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Looking for any images where people are put in stressful or painful situations, and they must continued it as long as they can, when they stop being able to, they die. Example in the picture.


Ooo!! Love this idea!


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A favorite of mine. I love this genre.


That's a really neat contraption. If any of them fails it will set off a chain reaction and they'll all get it.


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these kind of "predicament bondage" images are the best


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(if she pees the snake will wake up and bite her)


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Important too note that whoever lets go first will be the last to die. She'll hear her friends dying around her before the chains get back around to her.
In theory, at least. In reality once the blades start dropping, nerves will start breaking and they'll all just fall apart.


I remember seeing the gif of that in actin, but it was ridiculously small


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Ohhh thank you!


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Shouldn't bother trying to saw through handcuffs. Never make it in time.

Small's better, gotta see the whole cycle, and neither are very good with the lack of blood and reactions. Points for trying, at least.


She has to saw her hand off if she wants to stay alive
Or save her family from death like in Saw



Even if she cuts her hand, she'd bleed to death.


Depends on when she can get help or if she can in the first place
But probably, yes

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