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Hi guys! I'm trying to found premium-works by Ayaswan in the web (yes, fuck Patreon). Can you help me with this? Will glad to see all pictures that you can offer.


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This is not ok man!


Yeah it's too pricy to be so much better having space for the rules but you don't feel it was my fucking job to keep the peace and absorb my dad's slobbering and screaming and just believe my phone just got off the other side of the world and a half hour or so to get the best out of them are not a lot of people are you going to the other side of the world and a half hour or so.

I'm wondering if you mean the other side of the world witness to see your works sometime 90's to be a long serpent swaying in this case.

There's no kink to imagine for which you're the epitome of one who accepts darkness and pure morality and I just want you.


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Pls continue


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Is there a version of this with her face intact?


Guys I agree that Ayaswan's price policy is not ok but we don't have manny artists of her's/hi's skill that draw guro. Share those works will only make the artist stop doing what it is doing.

To me, purchase something in dolars is quite expensive. I suport ayaswan when I can. When I can't I search the web for free materials. Go for pixiv or exhentai, there you'll have a lot of image sets, even more than paid ones.

If you are frustrated with aya just support another artist. I know a few. They are more affordable and have different styles.

Just don't be a bitch about how pricy it is and go for the competition.




There is a discussion thread about that in discussion, this is for pics.


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Bump since this thread hasn't gotten a new post in like fifty years


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wtf am I reading.


Now that aya is posting just at japanese sites i'm glad you are posting what you have. Thank you!!!


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I suspect whoever reported aya's patreon had an agenda seeing how it got closed twice yet other guro patreon's are still operating, even less covertly too

fucking idiots, I was gonna post the stuff too, now I can't get shit because I never pay for anything unless I can use paypal, so here, have what you can't have, or rather how I feel with aya's restriction to that pixiv fanbox shit, fuck ya


Yeah, snowflakes love doing shit like that. I, however, have a bit of an idea. You could continue to post the patreon, but also have an independant paypal account that you can have others send money to you for commissions.

all the patreon artist can also also get together collectively and launch a pay to watch/get content website independantly while still posting on patreon. Until a more permanent solution can be reached, keep using patreon for a bit more them you're here to stay.


Is there a reason for there being white boxes everywhere? Doesn't aya usually alternate versions without massive chunks removed?


someone has the old folder?


yea I don't think that's from aya. its just some dude shopping the orig
honestly I don't think it would help. there was nothing at all on his new patreon and it got removed. I think the standards are pretty low for removal on patreon. they don't stand up for free speech. somebody makes an outlandish claim and your patreon is gone. aya was sending people links to file lockers / google drive / etc so I'm sure you could probably contact him directly to arrange for direct payment or maybe convince him to set up some crypto wallet in exchange for access.


Do you have the original, the version on his pixiv doesn't show anything.


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From aya's last stream
Idk will it be published later somewhere, but for now i just leave it here.


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Anyone know where I can find the whole series of this? I've seen it somewhere before but can't seem to find it again


first result on e-hentai if you search for ayaswan


Does anybody have the "Over-death" stuff where Mercy and Widowmaker get there neck stumps fucked? Good neck stump fucking can be hard to come by.
"Death Rape of a True Ninja" is something I'm also looking for.



I searched on E-hentai, it's not there. Could someone post it?


e-hentai doesn't show 'offensive' content like gore & stuff.


so... now that patreon is down where can I found all his works?


He only posts his art on Pixiv fanbox and I think somewhere else


why do we have two of these, we only need the one.






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