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Why is finding guro that involves the female killing the male so hard to find? Is there a term for it, Reverse guro is probably the wrong term.

Also if you have any of the female killing the male type guro please post some, i'll try to post some as well


You have a point!
May I suggest you start the thread under a different title? Female on Male Violence for instance?

Any preferences for what you'd like to see? Or is any violence game? >:)


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Im gonna make a new thread with that title.
Any violence is game, but i'd love to see the "more gory" stuff like dissection, torture, beheading etc


You are a-spekin' my language friend!
If you can't find it...make it >:)
I am inspired >:D

(I love this place soooo much)

Shit...that means I'm gunna be up late tonight too...hmmm....

Anything you don't like?


here's the new thread
Anything goes for me


thanks !


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