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I don't have an example, but they are just so cute!


Yeah it's really fitting for a Guro board. :)


I agree. A pregnant woman in a wedding dress, shot or stabbed in the cunt, would be amazing. Unfortunately, I have the artistic talent of a card board box


If you want to take it to /s/, I wouldn't mind a thread of people shitting in wedding dresses or other frilly or elaborate clothing. Something about ruining the clothing, I think. But I, too, have the artistic ability of a cardboard box.


Pussy Shooter! Hi!


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I only know one person who really posts this specific thing.


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They're member 4429274 on pixiv. Not really a huge fan of their style, but it was memorable.


What I'd like to see here are dead women in wedding dresses intact and laid out in a crime scene/morgue setting. With the latter, I'd like to see them getting undressed by coroners. Seeing dead women in wedding dresses in caskets would also be nice to see.


Yo. It's been a while.



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>>47283 I don't have a morgue, but I did find what seems to be a display


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I have severl bonadage pics.


File: 1508707915595.jpg (121.13 KB, 1000x1414, 61263419_p0_Der_Schwankend….jpg)

And stuff simial but nto exactly wedding


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Or 3D


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WHy not guro you can't avoid this awesome wedding manga


File: 1508708166267.jpg (461.86 KB, 970x1400, katei_185a.jpg)


Not actual Dolcett. Someone did a massive collage of various Dolcett works to Frankenstein this thing up.


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i am not sure she's wearing wedding dress….

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