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I'm aware that Youdamn has deleted his Pixiv account. Does anyone has the rest of his artwork?


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I wish


I’m also looking for his decapitation from high school students as confessions


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This is amazing, there is more/?


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He was really a great artist i miss him so much.

We was worked together in a good slasher story where a boy kill rape the dispose the "idols" of the school. This was NOT a commission. We writed the story together.

He was really fast. He drawned a full page less than a day.

But sadly that will be never finshied because that disaster happened. But i don't gived up the hope that one day he will continue the work.

Here are a little demo. :)


File: 1516353673610.jpg (1.13 MB, 1315x1860, 06.jpg)

And an another one.


File: 1516353725032.jpg (874.4 KB, 1315x1860, 07.jpg)

And a third one... I hope you guys liked it!


What exactly happened to Youdamn? Did his family found out about his works or something?


Probably. That, or his place of work found out about it. More and more jobs nowadays are looking at people's Facebooks and Twitters and other social media accounts.



thanks man, also social media is best friend and enemy now days


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>What exactly happened to Youdamn? Did his family found out about his works or something?

EXACTLY that happened.

We reached the 14th page in our story when he suddenly wite to me an e-mail.

He said that his girlfriend has found ot his "hobby" and telled to his parents. They're both furious and he can stop that work at once. :(

So he is deleted his Pixiv account and stopped her commissions. Refund the money etc...
And of course he stopped working together with on that nice story. :( We had high hopes. We thinking about to start a Patreon site etc... :(

I was sad too. He is a really talented artist and he can draw a page like i linket within a day. He is a really talent.

After that we chatting in some e-mail but he sead that he is stopped this things once and for all. :(

But i hope one day he can start the work again.


That is so unfortunate. Really talented and many would love to see finish to the story..


Well that a bitch move on part of his girlfriend... stalker and controlling much? Yea i understand his situation and why he had to stop but damn... i would slap that bitch to the new millenia...


It's his choice. Family happiness against strange fetish pictures. I hope I'll make such choice in future when it will be the right moment.

Please pay some respect, he deserves it.


And thats all? This story finish here????


Damn bro, that looks way too similar to this old comic that's very obscure referencing, dude had good taste in R-18G artists.



You said 14 pages but you posted 7, are you ever going to post the rest of what was completed somewhere? On your Patreon perhaps? Also that was a terrible way to handle it by his girlfriend. She should have sat him down and had a talk and kept the parents out of it unless she truly believed he was a danger to someone. That's some really manipulative shit on her part.



I just posted 4 pages of 14. Sadly he is quited just one page before the killings beg

I still hoping that he is come back some day. I write to his once a month. If he is coming back i want to this story finished.

When it's finished i will post is. So let's hope.


This sounds oddly familiar to what happened to another aritst


So sad that this extremely talented artist had to quit. So much wasted potential. I really hope he makes a comeback some day.. hope he dumps the stupid gf as she clearly doesn't appreciate his important hobby.




You can't really blame the girlfriend for being upset and worried when she finds her boyfriend drawing snuff rape. Women, especially, have a hard time understanding the distinction in fantasy/reality when it comes to the reasons men looking at porn. She might have thought he planned on acting it out.


damn he was so talented what a shame but I can't really blame her GF since she discovered he was into rape and necro so she was maybe worried for herself.

I really hope he might make a comeback someday since there aren't many talented western guro artists out there


Does anyone have the Youdamn's paradoy of Kaerimichi?
I'm sure that it was his last work on pixiv.
His version was necro sex than burn the body.


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File: 1533348563502.png (607.54 KB, 3000x4500, 3.INTRO2.png)


File: 1533348597307.png (296.56 KB, 3000x4500, 4.TAJUK.png)


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File: 1533348732713.png (1.28 MB, 3077x4508, PAGE5.png)


What's going on? Is he back?


What's going on? Is he back?


No, thats some of his old work.


More pics?

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