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Comic from Anon2012.

Please use the poll to let artist make an gory end!!


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Please use the poll to let artist make an gory end!!


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Please use the poll to let artist make an gory end!!


File: 1516288880938.jpg (222.38 KB, 1000x1414, Anon2012-449549-Supergirls….jpg)

Please use the poll to let artist make an gory end!!


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this is good


Awesome set! thank you!


Vote vote vote! Vote to behead Supergirl!!


Nah, I'd rather see Doomsday eat some pussy. And I mean literally.


I vote anything heart related


Eat her tits.


Rip off and eat her tits. She needs to be waking up as it's happening and freak out about it. That'd be so incredible. Great artwork btw.


Bump because this shall not die.


File: 1516939508338.jpg (1.75 MB, 1407x1984, Anon2012-568341-Supergirls….jpg)


File: 1516939566658.jpg (1.8 MB, 1397x1976, Anon2012-568342-Supergirls….jpg)




Hoping that they actually "eat' her out, especially her succulent tits, tummy and her reproductive organ. But this impalement will do.


Awesome! I was hoping for an epic decapitation, but this is also great! Thank you for the time you put into this! You’re great!


I was hoping for this, and i am completely satisfied


This guy should make a comic of Mangog raping/eating Jane-Foster/Thor-Girl. I want to see pussy eating. I really don't understand how something so obvious is so hard to find.


I suppose you dont know how much will it cost to make one comic. How about you come out with the money and we can all enjoy?


Yes, because it's more cost efficient to draw an impalement than it is to show some mangled flesh stretching. I suppose that's why only one tit was torn was because of the budget? That makes so much sense.


This was fantastic!! I really enjoyed the order of things also, and how each horror became worse and worse. Each was a "taking" from her, and completely humiliating. I loved her total humiliation, as the events built up.

Some things that really got to me:

Her rape may have been better had the penis not been so brutal on her for the first round or two, forcing her to orgasm without destruction to her body. Then, after her forced climax a few times, the penis becomes this awful thing that works to take from her all of her womanhood.

If you're going to take from her the ability to orgasm and reproduce, killing her 15 minutes later is not that big a loss. LOL.

Stripping her naked was fantastic.

Fucking debreasted. Awesome!!!

Her final stabbing was through her vagina! Totally the right way to do it.

In conclusion:
I hate these superheroine bitches. So this was wonderful in every way.


Fucking BEAUTIFUL!!!


Any chance of getting the other endings you had planned... like sayyy... the beheading?


File: 1526148400282.jpg (1.95 MB, 1391x1960, Anon2012-580221-Supergirls….jpg)


File: 1526148492096.jpg (1.79 MB, 1392x1968, Anon2012-580222-Supergirls….jpg)


File: 1526148530208.jpg (1.92 MB, 1380x1952, Anon2012-594431-Supergirls….jpg)


File: 1526148557450.jpg (1.84 MB, 1401x1984, Anon2012-594434-Supergirls….jpg)


wasn't decapitation by magic knife one?


Woot! Alternate endings!

And all of em amazing.


Plus de membre brisé,ensuite tirer sur ses membres jusqu'à ce qu'il cède sous la force.


Awesome endings! I do vote for you to do the beheading as well! I’d love to see it!


Indeed, eating her breasts would've been great. Also removing her womb painfully and eating that too before killing her


Does the creator have a site or patreon or deviant page or pixi where one can commission comics from him?


I'm 100% here for tit or pussy eating. Yum.


I wish the artist would make a wonder woman guro




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