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I got some set of this stuff but i can't find some old work


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The artist is called AhDualism, one of the oldest and greatest manga-guro artists on the net
Here is his site, it has tons of free guro stuff like pics and games.Too bad it is not listed in any major search engine! But here it is so enjoy:


I already found that site but some down load link of old stuff which contain a lot of great seppuku pic is already dead and some can be paid only via Japan credit card.


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SMOKE and WATER -Granddaughter of Marquis de Sade-
Shika killed herself and Suma Assisted her suicide.


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Source plz


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Source please


Great art otherwise and I hate to nitpick but...
Oh my god. The perspective makes her right leg seem so short. I can't forget it now that I've seen it once, lol
Is it just my imagination?


spk on pixiv



Is there any source for Vol. 2?
I tried but cannot find any ways to get access to Vol. 2 online, where I believe this scene came from. Thx


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anyone up for translating?


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I've been looking for this work of Harasaki for years!
Is there a full version share please?


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who is this artist?


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Are you retarded, or just blind?


can't find that damn very manga, sorry that I'm fucking retarded


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I suppose Jigai can be posted here, considering it was the female alternative to seppuku in old Japan.


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Source plz!


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I get so impatient with these paintings. Gotta scale down the scenes so I can concentrate on detail. Anyways, here you go. 1/2


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nice work


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More sudoku


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time for some cuts

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