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The art of EliRawne


Should probably be posted in /art/


Has he done anything new? I stopped checking in on his dark spot thread about 2 years back.


File: 1510919093533.jpg (1.31 MB, 3508x4961, ex4.jpg)

EliRawne's drawings hit that 10/10 for me as far as the concept and the execution(no pun intended) of the fantasy goes. I love the idea of a big titty elf/human woman being long drop hanged from a trapdoor gallows but instead of breaking their neck, they would strangle and squirm at the end of the rope. And the girls the artist depicts are also very hot even without the hanging scenario.


File: 1510925216234.jpg (271.18 KB, 2480x3508, ch4f.jpg)

I know , right guys?

Come on look at her.
If you don't get off her and the idea of he squirming and then pissing herself in pleasure and pain.
Then something's wrong with you.You need to see a doctor or some shit.
Just look at her eyes.
God damn my pants bleed for this.
I'm literally leaking half way on this post.


File: 1510932236380.jpg (611.31 KB, 1754x2481, 136092067850.jpg)


Not a fan of piss or scat honestly. But the rest is on point. It would've been interesting to see what it was like when these two hit the end of the rope and their big tits bounced up and down. The idea of halfway intended wardrobe malfunction caused by the hanging is also very stimulating.


File: 1510938988715.jpg (392.09 KB, 2480x3508, ch2.jpg)



>Not a fan of piss or scat honestly.

Let me elaborate on that.You see I don't like piss or scat in its own form aka simple pissing and shitting.
What I meant is that she was so scared,in pain,panic the uncertainty of the future.The pleasure she doesn't want but yet feels it.
The rage and confusion.Why me.
Such glorious expressions they make as a result of it.
And then just fading away.
They way they accept/deny it is glorious.They kinda come to terms with it but not really.
Kicking in the last possible moment.
And then just leaving this face of regret denial and fear.
Fucking glorious.
EliRawne did it for me he nailed it.It's all about them faces and body types.

Supreme art right there.

All the pictures have it in common.
I agree with you 100%.The barbell piercings are a nice touch.
For me, it's about the journey they go through.
Not death.
All those fucking years wasted just for this.


File: 1510942695355.jpg (735.47 KB, 3508x4961, exec21.jpg)

>it's all about them faces and body types

Yeah, the body types and faces EliRawne draws are perfect for me. Thick, powerful looking thighs, relatively but not unrealistically narrow waist, good bust and the way the faces are drawn are just about perfect for me.


Can somone post all his drawings form this thread? I dont have a way to get the full rez.


File: 1511213807163.jpg (788.89 KB, 3508x4961, 2thief exec.jpg)

Here guys some food for thought.


File: 1513771897338.jpg (34.02 KB, 565x800, 23205777.jpg)

Anyone else have her artwork saved up?



The corpse wagon might be my favorite part.




There's a thread on thedarkspot with more of their work



I know ELIRawne is at Thedarkspot.
I tried to register but got no response.



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>The pleasure she doesn't want but yet feels it.

>For me, it's about the journey they go through.

>Not death.

>All those fucking years wasted just for this.

Goddam, you just put what I always felt.but never really was able te recognize with snuff. It's less about the death, more about all the years wasted, the loss of life being taken (or given away, in consensual stuff) in erotic and humiliating ways.
She wasted all those years and ended up here, squirting her last on the end of a rope.


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what do mean by 10 post. then may can see attachment?



Is there any more work of thiers floating around?

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