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Corpse Party Tortured Souls. This is from the anime but there's a set of games too. Also pretty gory.


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Don't know if this thread still bumps, but here's a gif I recently made for the alteration thread.


Think you can do a new edit with Katara getting that bullet in her pussy instead


Probably, but I'm not a big fan of mutilation and that kind of shot would leave her alive. I'd need a second shot to the head after to make sure she was dead and I'd have to animate her freaking out between shots. That could be a lot of effort and I'm not sure her current body motions would support that in a believable way.


Meh, was worth a shot. Honestly wish I could contribute myself


File: 1557312745024.gif (840.9 KB, 480x360, Cambrian_0109.gif)


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Source, please? Looks really cool.




File: 1559129294084.gif (3.51 MB, 500x600, 首吊りうごイラ.gif)


Very nice hanging animation. Thanks!



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Mmm, nice jiggling. I made it into a proper GIF…


I imagine something like the following could make for an interesting loop, if animated.
Curious if there’s anything like this already around



There was a gif floating around some years ago by the same artist as (>>479) called "death of naked samurai girls" where, true to its name, two naked women kill each other with katanas.

Does anyone still have it? It would be much appreciated if someone could post it.




That’s Juan Gotoh, but other than the image in this thread, and a slight variation of it, I don’t think I’ve seen anything else by him, spare a faint memory


File: 1562730821517.gif (5.77 MB, 320x240, nakedsamuraigirls.gif)

Ask and ye might receive, if you're lucky. Today, you're lucky.



Thats amazing, love the piss. Would love to see more gif w/ post/pre death piss/scat



Thanks, anon. You are a gem.

I love the moment when the brunette realizes her belly has been sliced open and her guts start flowing out.







anyone got the artist or source?








What anime is this?


Surprised no one made a gif of Hunwearl's death from the PSO anime



There was a clip on here before of a woman getting off to a toothed tentacle eating her insides as it fucked them. It implied that she could feel every bite as it thrusted, but she felt pleasure instead of pain and wanted it to eat through her.
Anyone else remember it?



Sounds like Koutetsu no Majo Annerose


Anything like this, but with the bullet hole in her abdomen instead?



Sauce of this, anyone?


File: 1581289622088.png (4.66 MB, 1889x2258, animation.png)

I just discovered that even Edge now supports animated PNG:

And now that Win7 has officially hit unsupported status which automatically rules out IE11 as a being a valid excuse, there's pretty much no reason to keep using GIF on the internet now (unless the web server is dumb and insists on re-encoding everything, thereby stripping out APNG's animation).

So on the subject of APNG, here's a basic 3-frame animation I made 18 months ago out of short a sequence Anguro did:

Now if only pixiv's Ugoira was more than what is effectively motion JPEG implemented via javascript which is like inefficiency squared.



where does this come from? It is a game?

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