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Cannibal thread is too broad, and doesn't show enough of of the good stuff- this is some throw-away-the-fork, skip-the-plate taco munching.

Tit eating too, if you've got it. Doesn't matter by who or what, just want some long pig, as fresh as you can get it.


Bonus if you've got bite marks, and not just a spot where a tit used to be


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Extra gold star if they're mid bite


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Some of these aren't as gritty or don't show it as graphically, but they work. No one does a better job of it that I've seen than Slasher, imo

Wish I was into stomach stuff more, there's tons of stuff out there with things *in the middle* of eating stomachs and intestines, but not much for them actively munching on tits, and even less for pussy


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ACB has been quite active with delicious pussy wrecking action.


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And another


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Here's a pic that's pussy eating that I'm fond of




too small :-(




these are good. it's a very specific fetish of mine, wanting to munch on some titties, and I try to find things as graphic/realistic as possible to live vicariously through the artwork :)



I wish I knew, I'd gladly pay him to do more vore or necro pics.

Seeing this pic makes me want to do an RP involving it.


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Does anyone know where to find more of this ?


That's B☆流魔's works. You can find more here:

They definitely suit this thread.







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