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Premise is very simple. Any girl, wearing any school uniform, in any situation that could end her life or already has.
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I feel like I should know who this is


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one less girl for Futaro to worry about


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Nude version? I know it used to be in a hanging thread, but I can't find it.


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Its a shame the artist disappeared off the face of the earth, he had some great skills.


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This manga has a lot of them but the one specifically I linked has a schoolgirl tied up about to be burned alive in a crematorium


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which artist is that?


g2 on pixiv


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anyone happen to know the name of this artist?


ゆゆづき (Yuyuzuki) on Pixiv.

Tip: if you see something like 72376360_p0 in the file name, that's a pixiv image id. Just view any item on pixiv, and replace that number in the URL and you'll be right at the source.

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