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I'm surprised this guy doesn't have his own thread yet. His guro comics are fantastic, and he releases new stuff pretty frequently. His Ms Marvel comic (cover picture uploaded here) is probably my favorite bit of guro ever, even including Beaver's USAC comics.

I especially like the fact that he seems to enjoy making comics of my particular fetish (bisection, organs, and superheroines reduced to desperation and despair).


Where does he post his guro stuff? I see all of his comics from Do Fantasy but none of them have Guro since they arent allowed.


He’s on Patreon as “truefeather.”


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yeah this comic is so hot


here is his pixiv page


I think you should post this on /art or /3dcg


Why? /art/ is for artists to post their work, OP is clearly not Feather and this is drawn art not 3DCG stuff
If you tried to post this thread in either of those places it would be rightfully moved to /g/


wow this is great


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from his pixiv


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STFU ya cunt.


good bye to breast and ass cheeks slice them off with the sword


Do you have more?


Does anyone have his two latest superheroine guros?


Check out feather thread on f95zone. You can download Avengers nightmare pt 1. superhero anihilation hasn't been posted yet. you have to make an account tho


is there any catwoman?


>>58134 no, she hulk, valkyrie, wonder woman in one story and ww and supergirl in other


oh shit can someone post the she hulk


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Not much of it yet.


is there any female superheroes ?


They are in the kitchen.


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