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Hey sup! Anything about Pussy or Asshole shootings? Preferably coming out through the mouth, if there's any!


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Here's a bunch by LastRider (


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Also, Kisirian's manga have quite a few pussy shots, but everybody knows kisirianby now, so I'm not gonna post it (I have some of his newest manga actually, but can't access them atm).

If you don't mind Western art, I can post some JGP/Zerns, McQuade, Mben etc.


Can you post all please? I've never seen Kirians work.


anymore? I like this post





Chill out man, sometimes these things take a few days.


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I saved this from some thread on here.


Where is the rest of that?? That looks amazing with the nipples cut off like that




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What's the source of that gif ?




Bible Black: New Testament

Uziga Waita's 'Mai's Daily Life - Eternal Dissection'


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