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Psst! We already got a thread simular to that.


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[Sarugaso] Onnanoko ga Bakemono ni Hoshoku Sarechau Hon


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Unfortunately there's only these few pages that are related to this thread.



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What is the source for the first 3 pic


What is the source for the first 3 pic



Wow what's the source?


Nvm google actually did its job for a change, but the image identification was pretty hilarious: Nabemono or simply nabe, is a variety of Japanese hot pot dishes, also known as one pot dishes and "things in a pot."


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Where's Lara Croft and her best friend, the T-Rex?


Moar pls!


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You've posted doubles of the same thing for that X-pendable comic. Be nice if you could post the whole thing though. :)


Yeah sorry about the duplicates. And this is all I have of the comic. The artist never finished it, as far as I know.


What ever did happen to n.dofline? He had a rather unique artstyle but he seem to just have vanished.

Also does anyone have an archive of his work somewhere?


I do but I cant post the link without triggering spam protection.


Just separate it like this h t t p. It won't consider it a link and you should be able to post it.


h t t p://


Try this:
"xx" to replace the "tt" of "h tt p"


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Hope more female characters die in the next jurassic world movie

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