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Show you misanthropy for the human race in this thread.


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Where is the line start for the brutality? I can't find where my brutal line start. lol I have no idea what to post, but here is what I think is brutal.


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the prequel of №52662


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her face is not pretty anymore


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But even with SCARS, I'd still date her.

DEAD people, however, like this fat bastard in THIS Picture, I'd pass, for I'm no Necrophile.


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this is the opposite of the black widow: the male killed the female after sex


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Could someone translate this?


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how i love queens blade guro


Are there backstories to:

3449390worhid.png or orchid343.png or helgaesdzdzd.png?

They're all so cool.
Will someone please write about them?



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handsome fighters never lose battles


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Let's Face it; nothing's more brutal than losing you face.


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reminds me of 'eyes cold lemonade' way back in the Happy Tree Friends glory days


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