreon, and that guy did say he's an artist. Is the OP of this thread Shadman?


AyaSwan is making over 3k a month now. Yet he doesn't protect his patreon uploads from this website by only sending stuff via email. If some of his stuff gets stolen, he deserves it.


I really wish people would go to the discussion board for discussion. This board is for posting artwork. Kindly fuck off over there and don't clutter up threads in which artwork is being posted.


Huh? I thought most people sent the best stuff via "monthly e-mails" by now.


File: 1527532871842.png (477.76 KB, 692x705, 8fe9112940922856013ddb2162….png)

The Evil Within and Rainbow Six pictures were commissioned by me.
I commissioned another R6 related comic of Dokkaebis face/head getting skinned and put on a sex puppet.

But looks like it's gonna take a while since he/she always stops responding for months.


File: 1527534112600.png (355.99 KB, 773x494, DD3AF3DADDD6435D9E6C900BE7….png)


File: 1527537705023.png (280.46 KB, 510x764, D1EB962B46014A80B1F44681AA….png)


File: 1527537721363.png (270.95 KB, 515x766, D3AE2FBD32C34DC2B12B4716D6….png)


I liked Juli Kidman set a lot. I would have preferred a still living brainfuck than a piss skull bowl though.


File: 1527562288894.jpg (389.89 KB, 1920x1920, K2hOir4.jpg)

Well in the game they have these machines that put them into some other world and the idea was that she's thrown into that world through her brain, so fucking it wasn't really an option. Only thing that kinda bothered me was her eyeballs still hanging in her face even though the brain was already removed. He forgot that but I didn't mind it, still looked good.


Nice commission. I'm glad about the little works with the not so popular girls that have ton of porn already, like Aya's work of Shanoa.


File: 1527669431320.jpg (322.95 KB, 1200x800, 1290102 - Ayaswan League_o….jpg)


I dont care who increses price of his/her work or who posted paid stuffs to Gurochan for free. Gurochan isn't clean site, it may has some copyrighted contents or illegal image. Just send feedbacks to site manager if you feels uncomfortable about it. If its not ok in gurochan, they will delete it for you.

But one thing I care is length of the gallery page. Everytime fighting with keyboards, more scrolling to see the pics.


File: 1527856815354.jpg (4.73 MB, 3000x3000, 01.jpg)


File: 1528060422707.jpg (4.71 MB, 3000x3000, 02.jpg)


You know what? That's a good point. Does anyone want to make an Imgur album with these pics so we can just check that every so often rather than sifting through five miles of arguments in order to find the stuff people actually came here for?


Im a bit conflicted, I pay for aya's patreon, but only to get the shit I want, very few people post whole patreon's stuff when it comes to guro because its niche

But at the same time I can't blame the artist, wouldn't you like to do what you love to do and get paid for it, like those youtubers who just sit there and play games, and aya has amazing skills, the price increase who knows why, but no point discussing that.

At the end of the day this is an image board for posting images, do as you wish, in my case the patreon money is chump change compared to what some "cosplayers" charge, fuck those whores and their softcore porn, I know im getting my money's worth on ayaswan AND its still low enough for me not to get salty when someone else post it here


This thread is fucking ridiculous. 67 posts with 15 images. Just people arguing over semantics. Honestly id rather see this thread get torched then have to keep seeing walls of text. Shut the fuck up.



Shut up yourself.

Also, if you don't want to see a big text argument on GuroChan, maybe people shouldn't start a thread where they basically say "fuck you, artists, I want shit for free". You know, if the OP had just said "post Ayaswan stuff, thx" nobody would have fucking noticed. But no, they had to be just that little extra asshole about it.


I completely agree with this. At least people posting in the past would say (feign or not) I can't afford the $10 or I don't have a credit card or no paypal or whatever...

now its all ass backwards-- *I'm entitled to art for free; how dare you charge money; and we don't need a discussion because anyone that doesn't agree can fuck themselves.*

Next time at least pretend you have a good reason to ask for something for free instead of demanding it like its your right



So because one person asked for something you disagree with the entire board should have to scroll through it?

I dont care for this person's art nor do i think it should be shared without their permission if it is indeed premium, but i see a discord/discussion tab right at the top so why cant you take it there?


Your hypocrisy is astounding.


I don't see this post having a lot of images at all, people who paid her patreon will probably be reluctant to share her works so outside of (or whatever is called) I don't think we're going to see anything that we already didn't


Maybe you should shut the fuck up and go over to /dis/ if you're so interested in having discussions.


I like this! Good guro should be liberated from behind the paywalls, there isn't enough nowdays so hack if you have to and provide us with quality stuff! Hail Satan!


Hiding content behind paywalls is bad when game devs do it and bad when "artists" do it too.

What this thread does is the equivilent of hacking a game with excessuve paywalls to give all the features to the people

Now can we get back to enjoying the fucking art liberated from the EA of guro art?



Says the guy who had to add another text-only post to the argument.


No we can't.


Shadman is also a lazy piece of shit who hasn't improved his elementary school-tier drawings in over a decade.


Glad I'm not the only one who thinks Aya is full of themselves now. Any artist who pulls the stunt they do deserves to have their shit leaked.


I'll admit that I hate the guy as a person, but his art is occasionally pretty hot.

Fair enough, so let me remedy that.

Imgur album with every picture from this thread so far! I'll try to update it every few days as pics are uploaded to the thread.
Tack the text below this onto the end of an Imgur link, it won't let me post the actual link because of spam protection.


Honestly if you're not content with what they make regularly, specifically commission something and share what you commissioned. That's a fair one time purchase. I don't respect leaking artists works unless you personally have paid and are doing it in a controlled environment. #respecttheartist


>people loudly and proudly demanding that the artists rights be respected and that there will be absolutely NO posting of paywalled content without the artists consent

>amidst people posting the artists paywalled content for free

Really makes you think. What's the next step of your masterplan? Fill this thread up until it autosages then make butthurt posts in the next one?


I know the US Supreme Court makes it difficult, but comparing a single artist to a major corporation is laughably stupid.


but imgur is a cunt



Strawman much?

Nobody is really suggesting that GuroChan adopts a hardline copyright stance. For my part, I'm just saying that if you go around saying "post this stuff because fuck this artist", you can't be surprised if artists look at this kind of attitude and go "well, why fucking bother to make art for these assholes?" There's a difference between saying "post this art because I like this artist" and "post this art because I'm butthurt over their
business practices and I want free stuff out of spite".

And my master plan isn't to fill up this thread until it sages (that'd just be a side-effect), I'm just giving the fat middle finger to people whinging "take it to /dis/!" Don't make asshole posts, and you won't get textwalls in response, right?


skilled artist shouldn't be free for beggars


>Don't make asshole posts, and you won't get textwalls in response, right?

Now consider that people just come here to fap, don't give a shit about this argument, and just want to see the pictures.
Get over yourself


Can we delete the text posts?



Now consider that what you said doesn't matter.


If ya just wanna gap use your own imagination and ignore the board. Or you know commission art.


Deliberately sharing an artists paid work makes you an asshole. Ayaswan may or may not have made some mistakes/bad decisions but that does not mean that their work is your right.



Fuck this morality bullshit. I have no qualms about piracy, and I have no objection to artists having paywalls or whatever other minutiae people are whining about here. It's every pervert for themselves. They do what they have to do to make an income from their art, and we do what we have to do to get their art for free. Don't complain about the fact that the opposing team is playing the game well. Just up your own game. Go after what you want because you want it, not because you're some sort of entitled victim.


We are all perverts here out for enticing art, but demanding it for free if not offered is a bad thing. I'm not on any moral high ground but being an entitied peice of shut and not respecting the artist, whose artwork you're trying to acquire makes you undeserving of it in the first place. If you want free guro make it yourself or politely ask an artist will to make peices for free. Just because we have a horrible fetish doesn't mean we gotta be horrible people.



Holy shit, that's seriously fucked up.

Also, my newest fetish.


Well fucking said



>just up your own game

Hey, dude, pointing out the morality of things is EXACTLY part of the game. If people aren't supposed to get upset about people "doing what they have to do", then people shouldn't get upset about people pointing out how it's a shitty thing to do. You want to construct a game where the things YOU do are part of the game, but anything other people do that annoys you is somehow out of bounds. But guess what? The other players don't follow your rules - especially when you choose not to follow theirs.

So suck it up. This IS the game.


Holy shit, is it really all that hard to cough up a bit of cash for something you enjoy? I know a lot of us aren't exactly swimming in money here, but the term "starving artist" exists for a reason. The time they spend making art is time they aren't spending making money in other ways. Just give them a helping hand and pay them if you enjoy their work, not that complicated!


Except some dont use it for tips, they make paywalls (like scummy monitization schemes on video games) and hide content that was free or "variations" that should be

The internet is about the free exchange of ideas, not paywalls


nice thread btw 30+ comments after last image and still going


Maybe they should try making their money doing something that people can't just post on gurochan for free.
This "discussion" doesn't go past "but we can post it without any consequences, so we will". Stop blathering on about it.


I made a thread for discussion, so that we're not constantly being interrupted by people whining about this thread filling up.



>The internet is about the free exchange of ideas

You know what the problem with that is, though? The people complaining about money aren't freely exchanging ideas. I mean, it's not like Ayaswan makes a pic, and then some Anon from GuroChan makes another pic and gives it to Ayaswan. The people talking about the exchange of ideas basically want the ideas and other benefits to flow to them, one way, without having to trade anything back - especially money.


File: 1528588783745.png (1.13 MB, 1516x745, 67688B188C4841EDB919D7D559….png)


after reading this thread, I'm beginning to think that some people on gurochan are just not people...


Paywall is fine, if you like it, just pay for it, if you like it and not willing to pay, just find his work here or anywhere else, then fap, no need to bother.
You don't have to argue with the price if you are not a beggar.
Aya make some cool stuff not for free, DLC also.



go here



Hey, dude, that's a pretty transparent lie. Making moral claims can be a useful tool for manipulating the foolish into acting against their own interests and supporting your agenda, but it's obvious that nobody here on either side is actually winning at that game, and most likely aren't even playing it. None of you are approaching this in a calculated manner. You're not running a cost benefit analysis. You're not tracking the returns on the time and effort you invest. You're just recklessly vomiting your opinions at each other, achieving nothing more than those little emotional hits your ego gives you when it feels like you've scored on the other team. This isn't a coherent goal-directed strategy. It's just a more insecure form of masturbation.



It's all part of the game, dude. Up your own game.


At this rate it's more about how one guy wants shit but is being a douche about it and everyone else trolling and ruininghis thread by filling it with text. (Well thats my plan anyways) he should have been more polite about it. lmao



Go here



It's pretty impressive how Ayaswan's works are of such high quality, people are clamoring to get access to it and being butthurt when they can't.



Please, if you all are going to leave text, leave bumps or request. Secondly, Ayaswan is very talented and he would like for his works to be rewarded with monetary compensation. He releases some of his awesome work here for others to appreciate and when others pay, he will generally release it to the world. This is (annoyingly) entirely his choice. Asking him to not charge anything would kind of be like if your boss asked you to do your job for free. Even if it is something that you enjoy doing, its kind of insulting for someone to insist this. This is more particularly true if you are very talented at what you're doing/highly requested.

For those of you that feel a different way, there are some mass dumps online of the artist work that the artist may have released that you have not seen and other artist who create content. You are able to check more than just one place/site. Please unless it is a bump or a request (other than the stated), let the thread return back to him. And Ayaswan, please feel free to release some trickle down work. Its been a while since any of us have seen your works.



The internet is free and should allways remain so.Back in the days of the old Gurochan artists draw thing for free.It was all about sharing and enjoyment.Now all kinds of paywalls appeared that encourage people to hide behind them.If we pay them we will raise those paywalls higher.So don't pay! Hack anything you can, or pay just to share.I have nothing agains paying for a comission but after a while all art should be liberated.And ignore Ceno he is rating on other threads as well his point of view.Take what you can enjoy guro and the free internet! hail Satan!






The internet is free and should allways remain so.Back in the days of the old Gurochan artists draw thing for free.It was all about sharing and enjoyment.Now all kinds of paywalls appeared that encourage people to hide behind them.If we pay them we will raise those paywalls higher.So don't pay! Hack anything you can, or pay just to share.I have nothing agains paying for a comission but after a while all art should be liberated.And ignore Ceno he is rating on other threads as well his point of view.Take what you can enjoy guro and the free internet! Hail Satan!


you a selfish selfish person and have no understanding of reality.


Hey Ayaswan, any more link the top post?>:) (or is it already made but pay to play?)



The internet is free. Doesn't mean artists should crank out art for you own viewing pleasure for free. If you don't want to pay for it then don't.


File: 1536750373628.jpg (2.54 MB, 2953x3543, ada01 text.jpg)

Less bitching
More content


File: 1536750423300.png (1.92 MB, 1890x1417, ada02 text.png)


File: 1536750446022.jpg (1.56 MB, 2000x2501, ada03 text.jpg)


File: 1536750468069.jpg (2.45 MB, 2766x2997, PHARA.jpg)


File: 1536750515235.jpg (2.62 MB, 2766x3155, PHARA en.jpg)


File: 1536750551005.jpg (4.62 MB, 4000x3000, SHIMAKAZE LIVE.jpg)


File: 1536750587185.jpg (4.94 MB, 4000x3000, SHIMAKAZE DIALOGUE.jpg)


File: 1536750720013.jpg (3.54 MB, 3650x3000, 01 yorha-2b entext.jpg)


File: 1536750742463.jpg (3.18 MB, 3650x3000, 02 yorha-commander entext.jpg)


File: 1536750799854.jpg (4.45 MB, 3650x3000, 03 yohra-a2-1entext.jpg)


File: 1536750828697.jpg (4.56 MB, 3650x3000, 04 Yohra-a2-2-entext.jpg)


File: 1536750865726.jpg (4.8 MB, 3650x3000, 05 Yohra-a2-3 entext.jpg)


File: 1536750909572.jpg (5.36 MB, 3650x3000, 06 yohra-a2-4 entext.jpg)


File: 1536750968970.jpg (5.89 MB, 3000x4500, Kawasaki Aya.jpg)


File: 1536750996039.jpg (3.69 MB, 4700x2883, widow execution 01 text.jpg)

Here comes the big one


File: 1536751022960.jpg (3.94 MB, 4700x2883, widow execution 02 text.jpg)


File: 1536751064406.jpg (4.15 MB, 4700x2883, widow execution 03 text.jpg)


File: 1536751125273.jpg (4.73 MB, 4700x2883, widow execution 04 text.jpg)


File: 1536751148975.jpg (3.53 MB, 4700x2883, widow execution 05 text.jpg)


File: 1536751198119.jpg (2.84 MB, 4700x2883, Widow execution 09 text.jpg)


File: 1536751220323.jpg (3.94 MB, 4700x2883, widow execution 10 text.jpg)


File: 1536751294107.jpg (3.95 MB, 4700x2883, widow execution 11 text.jpg)


File: 1536751342090.jpg (2.98 MB, 4700x2883, widow execution 12 text.jpg)


File: 1536751398331.jpg (3.1 MB, 4700x2883, widow execution 13 text.jpg)


File: 1536751448800.jpg (4.1 MB, 4700x2883, widow execution 14 text.jpg)


File: 1536751572845.jpg (4.01 MB, 4700x2883, widow execution 15 text.jpg)


File: 1536751738233.jpg (4.06 MB, 4700x2883, widow execution 16 text.jpg)


File: 1536751786895.jpg (4.03 MB, 4700x2883, widow execution 17 end tex….jpg)


File: 1536751832903.jpg (3.36 MB, 4700x2883, widow execution01.jpg)

And some clear ones/alt stuff


File: 1536752013903.jpg (3.63 MB, 4700x2883, widow execution02.jpg)


File: 1536752341561.jpg (3.45 MB, 4700x2883, widow execution 03-clear.jpg)


File: 1536752366739.jpg (3.5 MB, 4700x2883, widow execution 03-cum.jpg)


File: 1536752441205.jpg (3.57 MB, 4700x2883, widow execution 04-all.jpg)


File: 1536752466029.jpg (3.02 MB, 4700x2883, widow execution 05-all.jpg)


File: 1536752533387.jpg (4.15 MB, 4700x2883, widow execution 06.jpg)


File: 1536752568692.jpg (3.75 MB, 4700x2883, widow execution 07.jpg)


File: 1536752609370.jpg (4.18 MB, 4700x2883, widow execution 08.jpg)


File: 1536752655683.jpg (4.35 MB, 4700x2883, widow execution 08 cum.jpg)

And fin


Awesome man! This is a gem mine!


Delicious! Fresh meat from ~BEHIND THE PAYWALL~ ^^


Who ever did this, Thank You.



Whoever just gave us this paywall dump can you please tellme how far along that R6 comic is he's making.

Also it's his own fault he got taken off patreon, if he did the same thing undderrock does and post the pictures to the public instead of uploading them to patreon he wouldn't have been kicked off it.

you can still make money postingyour stuff publicly, you might even make more since people would notice your workmore often instead of not at all.


Whoever just gave us this paywall dump can you please tellme how far along that R6 comic is he's making.

Also it's his own fault he got taken off patreon, if he did the same thing undderrock does and post the pictures to the public instead of uploading them to patreon he wouldn't have been kicked off it.

you can still make money postingyour stuff publicly, you might even make more since people would notice your workmore often instead of not at all.


sorry for double post, computers a bit laggy


Welcome back to the darkside of the force! ;)


No idea on the R6 comic I'm afraid, probably I'll keep an eye on his fanbox page and once I see a few new things I like coming out I'll pay up, grab them and stick them here
As for everything else, agreed 100%, skilled niche artists shoot themselves in the foot so hard by doing this kind of stuff but whatever, kikes gonna kike


And Deadbeat Fags gonna Deadbeat Fag.
What, do you think you’re Robin Hood or something. Bloody cheapskates...


File: 1536847238158.jpg (18.66 KB, 222x293, 1505330405416.jpg)

I give the people what they want, come at me


Nah, I’m good paying for private commissions and not sharing them with the brokefolk such as yourself. Later peasant. Off to fap to my quality artwork. Enjoy your scraps.


If you paid personally fora private comission than fine you don't have to post it, you paid for it personally I don't have a problem with the people who commission private works i have a problem with artists who put all their stuff behind a pay wall.

Sorry to break itto them but they arent going to make a living by drawing guro, So instead of fleecing their severely limited fanbase they should actually release their non privately commissioned works for free, So they can attractmore people interested in private commision work.

So many artist do this, Karmagik, shadman, underrock, Duchess, Freako andcountless more, all of these artists make a good amount of money through releasing a majority of their art for free and selling private comissions.

It's not a fight over rich vs the poor, it's a case of an artist acting like a scumbag knowing he can fleece his fans by providing a niche product.


Anyone have the 'Over-death exhibition of Mercy and Widowmaker' set? Specifically part 2


$10 a month is fleecing to you? You know how much time it takes artists to draw full color images like that? You can't compare an artist like Ayaswan to Shadman in terms of popularity. Shadman gets thousands of patreons whether he releases his works for free or not. He can afford not to have exclusive content. Aya makes way more works than he used to BECAUSE people are incentivizing him to make it by giving him an income. Getting a private commission with the quality and variations that he releases every month would cost you many hundreds of dollars. Crowd funding lowers the cost to each individual.

People like you are fucking pathetic who only care about what you want and have no regards for the people actually giving you the content and providing a service.


I agree with you 100% m8!


Yup! Facking millenials, man.. All they ever want is something for nothing.. Nothings for free in the world and life ain’t fair. Best get used to that snowflakes and buttercups. You honestly believe that by only ever releasing things for free some of you cheapskates are going to actually PAY for a commission?! Please.. You whiners NEVER pay commissions. That’s why you’re on here looking for scraps and whining about not getting it all for free.. Guve me a break, dude.


Try going to the Apple store and telling them that you’d be more likely to buy something if they gave it all away free. Or maybe try whining to them that it’s not fair that they have it all and you don’t, so they should just give it to you for free. Not going to get very far. They have a talent that you don’t. If they want to charge for it, fine. And you can go on about how you think they’re hurting themselves all you want, because THEY aren’t the ones whining about it, YOU are. So just suck it up, stop facking whining, and be happy that you even get SOMETHING, because you DESERVE NOTHING.


apples and oranges my dudes apples and oranges, You can't compare pictures to a car, phone or house, these are objects that should be earned.

But art isn't something to be earned it's something to be admired, An artist who draws to make money isn't an artist, the same way a musician who sings to make money isn't a real musician. If you're going to make art you should do it because you enjoy it, not as a source of income.

Art should always be a passion first, way of income second.


You are not a working individual are you or the creative type I take i


This is the mentality of literal brainlets.

A piece of art is a still a product that requires time, effort, and work to be created; often as a result of academic or observational education. Some people make art as a hobby; others do it professionally.

But just because some people do it as a free hobby doesn't invalidate the work of people trying to make a living off of it. Should all game designers be expected to churn out free products because modding communities exist? Should athletes not receive any compensation because anyone can engage or participate in sports on some level?


Bahahaha! Nope! That’s why he’s on here defending the whiners. More millenial BS. ‘I still think it should be given to me.’

Let’s get this straight. In your perfect world they simply do everything for free and give all to you for nothing. Everyone’s super happy and faps away because they get off on your enjoyement and wonder.

Really? Please.. Again, you’re the one defining them and creating the narrative here. ‘They’re screwing themselves over by making us pay.’ They don’t seem to think so. Only the guy not getting free shat thinks that.. ‘They’re not really artists.’ Are they even arguing that because of the money? I’m not hearing them whining about such semantics. Only the cheapo losers such as yourself are trying to argue that.

It’s a very simple concept. They can do something you cannot. They feel they can make a few bucks while doing it. If some sleezebag who wasn’t paying him anyways doesn’t like it and doesn’t get to see the art anymore, so what? Not like it’s the artists loss. He wasn’t fitting shat from you anyways. They only one here crying is you. Because you didn’t get your way. Because it wasn’t for free. Did Mommy not hug you enough or something?


Isnt shit like that left to discussion and let us have our glorious free art on the internet, something built for the free exchange of ideas?


Okay, lets keep the generation/political bullshit from going any further. Just enjoy the artwork no matter where it comes from. If someone has a patreon, they are able to enjoy the other quality work/download it and even post it or just keep it for themselves. It isn't that serious.

Paywall or not the work is here and this thread is supposed to be dedicated to request and bumps, but primarily entertainment. Can everyone get of their high horse and just enjoy the work. I'm about to follow my own advise and do the same. Please leave the issues alone and enjoy the work.



yeah this whole have/have nots debate is stupid, why can't people just be happy it's not like people posting this stuff for free is hurting you personally,just like the fact someone is paying for it isn't hurting you personally.

If someone is willing topay forit than don't attack them, but as well if someone can't pay for it don't attack them either, remember some people dont have disposable income to pay for pictures over the internet.

Before you start trash talking people you should really take a step back and think "Maybe their life isn't going as well as mine, maybe they are living paycheck to paycheck and don't have any spare cash topay for it, Maybe they just want something they can enjoy for free after a hard day."

You can't just assume everyone is as well off as you.



Does anyone have the full Samus set? I'm not sure where I can get it now that his Patreon is nuked :(


Just a little reminder that there is still a thread up about the issue of patreon, paid works and piracy here on the discussion board


>>60912 for people like that, there's tons of free stuff.

When I was poor I didn't go around stealing everything I desired.


That's pretty stupid. If you're gonna steal go do it but don't get all defensive that people realize you're being a shithead. we're not talking about something you need like food and water, art is an extra luxury and theres tons of free guro you can have without stealing from an artist.


File: 1545501536140.jpg (904.25 KB, 4000x3200, 049.jpg)


This thread is now a text wall because not only are people stealing; they also damn noisy about it too. Actually trying to make an argument that its their right to steal. Like they're damn proud of it. That's complete BS. If you're going steal- shut up and do it. Seriously. Stop talking about how you're completely justified in doing it.

Furthermore when artists post for free they do so because they want to; not because you force them to; not because you stole and pretended that it was ok. If an artist wants to put up a paywall its their choice. The good ones aren't doing it cuz its what you do now to squeeze a few bucks. They actually using it to free up their time otherwise spent elsewhere making more art. That's a good thing.


Lol this argument carried over from the last domain. Maybe it was this argument that killed *.ch.

Let's be careful when responding to posts from September. Not every person is going to find *.cx to migrate.


lol he's a mind rapist


Jesus christ people let sleeping dogs lie,and let's get back to our regularly scheduled programming.



Any new content?


Just a little reminder that there is still a thread up about the issue of patreon, paid works and piracy here on the discussion board

At this point any discussion about this here is just shitposting. This board is for posting content, not discussing the moral implications of posting paid works. /dis/ is suited perfectly for that.



I am sure TRUST & SAFETY got here by now.


The more pics get posted the more faggots here squirm and I get a bonus pleasure while fapping to them!

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