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Arrows are my fav so lets start a thread for more arrow pics


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A real shame there's no follow up...


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Fans of this thread will want to have a look at the manga "The Hating Girl."


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This made my day! Thank you! XD


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source ?


Trinity seven, the character is yui.


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Anyone in here know if its Ok to have multiple Pixiv Accounts and openly state it?

I want to make a seperate account for my future Guro art. But I know some of my IRL friends are following me on Pixiv and I'm kinda scard of getting outed for that shit.


If you don't want your friends to know about your guro art, then don't talk about it where they can see it.



The plan is to just have my Guro Pixiv linking to my non-Guro pixiv but not the other way around.


Still seems like a bit risky. Do your friends browse pixiv regularly? There's a chance that they might stumble upon your guro account by accident.
If I were an artist, I'd probably just upload guro art to niche websites like gurochan, or a personal blog of some sort.



Yes its ok to have multiple accounts on pixiv. :)


that sounds like telling your friends with more steps


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Some captured Dark Elf bandit thats going to be executed. There are some variations to these images. Hope at least someone enjoys.


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Now with Arrows.


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I hope you like. I'm still learning to draw and this is my first time really stylizing. I have posted some before in the Women Slaughtered Like Animals thread.


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This is not bad at all! Saved.
Keep up the practice


You joking? It looks fantastic!!


Could i have a small request? Could you use Clementine from Overlord or Nami from One Piece for your next dead girl drawing? :)


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I saw this and thought of you.


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I just discovered this artist, her(?) stories are brilliant IMO, here's one relevant to the thread. I'm not posting pics, cos it's 3Dcgi. Lots of great R-18G stuff on her page.


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Do you have any more by this artist?



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A commission of a captured and executed half elf thief.


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