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It’s so hard to find, so i was wondering if anyone here has some splatoon gore.


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Yeah splatoon gore is sadly kinda rare, but then again can be kinda pointless considering they are made of ink. They do not have blood only ink, can reform at any spawn point, no bones to break, and are probably resistant to stabbing or piercing type weapons like guns or knifes. Which is why most splatoon gore is by people who know little about the game. But the potential is there; they melt in water, experience death on a regular basis, and explode when exposed to enough ink not their color.

Try searching on pixiv using the tags "R-18G" and "スプラトゥーン"


I have a counter to your argument: If they didn't have bones, how could they stand in an erect posture?


Oh BTW I like the "Squid stuffed with rice" pics. Very creative.


The same way your dick gets hard.


But if that's how it worked, that would be completely rigid, as they would have no joints.




And to have joints, one must have bones. And as for the ink, not blood, maybe their blood is ink, and another inkling's blood is anathema to them.


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i wanna say you guys aren't looking hard enough


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