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I make a new thread to post the drawings of the old dunsuls web page i collected. Here are the requested pictures by Roman Style. I must look for more on my hard drive about Truendy and iilhuyd. I have other drawings saved on my special snuff folder who i don´t know the name of the artist could be one of them.


File: 1504116978281.jpg (99.47 KB, 935x1500, ironcross.jpg)


File: 1504116987862.jpg (67.95 KB, 840x850, laydown.jpg)


File: 1504116998583.jpg (97.43 KB, 1000x1266, spears.jpg)


File: 1504117017296.jpg (80.76 KB, 787x1286, struggle.jpg)


File: 1504117032332.jpg (84.51 KB, 928x1332, painofthecrossarrow.jpg)


File: 1504117041255.jpg (70.52 KB, 831x1100, whippedgirl.jpg)


File: 1504117053256.jpg (91.02 KB, 974x1093, impaledgirl.jpg)


File: 1504117061755.jpg (45.12 KB, 815x665, teaser.jpg)


File: 1504117072286.jpg (71.42 KB, 864x694, victory.jpg)


File: 1504117083820.jpg (88.59 KB, 984x1066, fataltorture.jpg)


File: 1504117093430.jpg (64.08 KB, 907x978, spiked.jpg)


File: 1504117104512.jpg (193.61 KB, 1202x1797, daydreamer.jpg)


File: 1504117115620.jpg (54 KB, 927x1100, redeath.jpg)


File: 1504117129182.jpg (75.1 KB, 939x1084, amazonexecution.jpg)


File: 1504117138321.jpg (101.57 KB, 1029x924, killingfield.jpg)


File: 1504117163363.jpg (24.24 KB, 480x684, perfectaim.jpg)


File: 1504117204293.jpg (39.7 KB, 925x904, target.jpg)

The last i have from Roman style. I will search for the other´s.


I'm the guy who requested this stuff, and I'm very, very grateful. Please, post all you've got :)


Yes, anything you could salvage


File: 1504201418282.jpg (58.92 KB, 495x637, endanger1.jpg)

I post a few ones from LLuhuydd.


File: 1504201444036.jpg (54.01 KB, 495x635, endanger2.jpg)


File: 1504201494385.jpg (52.87 KB, 495x635, endanger3.jpg)


File: 1504201519434.jpg (111.17 KB, 518x786, erica01.jpg)


File: 1504201543223.jpg (129.36 KB, 582x786, erica02.jpg)


File: 1504201568704.jpg (101.32 KB, 572x780, erica03.jpg)


File: 1504201592417.jpg (83.76 KB, 572x780, erica04.jpg)


File: 1504201610265.jpg (87.71 KB, 572x792, erica05.jpg)


File: 1504201645218.jpg (89.16 KB, 572x792, erica06.jpg)


File: 1504201683915.jpg (97.78 KB, 572x792, erica07.jpg)


File: 1504201714644.jpg (111.44 KB, 572x792, erica08.jpg)


File: 1504201737236.jpg (106.9 KB, 558x792, erica09.jpg)


File: 1504201760590.jpg (113.69 KB, 582x786, erica10.jpg)


File: 1504201799456.jpg (108.56 KB, 582x786, erica11.jpg)


File: 1504201825909.jpg (108.59 KB, 582x786, erica12.jpg)


File: 1504201874967.jpg (101.88 KB, 594x792, erica13.jpg)


File: 1504201889587.jpg (128.72 KB, 594x792, erica14.jpg)


File: 1504201910128.jpg (116.89 KB, 594x792, erica15.jpg)


File: 1504201994939.jpg (118.91 KB, 792x530, erica16.jpg)

Erica is totally mutilated and butchered at the end.


File: 1504202211107.gif (40.02 KB, 793x1048, chris01.gif)

Orginal description from dunsuls web site for the next set of images.
"Christine Bikinis and Bayonets-12 drawing set sent to me by RNE that I scanned in,following a Gnomes fun with a bound “to die”model"


File: 1504202233998.gif (31.32 KB, 785x1059, chris02.gif)


File: 1504202280787.gif (70.27 KB, 809x1064, christine01.gif)


File: 1504202301322.gif (64.33 KB, 804x1083, christine02.gif)


File: 1504202326325.gif (76.31 KB, 815x1053, christine03.gif)


File: 1504202346711.gif (58.83 KB, 799x1064, christine05.gif)


File: 1504202369369.gif (46.45 KB, 802x1040, christine06.gif)


File: 1504202389647.gif (34.68 KB, 780x1045, christine07.gif)


File: 1504202406955.gif (43.49 KB, 823x1045, christine08.gif)


File: 1504202422270.gif (63.16 KB, 815x1053, christine09.gif)


File: 1504202438275.gif (77.04 KB, 842x1051, christine10.gif)


File: 1504202461066.gif (69.38 KB, 820x1048, christine11.gif)


File: 1504202492294.gif (73.84 KB, 817x1051, christine12.gif)

The last picture of Christine.


File: 1504202765402.gif (170.62 KB, 805x610, tiff01.gif)

Orginal Quote for the next set from dunsuls webpage.
"Tiffany-11 drawing set of Tiffany being shot many,many times for YOUR pleasure.Scanned in by me from RNE’s contribution"


File: 1504202781882.gif (219.27 KB, 800x622, tiff02.gif)


File: 1504202795976.gif (235.67 KB, 807x622, tiff03.gif)


File: 1504202827583.gif (208.22 KB, 813x616, tiff04.gif)


File: 1504202852561.gif (243.59 KB, 815x626, tiff05.gif)


File: 1504202885846.gif (254.29 KB, 800x628, tiff06.gif)


File: 1504202909336.gif (235.3 KB, 808x616, tiff07.gif)


File: 1504202941347.gif (228.64 KB, 811x606, tiff08.gif)


File: 1504202978618.gif (284.01 KB, 819x587, tiff09.gif)


File: 1504202996434.gif (282.49 KB, 833x634, tiff10.gif)


File: 1504203046376.gif (312.74 KB, 585x812, tiff11.gif)

All 11 pics of the set completed.


File: 1504203407746.gif (70.72 KB, 787x611, feather01.gif)

The description from dunsuls.
"Feather—A five picture set that was done for Vanessa from our list."


File: 1504203424078.gif (70.48 KB, 809x623, feather02.gif)


File: 1504203484881.gif (70.98 KB, 803x623, feather03.gif)


File: 1504203510652.gif (86.17 KB, 805x623, feather04.gif)


File: 1504203540956.gif (101.2 KB, 854x652, feather05.gif)

All five pics.


File: 1504203727988.gif (15.93 KB, 635x815, slisshh1.gif)

Description from dunsuls.
Slisshh-A first direct set from Llhyudd of 2 humm,well its kindda like a what we used dream about if a Magician lost control of a saw.


File: 1504203754126.gif (13.68 KB, 635x815, slisshh2.gif)


File: 1504203973900.gif (42.93 KB, 628x844, nailed.gif)

Description from dunsuls
LL’s second set contribution-Three more dipictions of shooting fun


File: 1504204008939.gif (18.84 KB, 638x818, bedshot2.gif)


File: 1504204058620.gif (151.81 KB, 431x559, slowmoshot.gif)

All 3 pics.


File: 1504204552551.gif (28.7 KB, 635x828, blondeshot.gif)

LL’s Third set contribution-3 drawings of more nice shootings

One drawing is missing. I looked for the file Cheershot is missing.


File: 1504204572499.gif (37.7 KB, 625x818, deskshot.gif)


File: 1504204843290.gif (25.84 KB, 788x614, multishot.gif)

LL’s Forth set contribution-4 more from the man himself.Perferated is a WOW!!!


File: 1504204864995.gif (13.84 KB, 603x699, docshot.gif)


File: 1504204882002.gif (288.93 KB, 678x574, perforated.gif)


File: 1504204941165.gif (53.1 KB, 635x796, reece's.gif)

All 4 pics from this set.:-)


File: 1504205081747.gif (38.32 KB, 836x1072, shot01.gif)

Shot—9 drawings of shootings scanned by me from RNE’s collection


File: 1504205202016.gif (37.92 KB, 812x1099, shot02.gif)


File: 1504205228549.gif (31.56 KB, 839x1083, shot03.gif)


File: 1504205245297.gif (29.16 KB, 788x1091, shot04.gif)


File: 1504205266057.gif (38.65 KB, 842x1061, shot05.gif)


File: 1504205287965.gif (43.42 KB, 823x1053, shot06.gif)


File: 1504205307690.gif (38.24 KB, 812x1077, shot07.gif)


File: 1504205326049.gif (35.68 KB, 828x1045, shot08.gif)


File: 1504205357462.gif (34.49 KB, 820x1072, shot09.gif)

All 9 pics. :-)


File: 1504205457114.gif (252.31 KB, 630x744, nina01.gif)

Nina- RNE contributed these 2 drawings which I scanned in,showing some more of ILLHUYDD’s talent at airation(sic)


File: 1504205485722.gif (267.79 KB, 630x784, nina02.gif)

2 pics only.


File: 1504205729562.jpg (62.57 KB, 750x566, c1.jpg)

"C" first set A most interesting well thought out snuffing artist here.This artists first 2 pixs in this 5 pix set are the most detailed layout of composition I have yet seen.Note one dead bitches hand sticking out a broken window as she lays on the kitchen sink.I really hope my patron"Neceros" will send more by this truly inspired artist.I am now a new fan!!!

4 pics are available on the dunsuls site. Really rare internetarchive saved them. i post it anyway all the set .


File: 1504205755081.jpg (59.93 KB, 750x665, c2.jpg)


File: 1504205799886.jpg (62.73 KB, 750x619, c3.jpg)


File: 1504205856536.jpg (78.68 KB, 750x583, c4.jpg)


File: 1504205930485.jpg (70.06 KB, 750x570, c5.jpg)

The last picture. All 5 pics.


File: 1504206060270.gif (89.25 KB, 1053x834, graveyard.gif)

3 Misc.drawings-RNE’s loose drawings from LL and scanned in by me


File: 1504206089607.gif (57.7 KB, 400x420, laurie.gif)


File: 1504206122985.gif (61.2 KB, 820x1064, tamara.gif)

All 3 pics saved. :-)


File: 1504206207765.gif (10.35 KB, 619x831, sweatershot1.gif)

Sweater Shot-Eight drawing set from LL of fun in the office the way it should be


File: 1504206227343.gif (14.58 KB, 625x837, sweatershot2.gif)


File: 1504206240754.gif (21.91 KB, 625x837, sweatershot3.gif)


File: 1504206261636.gif (17.14 KB, 632x756, sweatershot4.gif)


File: 1504206280676.gif (15.66 KB, 632x778, sweatershot5.gif)


File: 1504206305107.gif (20.75 KB, 632x837, sweatershot6.gif)


File: 1504206323433.gif (19.94 KB, 837x632, sweatershot7.gif)


File: 1504206379419.gif (20.23 KB, 837x625, sweatershot8.gif)

All eight drawings. :-)


File: 1504206503134.gif (24.91 KB, 1275x1687, luger01.gif)

Luger-Nice 5 drawing illistration of airation to pleasure us with


File: 1504206522563.gif (40.41 KB, 1275x1561, luger02.gif)


File: 1504206540820.gif (33.53 KB, 1272x1501, luger03.gif)


File: 1504206608418.gif (47.83 KB, 1275x1687, luger04.gif)


File: 1504206645266.gif (34.62 KB, 1269x1543, luger05.gif)

All five pics. :-)


File: 1504207048285.jpg (134.59 KB, 594x778, deskshot.jpg)

4 Misc.Drawings-4 drawings with a common theme-SHOOT THEM!!!
The last set from LLhuydd i saved .
One set is missing is the colored Feather set. I dont know what happen with the pictures i thought i saved them too.


File: 1504207097792.jpg (66.46 KB, 573x779, laceshot.jpg)


File: 1504207115455.jpg (134.14 KB, 617x813, shopshot.jpg)


File: 1504207224287.jpg (113.1 KB, 601x877, suitshot.jpg)

All 4 pics of this set. :-)



Plz come back otakuist-san ;_;


Thank you Otakuist for these findings
I like the c serious most with ladies killed in office suits
Do have more idea about artist drawing office suit theme snuff work?


Not Otakuist, but I think I can help. Take a look at Everbrand and McQuade in my mediafire folder:

There are a few others office-themed sets by McQuade, but I can't post them atm.


I cant give you promise to have such pics in my folders.
I looked at your folder. McQuade and Everbrand.
I have mostly black and white sets by McQudae.


File: 1504343674420.gif (45.74 KB, 976x759, 158490_630610_l.gif)

Here a few ones by McQuade from my collection.


File: 1504343688099.gif (93.21 KB, 525x405, 158490_630611_l.gif)


File: 1504343701171.gif (43.63 KB, 963x775, 158490_630612_l.gif)


File: 1504343714753.gif (97.4 KB, 511x409, 158490_630613_l.gif)


File: 1504343731130.jpg (110.33 KB, 600x849, 158490_634078_l.jpg)


File: 1504343743122.jpg (89.28 KB, 436x639, 158490_634079_l.jpg)


File: 1504343755296.jpg (77.73 KB, 600x784, 158490_634080_l.jpg)


File: 1504343771108.jpg (111.13 KB, 600x849, 158490_634081_l.jpg)


File: 1504343787156.gif (93.71 KB, 1263x1788, 158490_637164_l.gif)


File: 1504343803780.gif (72.13 KB, 1263x1788, 158490_637165_l.gif)


File: 1504343816373.gif (73.65 KB, 1263x1788, 158490_637166_l.gif)


File: 1504343857699.gif (64.55 KB, 1263x1788, 158490_637167_l.gif)


File: 1504343874254.gif (75.39 KB, 1263x1788, 158490_637168_l.gif)


File: 1504343886564.gif (56.45 KB, 1263x1788, 158490_637169_l.gif)


File: 1504343905189.gif (108.27 KB, 1263x1788, 158490_637170_l.gif)


File: 1504343920986.gif (76.84 KB, 1263x1788, 158490_637171_l.gif)


File: 1504343933636.gif (41.21 KB, 794x1026, 158490_640447_l.gif)


File: 1504343956300.gif (47.72 KB, 794x1026, 158490_640448_l.gif)


File: 1504343972997.gif (45.41 KB, 794x1026, 158490_640449_l.gif)


File: 1504344002447.gif (49.64 KB, 794x1026, 158490_640450_l.gif)


File: 1504344027021.gif (55.14 KB, 794x1022, 158490_641128_l.gif)


File: 1504344044321.gif (46.47 KB, 823x1022, 158490_641129_l.gif)


File: 1504344060423.gif (64.19 KB, 806x1030, 158490_641130_l.gif)


File: 1504344077177.gif (68.67 KB, 806x1030, 158490_641131_l.gif)


File: 1504344092806.gif (53.65 KB, 806x1030, 158490_641132_l.gif)


File: 1504344106741.gif (53.2 KB, 803x1011, 158490_643470_l.gif)


File: 1504344139749.gif (53.04 KB, 803x1011, 158490_643471_l.gif)


File: 1504344165123.gif (42.26 KB, 803x998, 158490_643472_l.gif)


File: 1504344180234.gif (47.89 KB, 803x1007, 158490_643473_l.gif)


File: 1504344549046.jpg (58.19 KB, 378x506, dblade1.jpg)


File: 1504344564969.jpg (66.68 KB, 374x504, dblade2.jpg)


File: 1504344590156.jpg (57.79 KB, 374x514, dblade3.jpg)


File: 1504344701391.gif (22.75 KB, 550x600, vampistake.gif)


File: 1504345559151.jpg (82.91 KB, 547x737, cave01.jpg)


File: 1504345574311.jpg (90.44 KB, 571x750, cave02.jpg)


File: 1504345592705.jpg (89.9 KB, 555x748, cave03.jpg)


File: 1504345612262.jpg (90.09 KB, 555x738, cave04.jpg)


File: 1504345635020.jpg (77.2 KB, 565x740, cave05.jpg)


File: 1504345654499.jpg (79.23 KB, 565x740, cave06.jpg)


File: 1504346000546.jpg (161.18 KB, 800x582, 0c338dcf04ef5a52225d39518c….jpg)


File: 1504346013718.jpg (181.39 KB, 643x600, 0f8ead6b55538811a8864593b7….jpg)


File: 1504346031204.jpg (84.14 KB, 418x600, 1d13e702d892a2a97b49cb2cb0….jpg)


File: 1504346045268.jpg (196.18 KB, 799x600, 2e20994a3df649df1200af8a6a….jpg)


File: 1504346057631.jpg (191.02 KB, 769x768, 4bfc51203bbfefb7f4f1502268….jpg)


File: 1504346070497.jpg (89.59 KB, 385x600, 5e773536a8fe69b033cd5a1f89….jpg)


File: 1504346084165.jpg (240.65 KB, 773x600, 6c89e356ca79f0db2ca9e27a6e….jpg)


File: 1504346097270.jpg (272.85 KB, 1024x704, 6ca4aaca70750d5168356176f1….jpg)


File: 1504346111523.jpg (116.29 KB, 431x600, 07d503ae88f9cd9eb2ec2f38b6….jpg)


File: 1504346126097.jpg (201.94 KB, 778x600, 7a04396e48d93ac77e277a06e6….jpg)


File: 1504346144296.jpg (100.14 KB, 440x600, 7c312c7aff910be78c494d6bf7….jpg)


File: 1504346158135.jpg (104.93 KB, 458x600, 7e711493db579b03754b53340d….jpg)


File: 1504346171164.jpg (85.06 KB, 668x600, 9b44bf23b83b8f77ab4f48ffb7….jpg)


File: 1504346182934.jpg (90.87 KB, 437x600, 9d99da2175c0d3d5d23d755ecb….jpg)


File: 1504346196031.jpg (155.12 KB, 800x516, 9f28a51f4dc045ca636b90af6c….jpg)


File: 1504346216306.jpg (112.21 KB, 800x318, 11e9c4b81db6bcc6df68dbd405….jpg)


File: 1504346232206.jpg (93.15 KB, 448x600, 44a105faab7731bee8759c29d3….jpg)


File: 1504346246181.jpg (158.99 KB, 568x600, 89a6be79eaac4613b23b43f581….jpg)


File: 1504346260372.jpg (240.6 KB, 800x592, 393b67a4def7bd897515cc389f….jpg)


File: 1504346273206.jpg (101.2 KB, 356x600, 971d34d1917794e71a3e88c390….jpg)


File: 1504346285277.jpg (235.02 KB, 800x513, 2894de214f248553d849ec6a61….jpg)


File: 1504346298432.jpg (175.6 KB, 594x600, 03766aa76495a4e33cc5284b41….jpg)


File: 1504346318378.jpg (140.78 KB, 667x600, 7956d0df0da6b038575fe7efa0….jpg)


File: 1504346341105.jpg (134.52 KB, 625x600, 8059ec3027bcf376270ffb690f….jpg)


File: 1504346367095.jpg (52.68 KB, 473x386, 9448d9cc22783d4c1865483bba….jpg)


File: 1504346385158.jpg (194.95 KB, 616x556, 32624ebdacd4fa18080d602e69….jpg)


File: 1504346401307.jpg (161.21 KB, 705x600, 33038a298f151936c11c361023….jpg)


File: 1504346420521.jpg (152.33 KB, 510x600, 47909feb8ed0cdbf51d21797ac….jpg)


File: 1504346435126.jpg (130.73 KB, 556x600, 86811d9302b0275d17eb6ce49d….jpg)


File: 1504346449565.jpg (162.72 KB, 800x578, 529521fcf1022aec2aee0dffb9….jpg)


File: 1504346508079.jpg (54.33 KB, 546x750, 1204443666756.jpg)


File: 1504346524741.jpg (57.45 KB, 539x750, 1204443785893.jpg)


File: 1504346542822.jpg (169.77 KB, 800x597, a4b0515c582912d429a8c405a5….jpg)


File: 1504346558104.jpg (111.75 KB, 800x332, a7bf9b2f640a6cd06fb748f7c7….jpg)


File: 1504346587125.jpg (196.27 KB, 625x600, ad10502bf36d28ecc15b0463ce….jpg)


File: 1504346602786.jpg (138.75 KB, 800x533, c2b0b7f8445bbc47aff993abd8….jpg)


File: 1504346621399.jpg (215.41 KB, 800x564, c8a8aee67b81bad03917fadb5a….jpg)


File: 1504346636331.jpg (150.7 KB, 800x587, cb1b90e743a8eaaef0516e2cd7….jpg)


File: 1504346651320.jpg (113.99 KB, 480x600, d5b0b685dce093b59781a67a6b….jpg)


File: 1504346667299.jpg (167.35 KB, 800x588, d8a2ce7b2d8808a88bbedd9043….jpg)


File: 1504346681824.jpg (95.35 KB, 800x387, d492c27e63ae9b91578720f418….jpg)


File: 1504346695661.jpg (166.19 KB, 800x590, dac63f6e3518109ec2d54bce12….jpg)


File: 1504346714347.jpg (157.73 KB, 800x568, e5c5a9572c880cddb7857047f4….jpg)


File: 1504346729132.jpg (174.29 KB, 800x591, e702808ba69d7ea80a25b12bb4….jpg)


File: 1504346753169.jpg (95.24 KB, 438x600, edbec8973ca7c12746850abae7….jpg)


File: 1504346769513.jpg (125.25 KB, 615x600, ee8f29d2eb8a2244f725acc839….jpg)


File: 1504346784753.jpg (308.84 KB, 640x381, ef874462c6435b196361619c8d….jpg)


File: 1504346847407.jpg (333.57 KB, 948x768, f9af7a22101cea52ed6e0f9008….jpg)

Thats all by Mcquade what i have.


File: 1504347622954.jpg (26.33 KB, 329x421, s5.jpg)

Who know this artist?
I don´t know where i found this pack of drawings anymore.
I put it here in this thread anyway.


File: 1504347642481.jpg (36.37 KB, 519x349, s6.jpg)


File: 1504347665103.jpg (70.31 KB, 714x493, s7.jpg)


File: 1504347685749.jpg (42.68 KB, 401x534, s010c.jpg)


File: 1504347705103.jpg (45.89 KB, 452x550, s011c.jpg)


File: 1504347723101.jpg (23.92 KB, 354x370, s012c.jpg)


File: 1504347740103.jpg (25.86 KB, 354x385, s013c.jpg)


File: 1504347755717.jpg (55.72 KB, 576x509, s015c.jpg)


File: 1504347777950.jpg (70.44 KB, 514x673, s016c.jpg)


File: 1504347797785.jpg (24.63 KB, 368x244, sketch01.jpg)


File: 1504347821180.jpg (40.67 KB, 653x401, sketch-002c.jpg)


File: 1504347848559.jpg (25.28 KB, 545x442, sketch-003.jpg)


File: 1504347865125.jpg (57.68 KB, 622x478, sketch-004c.jpg)


File: 1504347890725.jpg (48.33 KB, 411x606, sketch017c.jpg)


File: 1504347913069.jpg (74.56 KB, 668x612, sketch019c.jpg)


File: 1504347934669.jpg (46.89 KB, 457x586, sketch020c.jpg)


File: 1504347952395.jpg (47.01 KB, 452x509, sketch021c.jpg)


File: 1504347969671.jpg (71.88 KB, 504x714, sketch022c.jpg)


File: 1504347990115.jpg (79.95 KB, 604x694, sketch023c.jpg)


File: 1504348010587.jpg (75.47 KB, 511x740, sketch024c.jpg)


File: 1504348031444.jpg (80.2 KB, 596x668, sketch025c.jpg)


File: 1504348047595.jpg (54.79 KB, 596x483, sketch026c.jpg)


File: 1504348065429.jpg (78.84 KB, 534x781, sketch027c.jpg)


File: 1504348083166.jpg (110.27 KB, 581x781, sketch028c.jpg)


File: 1504348109681.jpg (75.79 KB, 606x632, sketch029c.jpg)


File: 1504348130262.jpg (104.56 KB, 838x606, sketch030c.jpg)


File: 1504348222265.jpg (62.17 KB, 534x642, sketck018c.jpg)

The last picture what i have by this unknown artist.
I love such gory pics. :-)


Pls keep posting stuff :3


File: 1504423588028.jpg (108.57 KB, 612x793, denBorneo.jpg)

Here is another set by Rawng. Enjoy.


File: 1504423609466.jpg (51.75 KB, 456x864, janeisaswinger.jpg)


File: 1504423646095.jpg (53.32 KB, 507x655, rawngartLbyt3.jpg)


File: 1504423676875.jpg (61.71 KB, 605x782, rawngartsollpolesit.jpg)


File: 1504423692638.jpg (57.62 KB, 715x605, rawngchopt.jpg)


File: 1504423713250.jpg (95.05 KB, 720x538, used02.jpg)


File: 1504423729779.jpg (79.56 KB, 720x568, used03.jpg)


File: 1504423767610.jpg (68.73 KB, 792x613, rawnggnadebutskewrd02.jpg)


File: 1504423787871.jpg (109.16 KB, 596x752, rawnggnasnu1.jpg)


File: 1504423803682.jpg (87.15 KB, 527x543, rawnggnastb01.jpg)


File: 1504423839552.jpg (79.59 KB, 806x586, rawngrawngart_chnswCsction.jpg)


File: 1504423860217.jpg (59.41 KB, 605x467, rawngsawdconveyerdolls.jpg)


File: 1504423881289.jpg (54.9 KB, 765x655, rawngsollbwusedspi.jpg)


File: 1504423904905.jpg (83.56 KB, 766x605, rawngspiskwrdscrmr.jpg)


File: 1504424150381.jpg (32.46 KB, 282x573, 1252016405175.jpg)


File: 1504424167930.jpg (40.96 KB, 361x606, 1244060705118.jpg)


File: 1504424289923.jpg (219.34 KB, 800x621, 132618550929.jpg)


File: 1504424389931.jpg (328.88 KB, 856x1100, 1419245361090.jpg)


File: 1504424584098.jpg (178.76 KB, 1200x932, 1434705144682.jpg)


File: 1504424598526.jpg (115.98 KB, 1213x831, 1434705608387.jpg)


File: 1504424826552.gif (2.95 MB, 440x500, 1434912217204.gif)

The last image is a gif.


File: 1504425992990.jpg (99.21 KB, 752x415, denbox.jpg)

This is really the last pic i found.


File: 1504426065497.jpg (39.16 KB, 368x500, 158490_644965_m.jpg)

Now the art by McW. Mostly black and white drawings.


File: 1504426076335.jpg (44.67 KB, 253x500, 158490_644966_m.jpg)


File: 1504426084005.jpg (23.15 KB, 379x500, 158490_644977_m.jpg)


File: 1504426094430.jpg (35.87 KB, 500x360, 158490_644984_m.jpg)


File: 1504426107290.jpg (42.24 KB, 385x500, 158490_644990_m.jpg)


File: 1504426119121.jpg (40.63 KB, 337x500, 158490_644992_m.jpg)


File: 1504426129590.jpg (24.99 KB, 270x500, 158490_644993_m.jpg)


File: 1504426141778.jpg (38.39 KB, 351x500, 158490_644994_m.jpg)


File: 1504426153240.jpg (35.31 KB, 500x371, 158490_645010_m.jpg)


File: 1504426163979.jpg (27.08 KB, 325x500, 158490_645021_m.jpg)


File: 1504426175543.jpg (48.64 KB, 500x387, 158490_645022_m.jpg)


File: 1504426189638.jpg (30.03 KB, 375x500, 158490_645023_m.jpg)


File: 1504426203605.jpg (35 KB, 331x500, 158490_645031_m.jpg)


File: 1504426216242.jpg (37.77 KB, 377x500, 158490_645032_m.jpg)


File: 1504426234871.jpg (59.32 KB, 406x500, 158490_645034_m.jpg)


File: 1504426253682.jpg (54.71 KB, 580x750, 158490_645040_l.jpg)


File: 1504426266880.jpg (96.78 KB, 658x1024, 158490_645043_l.jpg)


File: 1504426284410.jpg (297.26 KB, 1391x1800, 136552799875.jpg)


File: 1504426299200.jpg (180.84 KB, 1326x981, 1180395756606.jpg)


File: 1504426311949.jpg (52.89 KB, 465x600, dissasemblyrequired.jpg)


File: 1504427747493.jpg (36.84 KB, 600x540, thoroughcavitysearch.jpg)


File: 1504427768595.jpg (43.29 KB, 489x750, target.jpg)


File: 1504427793369.jpg (45.63 KB, 600x440, Guts.jpg)


File: 1504427808787.jpg (55.4 KB, 600x467, visitingthepark.jpg)


File: 1504427846804.jpg (70.58 KB, 750x571, impulseparkclassified1.jpg)

The last picture is the coloured one.


File: 1504427974179.jpg (42.8 KB, 395x900, doe.jpg)

Found another pic from McW.


File: 1504428131385.jpg (29.85 KB, 431x600, stagetrick.jpg)

Could be the last pic by McW in my collection.


File: 1504429925412.jpg (139.02 KB, 637x867, din1_real.jpg)

Kinjite is one more contributor of the dunsuls website gallery you can find.


File: 1504429937886.jpg (119.97 KB, 637x867, din2_real.jpg)


File: 1504429951120.jpg (101.86 KB, 637x867, din3_real.jpg)


File: 1504429963749.jpg (88.22 KB, 873x634, din4_real.jpg)


File: 1504429975780.jpg (81.85 KB, 873x634, din5_real.jpg)


File: 1504429989205.jpg (98.85 KB, 637x867, drethguard1.jpg)


File: 1504430000108.jpg (106.15 KB, 637x867, drethguard2.jpg)


File: 1504430011389.jpg (129.02 KB, 637x867, drethguard3.jpg)


File: 1504430025942.jpg (54.82 KB, 867x637, drethguard4.jpg)


File: 1504430039097.jpg (119.13 KB, 637x867, drethguard5.jpg)


File: 1504430050390.jpg (104.69 KB, 637x867, drethguard6.jpg)


File: 1504430065710.jpg (116.83 KB, 637x867, drethpandora1.jpg)


File: 1504430076629.jpg (130.92 KB, 867x637, drethpandora2.jpg)


File: 1504430087372.jpg (111.42 KB, 637x867, drethpandora3.jpg)


File: 1504430100247.jpg (122.33 KB, 867x637, drethpandora4.jpg)


File: 1504430116210.jpg (144.08 KB, 867x737, hags1.jpg)


File: 1504430138907.jpg (152.95 KB, 637x867, hags2.jpg)


File: 1504430150740.jpg (114.98 KB, 637x867, hags3.jpg)


File: 1504430237868.jpg (85.45 KB, 637x867, hags4.jpg)

The last picture i have. I didn´t have all the pictures saved form the dunsuls page if anyone has more of it could post it here. Would be nice.


File: 1504441461347.jpg (59.05 KB, 600x577, O1.jpg)

I post now about an unknown artist who a killer murdered a naked girl.


File: 1504441488137.jpg (32.34 KB, 600x443, O6.jpg)


File: 1504441504537.jpg (52.3 KB, 535x548, O7.jpg)


File: 1504441518823.jpg (31.48 KB, 480x419, O8.jpg)


File: 1504441542834.jpg (53.02 KB, 600x532, O9.jpg)


File: 1504441557603.jpg (29.42 KB, 385x600, O10.jpg)


File: 1504441582472.jpg (43.41 KB, 416x600, O11.jpg)


File: 1504441599659.jpg (49.69 KB, 393x600, O12.jpg)


File: 1504441648381.jpg (39.43 KB, 600x456, O13.jpg)

The last picture.


Do you, by chance, have any pictures by Truendy?


File: 1504448635833.jpg (92.1 KB, 519x863, cc001.jpg)

I can post a bunch of pics from Truendy.
Here is a story Crim cafe.


File: 1504448660216.jpg (76.33 KB, 519x822, cc011.jpg)


File: 1504448715526.jpg (92.88 KB, 611x882, cc012.jpg)

I didnt have all the pics from this story.


File: 1504448732183.jpg (87.98 KB, 519x843, cc013.jpg)


File: 1504448741686.jpg (83.12 KB, 506x824, cc014.jpg)


File: 1504448752137.jpg (78.61 KB, 741x855, cc015.jpg)


File: 1504448762706.jpg (104.51 KB, 640x944, cc016.jpg)


File: 1504448774199.jpg (101.92 KB, 520x922, cc017.jpg)


File: 1504448788510.jpg (83.8 KB, 507x847, cc021.jpg)


File: 1504448801381.jpg (104.78 KB, 519x884, cc022.jpg)


File: 1504448829194.jpg (78.44 KB, 499x936, cc023.jpg)


File: 1504448841807.jpg (105.54 KB, 523x906, cc024.jpg)


File: 1504448854903.jpg (88.01 KB, 568x932, cc030.jpg)


File: 1504448867306.jpg (72.98 KB, 511x858, cc032.jpg)


File: 1504448877518.jpg (79.37 KB, 502x847, cc033.jpg)


File: 1504448911831.jpg (84.6 KB, 559x861, cc034.jpg)

The last picture of Crim cafe.


File: 1504449001381.jpg (106.71 KB, 519x899, cc031.jpg)

Found pic 31 in another folder.


If I'm not mistaken, Truendy had quite a few standalone pics too. Do you have them?


File: 1504449165022.jpg (82.31 KB, 567x720, X00.jpg)

Next story of Truendy.


File: 1504449200467.jpg (96.66 KB, 686x812, X01.jpg)


File: 1504449214705.jpg (106.78 KB, 990x789, X03.jpg)


File: 1504449232392.jpg (123.7 KB, 860x902, X04.jpg)


File: 1504449243597.jpg (93.68 KB, 609x904, X05.jpg)


File: 1504449254702.jpg (118.09 KB, 944x898, X06.jpg)


File: 1504449265411.jpg (69.59 KB, 699x705, X07.jpg)


File: 1504449276648.jpg (108.17 KB, 647x848, X09.jpg)


File: 1504449288439.jpg (79.23 KB, 665x856, X10.jpg)


File: 1504449300130.jpg (100.3 KB, 711x913, X11.jpg)


File: 1504449311742.jpg (98.33 KB, 749x886, X12.jpg)


File: 1504449322884.jpg (103.25 KB, 736x782, X13.jpg)


File: 1504449334732.jpg (119.53 KB, 775x920, X14.jpg)


File: 1504449348653.jpg (174.8 KB, 586x761, X15.jpg)


File: 1504449403983.jpg (80.72 KB, 768x1122, 1900_00_01.jpg)

Only five 5 pics.


File: 1504449415661.jpg (128.84 KB, 1203x1630, 1900_00_02.jpg)


File: 1504449428431.jpg (104.82 KB, 711x1074, 1900_00_03.jpg)


File: 1504449438859.jpg (143.29 KB, 1411x1057, 1900_00_04.jpg)


File: 1504449461017.jpg (108.63 KB, 550x848, 1900_00_07.jpg)

The last of the stand alone pics.


Damn, I'm sure there was more. I used to have them.
Oh well. Keep posting all you've got whenever you have time :)


File: 1504450061343.jpg (47.01 KB, 613x417, aft000.jpg)

I know it was more of Truendy but i saved only a few of them.
Here is the last set of Truendy on my PC.


File: 1504450075520.jpg (81.44 KB, 794x584, afg01.jpg)


File: 1504450085828.jpg (71.71 KB, 799x590, afg02.jpg)


File: 1504450096766.jpg (53.68 KB, 794x584, afg03.jpg)


File: 1504450107063.jpg (52.87 KB, 794x584, afg04.jpg)


File: 1504450117447.jpg (51.19 KB, 794x584, afg05.jpg)


File: 1504450135637.jpg (52.22 KB, 794x584, afg06.jpg)


File: 1504450146483.jpg (56.92 KB, 794x584, afg07.jpg)


File: 1504450164907.jpg (64.58 KB, 805x584, afg08.jpg)


File: 1504450180377.jpg (75.5 KB, 794x584, afg09.jpg)


File: 1504450191892.jpg (74.89 KB, 811x584, afg10.jpg)


File: 1504450211434.jpg (60.26 KB, 794x588, afg11.jpg)

The end of it.


Oh, fuck yeah! Dunsul's! Glad to see I'm not the only one who remembers it, lol.

I've got a small archive somewhere, myself - mostly the fumetti scans and James McQuade comics, plus some art from Truendy, MCW, and Tyrone. (not ripped from the website; Dunsul reupped that content to some Yahoo Groups page years ago) If you want any posted, let me know.

Also, do you guys happen to have anything by the artist Zendaddy? (I think that was his name, might be mistaken) They were deathtrap peril pictures (girl electrocuted, girl fed to sharks, etc), with "short story" captions and very high quality drawings. The guy was brilliant, but IIRC he was also pretty reclusive, and he nuked both his personal website, and his entire gallery on Dunsul's, well before Dunsul's went offline.


Could be the yahoo group was it mostly the stuff there from dunsuls. You know a few things i didn´t know. Zendaddy´s stuff is really rare to find. McW´s stuff i posted it today. You can post stuff from Tyrone and Zendaddy would like to see it.


File: 1504451620381.jpg (58.05 KB, 488x670, asfxtoon.jpg)

No, no Zendaddy from me. He's the Holy Grail of my Guro searching, lol; haven't seen a single piece in years, but I still have vivid memories of his page, which next to the Fumetti scans was my favorite entry on Dunsul.

I don't remember which yahoo group it was exactly, but it wasn't Dunsul's exclusively - he showed up there out of the blue, a few fans recognized him, and he uploaded a very small, very incomplete archive of stuff he'd saved himself. Then he disappeared and the group got shut down. :/

Anyway, here's a few of the Tyrone pics. Most of his work is monster-on-girl stuff rather than snuff so I won't post that here, but I could maybe .rar the rest of the gallery and upload it somewhere?


File: 1504451646333.jpg (41.47 KB, 616x488, Bound .jpg)


File: 1504451676215.jpg (34.85 KB, 488x670, bound for pleasure.jpg)


File: 1504451721044.jpg (48.45 KB, 488x710, hanged.jpg.jpg)

^Lineart version


File: 1504451765530.jpg (51 KB, 670x488, catfight09.jpg.jpg)


File: 1504451787303.jpg (42.14 KB, 488x670, cndltoon .jpg)


File: 1504451809270.jpg (36.98 KB, 488x670, cum .jpg)


Yes please.


File: 1504451832364.jpg (45.16 KB, 488x872, dance .jpg)


File: 1504451862432.jpg (52.9 KB, 488x670, strangle.jpg)


File: 1504451938626.jpg (50.96 KB, 488x685, table.jpg.jpg)


File: 1504452130832.jpg (45.88 KB, 488x670, xenomorph.jpg)

... and that's it for the "snuff-y" art from Tyrone (man sure did like his hangings). Here's one of his monster art pics, for reference.


And the rar:

Not much, only 33 pics, but it's something.


Also the Truendy one, since the zip is handy and I noticed people asking about him while skimming the thread:

The is the exact archive, as uploaded by Dunsul himself to whatever group that was: not too large and probably stuff already posted in this thread, but feel free to sift around in there and see what you can find.


Thanks a lot. There are a few pics that aren't in this thread, but, unfortunately, some pics are missing as well. I distinctly remember finding an archive that had a couple more pics than this one.
Nevertheless, thank you.


File: 1504454137764.png (855.68 KB, 750x1092, Fuocosample.png)

And finally, speaking of Dunsul's: it's really bizarre timing that this thread got made, because for the last week or so I've been on a nostalgia kick, scouring French and italian websites for details on the vintage Fumetti scans Dunsul had uploaded.

Primarily, I've been trying to track down the sauce of my favorite series, which Dunsul had labeled "Fuoco". After much sleuthing and deductive reasoning, I'm like 92% certain that the original source was a comic named "Storie Blu Special 35", by Carmello Gozzo and Lorenzo Lepori. Unfortunately, while I have collected something like 300 full fumetti archives by this point, Storie Blu Special 35 continues to elude me. If anyone can find it, please post a link!


File: 1504951610960.jpg (91.14 KB, 900x647, plant1.jpg)

About Fumetti on the dunsuls Nightmare page. I have mostly all pics from the first gallery.
You can check it with the pics i upload with the original name of the file.

The first one with the description of dunsuls.

Plant Fumetti Art
Is Italian and found in ADULT comix from Europe. "Fencer" tells me it's Italian for "smokers" which is what they used to call porn in the earlier part of this century. Don't ask me why. There's a lot of it on the net so I won't post tooo much:) This 5 pix set is a plant doing the nasty to a real bitch who gets what she deserves. Enjoy.


File: 1504951635820.jpg (89.69 KB, 900x661, plant2.jpg)


File: 1504951650320.jpg (84.2 KB, 900x622, plant3.jpg)


File: 1504951666121.jpg (86.64 KB, 900x632, plant4.jpg)


File: 1504951681632.jpg (86.74 KB, 900x630, plant5.jpg)


File: 1504951824873.jpg (164.41 KB, 616x899, obscur01.jpg)

The next set.
D. of Dunsuls.
Nazi Ghost Sadistic Torture Butchering of a Bound Nylon Clad Woman-That is MY name for this wonderful 20 pix Fumetti set for those who are afraid of things that go bump in the night!!!


File: 1504951845193.jpg (98.24 KB, 800x422, obscur02.jpg)


File: 1504951862377.jpg (135.84 KB, 781x600, obscur03.jpg)


File: 1504951891192.jpg (134.42 KB, 800x491, obscur04.jpg)


File: 1504951909597.jpg (126.22 KB, 705x600, obscur05.jpg)


File: 1504951935802.jpg (147.35 KB, 800x537, obscur06.jpg)


File: 1504951951589.jpg (142.62 KB, 736x600, obscur07.jpg)


File: 1504951966198.jpg (131.66 KB, 637x600, obscur08.jpg)


File: 1504951992642.jpg (152.54 KB, 800x600, obscur09.jpg)


File: 1504952009383.jpg (130.67 KB, 800x527, obscur10.jpg)


File: 1504952029031.jpg (192.68 KB, 611x901, obscur11.jpg)


File: 1504952045235.jpg (84.94 KB, 418x600, obscur13.jpg)


File: 1504952060462.jpg (116.9 KB, 543x600, obscur14.jpg)


File: 1504952074941.jpg (143.19 KB, 664x600, obscur15.jpg)


File: 1504952091184.jpg (91.18 KB, 530x600, obscur16.jpg)


File: 1504952110633.jpg (66.41 KB, 431x600, obscur17.jpg)


File: 1504952188478.jpg (155.37 KB, 703x491, st1.jpg)

Next set.
D. of Dunsuls:
-Mike's Contribution from a very old comicThis really strange 9 pix set show a "creature"torture and partialy eat a woman with a seemingly reluctant female assistant.Really weird,but cool.Thanks Mike :)


File: 1504952213030.jpg (154.02 KB, 703x491, st2.jpg)


File: 1504952227182.jpg (157.76 KB, 703x491, st3.jpg)


File: 1504952241364.jpg (160.7 KB, 703x491, st4.jpg)


File: 1504952255967.jpg (141.57 KB, 703x491, st5.jpg)


File: 1504952270573.jpg (139.04 KB, 703x491, st6.jpg)


File: 1504952283711.jpg (138.22 KB, 703x491, st7.jpg)


File: 1504952298121.jpg (133.3 KB, 703x491, st8.jpg)


File: 1504952314002.jpg (140.09 KB, 703x491, st9.jpg)


File: 1504952417190.jpg (71.77 KB, 750x527, forze1.jpg)

Next set.
D. of Dunsuls:
-Little creatures rape and stab-Neceros sent this 8 pix set noting it was from the same comix as the Nazi Ghost layout above.Truly sick and wickedly wonderful.Thanks again Neceros!!!


File: 1504952439403.jpg (70.52 KB, 750x530, forze2.jpg)


File: 1504952454662.jpg (70.72 KB, 750x564, forze3.jpg)


File: 1504952467918.jpg (72.22 KB, 750x555, forze4.jpg)


File: 1504952484618.jpg (67.71 KB, 750x504, forze6.jpg)


File: 1504952501894.jpg (70.57 KB, 750x564, forze7.jpg)


File: 1504952525873.jpg (66.92 KB, 750x548, forze8.jpg)


File: 1504952827439.jpg (59.81 KB, 750x539, forzea.jpg)

The las set of pics was only 7 pictures not 8 he made a mistake. On the dunsuls site was missing the one picture.
Nevermind the next set.
D. of Dunsuls:
-Oral Operation Turns Fatal-My name for a 7 pix set again contributed by Neceros depicting a most fatal oral exam(sic)applied by 2 most unprofession Doctors.Thanks again Neceros


File: 1504952840612.jpg (71.54 KB, 750x585, forzeb.jpg)


File: 1504952876727.jpg (66.1 KB, 750x509, forzed.jpg)


File: 1504952924510.jpg (67.44 KB, 750x574, forzef.jpg)


File: 1504952941406.jpg (75.25 KB, 750x533, forzeg.jpg)


File: 1504952954954.jpg (69.57 KB, 750x547, forzeh.jpg)


File: 1504952973285.jpg (65.7 KB, 750x534, forzei.jpg)


File: 1504953056594.jpg (54.59 KB, 750x519, can1.jpg)

Next set.
D. of Dunsuls:
Shot and THEN FuckedIn this 5 pix set as Neceros explained to me,The girl wouldn't fuck this guy,so,he shot her dead and THEN fuched her.Is there no justice?


File: 1504953075664.jpg (49.65 KB, 750x508, can2.jpg)


File: 1504953089184.jpg (49.33 KB, 750x489, can3.jpg)


File: 1504953102312.jpg (47.28 KB, 750x502, can4.jpg)


File: 1504953116577.jpg (42.03 KB, 580x750, can5.jpg)


File: 1504953219669.jpg (68.28 KB, 750x508, az1.jpg)

Next 3 pics.
D. of Dunsuls:
Aztec Sarcophagus
I'll let neceros describe this 3 pix set for you :)"There were a few color fumetti. This one is the color Oltretomba (there was a non color version too). Not all had any interesting violence but this one is quite unique... and show the variety of fumetti erotic horror. Lady archeologist finds an Aztec sarcophagus with a huge phallus. She decides to use it as a dildo... not knowing there is a spring loaded stiletto inside! Opps!"


File: 1504953235014.jpg (53.85 KB, 750x492, az2.jpg)


File: 1504953249739.jpg (54.21 KB, 508x750, az3.jpg)


File: 1504953391098.jpg (62.44 KB, 750x574, des1.jpg)

More of fumetti comics.
D. of Dunsuls:
Swinging from a Chandellar
,sort of A 6 pix set with a commentary from Neceros.:)"A different artist this time... the theme of this fumetti seemed also to have something to do with aliens. In fact there was theme that ran through a lot of these adult Italian horror stories about aliens working way off in the back ground (usually from orbit) manipulating the lives of earthinlings usually by manufacturing scenes of erotic horror. There must be dozens of stories where seemingly fantasy things are going on ... but really there is a science fiction 'hand that rocks the cradle' in the background... really weird stuff! Still the result is strong erotic violence imagery..."


File: 1504953417446.jpg (68.35 KB, 750x568, des2.jpg)


File: 1504953430560.jpg (71.03 KB, 750x559, des3.jpg)


File: 1504953443815.jpg (68.65 KB, 750x545, des4.jpg)


File: 1504953470548.jpg (65.86 KB, 750x549, des5.jpg)


File: 1504953485763.jpg (66.67 KB, 717x523, des6.jpg)


File: 1504953598353.jpg (49.17 KB, 750x527, orr1.jpg)

Quote by Dunsuls:
Creature has some fun
In this 8 pix set also subbmitted by Neceros,a creature rapes and then burns to death a woman.I believe it is the same artist as the "Nazi Ghost"posted above on this page.there is something about the way this artist portrays facial expression on his woman victims.I just LOVE it!!!


File: 1504953621523.jpg (52.26 KB, 750x532, orr2.jpg)


File: 1504953637022.jpg (47.51 KB, 750x514, orr3.jpg)


File: 1504953654493.jpg (50.46 KB, 750x503, orr4.jpg)


File: 1504953670137.jpg (51.7 KB, 750x525, orr5.jpg)


File: 1504953685177.jpg (52.21 KB, 750x535, orr6.jpg)


File: 1504953697934.jpg (123.61 KB, 800x566, orr7.jpg)


File: 1504953720010.jpg (54.63 KB, 750x534, orr8.jpg)


File: 1504953824374.jpg (63.59 KB, 750x553, bear1.jpg)

Only 2 pics.
Quote by Dunsuls:
As Neceros discribes this story"Two parallel stories. The mate of bear at the zoo dies, the distraught male bear escapes. Meanwhile a beautiful brunette is tired of her bear skin coat so she goes to the fur store and steals another bear skin fact that is all she is wearing. In the end their paths cross with fatal results for the lady!"


File: 1504953837762.jpg (58.33 KB, 515x750, bear2.jpg)


File: 1504953960023.jpg (57.16 KB, 750x498, bus1.jpg)

Next 6 pictures.
Quote by Dunsuls:
A six pix layout of a zombie like attack on a bus accidents surviors.They would have been better of dying in the crash!!(smile)


File: 1504953974813.jpg (62.77 KB, 750x532, bus2.jpg)


File: 1504953986961.jpg (58.54 KB, 750x540, bus3.jpg)


File: 1504954007313.jpg (61.2 KB, 750x529, bus4.jpg)


File: 1504954021018.jpg (63.47 KB, 750x537, bus5.jpg)


File: 1504954035119.jpg (60.93 KB, 750x517, bus6.jpg)


File: 1504954200925.jpg (60.67 KB, 750x545, jack1.jpg)

The next i have the whole comic of it but i post only was Dunsuls posted on his page.
Quote by Dunsuls:
As Neceros discribes it"Here is a bizarre story. This graphic novel is done by another good artist , there were some really good ones now and them. About this woman writer who is writing about Jack The Ripper. She is apparently turned on sexually by Jack's crime spree. Some how she goes back in time to the late 19th century. She goes to the site of one of the crimes and finds that Jack is about to whimp out! So she kills the female victim. So the story goes on with her taking Jack the Ripper's place. But wait she is mistaken, there really is a Jack the Ripper and as he watches her latest crime he is getting pissed off. So he finds her and kills her off Jack the Ripper style! Crazy story!"


File: 1504954215890.jpg (59.95 KB, 750x510, jack2.jpg)


File: 1504954231159.jpg (51.45 KB, 508x750, jack3.jpg)


File: 1504954244382.jpg (54.98 KB, 541x750, jack4.jpg)


File: 1504954258762.jpg (58.98 KB, 750x513, jack5.jpg)


File: 1504954277824.jpg (55.04 KB, 750x513, jack6.jpg)


File: 1504954323579.jpg (59.34 KB, 485x750, jack7.jpg)

Debreasted and gutted what an end for the bitch.


File: 1505035567411.jpg (48.55 KB, 750x564, plat1.jpg)

I continue with more of Dunsuls fumetti Gallery one.
Description by Dunsuls:
As Neceros discribes it "Now here is a wild one. This guy and his wife were circus trapeze artists. They used to have athletic sex. In a train wreck the guys wife is killed and he looses his legs. So he goes to live in the woods as a hermit on a platform. Time to time he captures a woman and ties her up , usually in a kind of hog tie. Kills her and then manipulates her body like he did his ex wife till he explodes in his climax! Weird!"


File: 1505035588947.jpg (47.87 KB, 750x548, plat2.jpg)


File: 1505035604286.jpg (44.33 KB, 750x549, plat3.jpg)


File: 1505035621714.jpg (44.7 KB, 750x525, plat4.jpg)


File: 1505035636788.jpg (43.56 KB, 750x515, plat5.jpg)


File: 1505035652873.jpg (45.52 KB, 750x544, plat6.jpg)


File: 1505035670418.jpg (36.06 KB, 484x750, plat7.jpg)


File: 1505035795115.jpg (52.77 KB, 750x520, dork1.jpg)

Next pics are avaible on the archives Dunsuls page.
D. by Dunsuls:
The 4 pixs story of a guy who was to big for her !!!Thanks Neceros.


File: 1505035815239.jpg (53.51 KB, 750x540, dork2.jpg)


File: 1505035829930.jpg (48.12 KB, 750x519, dork3.jpg)


File: 1505035844335.jpg (60.33 KB, 750x538, dork4.jpg)


File: 1505035942552.jpg (59.24 KB, 750x510, mis01.jpg)

Next comic.
D. by Dunsuls:
This Reporter Becomes THE STORY
As Neceros puts it in these 11 pixs:
"Ok here is an example of horror fumetti 1990-1995. The Italian guys really let their hair down! What is this ? An echo of the Roman Coliseum? Recall that before 50,000 or so cheering crowds not only where there Gladiatorial combat but wild brutal erotic tableaus enacted. Real live women criminals and Christians alike killed off in erotic and brutal ways, for hundereds of years! Man! Those Romans! Anyway I think its clear that is going on in the first sequence. Then our hero the lady reporter investigates. What the hell. She runs into to some unsavory types who gang rape her and kill her. What nice erotic nihilism! An example of how wild horror Fumetti was becoming between 1990 and 1995!"


File: 1505035965089.jpg (55.5 KB, 750x466, mis02.jpg)


File: 1505035981536.jpg (62.52 KB, 750x558, mis03.jpg)


File: 1505035998407.jpg (49.55 KB, 750x521, mis04.jpg)


File: 1505036016213.jpg (25.54 KB, 351x500, mis05.jpg)


File: 1505036031614.jpg (60.75 KB, 750x510, mis06.jpg)


File: 1505036051434.jpg (61.38 KB, 750x519, mis07.jpg)


File: 1505036066564.jpg (61.9 KB, 750x521, mis08.jpg)


File: 1505036081021.jpg (66.43 KB, 750x519, mis09.jpg)


File: 1505036098278.jpg (66.53 KB, 750x528, mis10.jpg)


File: 1505036115235.jpg (60.13 KB, 750x497, mis11.jpg)


File: 1505036256369.jpg (104.74 KB, 392x1023, sp1.jpg)

Next 3 pics.
D. by Dunsuls:
Feeding time for a big old hairy spider in these 3 drawings first run through my list from Neceros.


File: 1505036272813.jpg (127.33 KB, 526x840, sp2.jpg)


File: 1505036286336.jpg (96.94 KB, 384x925, sp3.jpg)


File: 1505036424837.jpg (143.57 KB, 962x675, Janira2.jpg)

Next 3 pix.
D. by Dunsuls:
Neceros explains this three drawing set"Here is some interior Fumetti. As usual , a goofy story. Brother and sister at a boarding school, I think, are led astray by the evil witch head mistress. They take students down to the dungeon for some fun. In the end , like Hansel and Gretel , they kill of f the witch by way of some virgin blood (I think), (nice that the witches clothes seem to burn off her before she dies!) Of course , no retribution for the brother and sister, they just go on killing off more the girls! I just love how the Fumetti go against type! "


File: 1505036443761.jpg (73.98 KB, 750x491, Janira5.jpg)


File: 1505036459226.jpg (81.42 KB, 750x510, Janira6.jpg)


File: 1505036594804.jpg (52.25 KB, 750x550, alieno1.jpg)

Next comic pages.
D. by Dunsuls:
As Neceros explains this 3 drawing set"Ok, well, I have no explanation for this one. Line many of science fiction horror fumetti its got something to do with Aliens messing with human kind. Crazy thing is ... this is pretty good art... but 98 percent of the fumetti , which is 216 pages long is devoted to plain narrative , well some straight sex stuff, but this is about all in the erotic violence department. I can never understand what the Italians are up to! A few pages of strong stuff and then 200 pages of nothing! Is weird!"


File: 1505036612336.jpg (146.52 KB, 1394x982, alieno2.jpg)


File: 1505036627704.jpg (155.53 KB, 1419x1025, alieno3.jpg)


File: 1505037101848.jpg (93.27 KB, 713x506, sus1.jpg)

Next set. Is was not easy to find only the description of the story to search not the file names are archived anymore.
D. by Dunsuls:
Neck breaking fall
To Quote Neceros"Here is a part of a fumetti story with an unusual way to die. The Barbara Steel look alike has been having a BDSM affair with this guy , but also with her niece. Guy slugs her, hangs her up by her booted feet. ( I find this a sexy image!) Later the niece shows up, knocks out the guy, drops her aunt on her head , killing her. Dumps the bodies in a gravel pit. Hung upside down and dropped for a fatal neck breaking fall is sure a different way to erotic demise!After pushing the car with the corpses into the pit, a serial killer shows up, out of nowhere! Kills the niece, and throws her body into the pit. I , of course would have put more nudity into the scene, but the ending is typical Italian fumetti! Kill em all!


File: 1505037121846.jpg (101.17 KB, 713x544, sus2.jpg)


File: 1505037141601.jpg (97.49 KB, 713x506, sus3.jpg)


File: 1505037155184.jpg (94.01 KB, 713x506, sus4.jpg)


File: 1505037180823.jpg (91.98 KB, 713x504, sus5.jpg)


File: 1505037199710.jpg (100.79 KB, 713x495, sus6.jpg)


File: 1505037217232.jpg (96.81 KB, 472x713, sus7.jpg)


File: 1505037375647.jpg (75.48 KB, 750x579, q1.jpg)

Next comic.
D. by Dunsuls:
Quasimodo type!Per Neceros"
So here you have your usual Quasimodo type! Going about raping and killing. So , he finds this lovers-lane couple. The frames speak for themselves! So , well , the missing part here is that , some guy , who owns an insurance company happens on the scene ,you see , and captures this guy. There is a trial. But this Quasimodo-guy escapes later. Comes to the firm, kills four other people, tortures and rapes the daughter of the owner of the insurance firm. Then he pours gas over the daughter and owner and burns them to death. Looney story! But nothing odd for Italian fumetti!"


File: 1505037396567.jpg (199.08 KB, 1369x988, q2.jpg)


File: 1505037412485.jpg (71.74 KB, 750x560, q3.jpg)


File: 1505037428165.jpg (203.37 KB, 1488x1038, q4.jpg)


File: 1505037444555.jpg (67.83 KB, 750x523, q5.jpg)


File: 1505037457766.jpg (70.49 KB, 750x586, q6.jpg)


File: 1505037474569.jpg (66.46 KB, 750x548, q7.jpg)


File: 1505037488175.jpg (50.12 KB, 519x750, q8.jpg)


File: 1505037503805.jpg (56.27 KB, 510x750, q9.jpg)


File: 1505037623344.jpg (102.56 KB, 900x662, mal1.jpg)

Next comic.
D. by Dunsuls:
Per Neceros
"So here we have the case of this guy who has been acting a bit strange, so his wife commits him to an asylum. After some adventures a nice nurse offers to give him a blow job. So he rapes her and kills her. Getting back home he finds his wife in a lesbian relationship. So he kills them both. As you can see , he is cured!"


File: 1505037637609.jpg (98.13 KB, 900x600, mal2.jpg)


File: 1505037650277.jpg (93.2 KB, 900x660, mal3.jpg)


File: 1505037667868.jpg (88.26 KB, 900x641, mal4.jpg)


File: 1505037685903.jpg (109.31 KB, 900x635, mal5.jpg)


File: 1505037700024.jpg (93.83 KB, 900x617, mal6.jpg)


File: 1505037713105.jpg (96.86 KB, 900x613, mal7.jpg)


File: 1505037802695.jpg (71.37 KB, 600x476, h1.jpg)

More pics.
D. by Dunsuls:
The Hit
Per Neceros
"So this lady is out with some friends who are Mafioso guys (she is just an innocent bystander). Some other Mafia guys come by and take out her friends. What to do with her? Well have some fun first. She thinks she has relieved their tensions. But they have a different idea!"


File: 1505037828083.jpg (65.83 KB, 600x451, h2.jpg)


File: 1505037844778.jpg (57.73 KB, 600x439, h3.jpg)


File: 1505037858074.jpg (60.76 KB, 600x444, h4.jpg)


File: 1505037960859.jpg (78.32 KB, 562x750, cov1.jpg)

Now some fumetti covers.
D. by Dunsuls:
A porte Chiuse
Per Neceros
"The adult fumetti A porte Chiuse had some of the most sensational covers of all fumettie. Odd, tho, many of stories inside were quite tame. Some are hot! But not all. Don't know why. Anyway some of the 'hot' covers."


File: 1505037980881.jpg (93.25 KB, 556x750, cov2.jpg)


File: 1505037995284.jpg (95.58 KB, 563x750, cov3.jpg)


File: 1505038158914.jpg (53.26 KB, 539x750, fall.jpg)

More covers.
D. by Dunsuls:
Oltretomba covers
Eight covers to begin this display donated by Neceros in his own words
"One of the longest running adult horror fumetti was Oltretomba ... sorry , I don't know what it means. I don't even know when it started , or when it ended. All I now is it ran for a long time , maybe for than 25 years. There were black and white and color editions of this fumetti. I have seen shops in Italy that had shelves and shelves of this fumetti. Not always great, but , as usual, much variety and imagination as erotic horror."


File: 1505038189995.jpg (28.45 KB, 394x544, hands.jpg)


File: 1505038209851.jpg (34.52 KB, 535x750, hangedc.jpg)


File: 1505038233206.jpg (59.65 KB, 600x851, lurido.jpg)


File: 1505038254048.jpg (59.3 KB, 537x750, occulto.jpg)


File: 1505038271476.jpg (30.91 KB, 525x750, onstage.jpg)


File: 1505038289314.jpg (91.88 KB, 718x1000, rombo.jpg)


File: 1505038309846.jpg (57.86 KB, 538x750, sacco.jpg)


File: 1505038910403.jpg (65.14 KB, 491x750, specchio.jpg)

D. by Dunsuls:
Set 2 Some odds and ends from the magazine donated by Neceros


File: 1505038945615.jpg (71.8 KB, 517x750, kid1.jpg)


File: 1505038962979.jpg (69.93 KB, 498x750, kid2.jpg)


File: 1505038978213.jpg (68.92 KB, 517x750, kid3.jpg)


File: 1505039048313.jpg (65.09 KB, 513x750, o7.jpg)

D. by Dusnsuls:
Set of 13 Here are drawings from this Magazine


File: 1505039067654.jpg (70.92 KB, 486x750, o1.jpg)


File: 1505039088743.jpg (64.53 KB, 483x750, o3.jpg)


File: 1505039103376.jpg (50.97 KB, 638x488, o4.jpg)


File: 1505039117508.jpg (91.82 KB, 750x557, o5.jpg)


File: 1505039131025.jpg (55.08 KB, 651x457, o6.jpg)


File: 1505039144768.jpg (84.95 KB, 540x750, o8.jpg)


File: 1505039158382.jpg (85.82 KB, 750x550, o9.jpg)


File: 1505039171010.jpg (81.32 KB, 750x531, o10.jpg)


File: 1505039185187.jpg (73.66 KB, 750x546, o11.jpg)


File: 1505039208406.jpg (78.88 KB, 509x750, o12.jpg)


File: 1505039224048.jpg (88.38 KB, 750x574, o13.jpg)


File: 1505039353653.jpg (70.16 KB, 750x509, simon1.jpg)

More of this comic.
D. by Dunsuls:
Oltretomba set 3
Again donated from Neceros and as he says" This is interesting because the cover for this 'bed sheet' sized Oltretomba is quite wimpy. Now this interior could have been stronger, but this sequence is not too bad. I think the story speaks for itself. Strange, this fumetti goes on for another 100 pages and there is nothing else like this, those Italians are odd, go figure."


File: 1505039368358.jpg (70.88 KB, 750x513, simon2.jpg)


File: 1505039385972.jpg (67.33 KB, 750x517, simon3.jpg)


File: 1505039399064.jpg (64.09 KB, 750x508, simon4.jpg)


File: 1505039415082.jpg (161.58 KB, 885x597, simon5.jpg)


File: 1505039528155.jpg (68.04 KB, 750x514, walin1.jpg)

Another fumetti comic.
D. by Dunsuls:
4 drawings from a particular Fumetti Magazine "Wallestein"that is among Neceros favorite in the various named magazine genra.


File: 1505039541519.jpg (68.01 KB, 750x514, walin2.jpg)


File: 1505039555139.jpg (83.79 KB, 750x531, walin3.jpg)


File: 1505039571958.jpg (78.07 KB, 750x569, walin4.jpg)


File: 1505039768865.jpg (76.8 KB, 562x750, wal2.jpg)

Wallestein covers. Really good description of this comic series would like to read all this comics.
D. by Dunsuls
More Wallestein
In this group of 8 covers and a inside drawing,we add Neceros explanation of the magazine.
"Wallenstein was a kind of Jeckel - Hide - Frankenstein character who appeared in o, maybe, 300 or so issues of the Fumetti by that name. My shop friends in Milan tell me there were sometimes 2 issues a week ! (Once.) Seem's Wallestein was a kind of , sort of , Phantom of the Opera type of character. Whatever. Anyway, in these several hundred page fumetti there appeared a character not unlike Kriminal. He had a girl friend, his Dr. Frankenstein scientist collaborator, who was a woman! From there, he sort of was an avenging angle. Mostly killing off bad guys. Of course the thing of interest to us, is that many of the prime 'bad guys' were ladies, who died mostly in the nude or in various stages of undress. Sometimes (as in Kriminal) an innocent lady got in the way, so well , what the hell, she met an erotic death too! There must have been a 1000 women killed off in this fumetti. Not all the issues are so interesting, and I have only seen a fraction of the output. The art varied as different artists did the character."


File: 1505039795475.jpg (76.54 KB, 555x750, wal4.jpg)


File: 1505039809534.jpg (71.2 KB, 512x750, wal5.jpg)


File: 1505039823206.jpg (85.26 KB, 591x806, wallen1.jpg)


File: 1505039839164.jpg (107.56 KB, 735x997, wallstn1.jpg)


File: 1505039852877.jpg (111.73 KB, 738x998, wallstn2.jpg)


File: 1505039868191.jpg (110.13 KB, 755x1017, wallstn3.jpg)


File: 1505039883141.jpg (106.91 KB, 744x998, wallstn4.jpg)


File: 1505040137168.jpg (89.64 KB, 750x586, sb1.jpg)

Now Storie Blu.
D. by Dunsuls:
Storie Blu
As Neceros puts it in this 14 drawing post,
"This long running fumetti was one of the best. (Its short running sister publication 'Storie Viola' was more over the top!)... Anyway.... here we have the story of an extra terrestrial criminal , a lady no less, who (as best as I can tell) engineers the death of two of her colleagues on Earth. Nice sexy deaths for them too! (Sorry not scanned yet.) Well so, this kind of 'Terminator' - cop comes from her home planet to deal with her. When he catches up with her, he of course fucks her and then kills her! Alien fantasy mayhem. You got to love it!!!!


File: 1505040156067.jpg (84.03 KB, 750x595, sb2.jpg)


File: 1505040176830.jpg (83.44 KB, 750x555, sb3.jpg)


File: 1505040192919.jpg (77.26 KB, 750x558, sb4.jpg)


File: 1505040207393.jpg (74.12 KB, 750x567, sb5.jpg)


File: 1505040222318.jpg (66.12 KB, 750x522, sb6.jpg)


File: 1505040240495.jpg (70.6 KB, 750x519, sb7.jpg)


File: 1505040256335.jpg (72.48 KB, 750x525, sb8.jpg)


File: 1505040272210.jpg (63.57 KB, 505x750, sb9.jpg)


File: 1505040308334.jpg (79.08 KB, 524x750, sb10.jpg)


File: 1505040325261.jpg (62.83 KB, 541x750, sb11.jpg)


File: 1505040340816.jpg (104.2 KB, 687x917, sb12a.jpg)


File: 1505040358637.jpg (44.76 KB, 667x408, sb12b.jpg)


File: 1505040374796.jpg (52.36 KB, 507x750, sb13.jpg)


File: 1505040467015.jpg (32.41 KB, 388x534, force.jpg)

Storie Blu covers now.
D. by Dunsuls:
Storie Blu Covers
Four covers from the magazines


File: 1505040492064.jpg (33.27 KB, 388x519, hang.jpg)


File: 1505040508095.jpg (85.7 KB, 559x750, ricordo.jpg)


File: 1505040525510.jpg (35.46 KB, 406x537, roped.jpg)


File: 1505040896695.jpg (67.07 KB, 717x505, cos1.jpg)

A part of a story from Storie Blue. Only the 5 thumbnails are archived.
D. by Dusnsuls:
Storie blue 2
-Quote Neceros for this 7 drawing set
" Some more Storie Blu. Every now an then a Western setting turned up in Storie Blu. In this one some guy conspires with mistress to kill off some town lady (I am not sure why). Nicely elaborated murder with striptease, torture , shooting and then the body kind of abused. Seems tho the body has landed on a meteor that has the alien property of using the dead woman's last memories to exact revenge on the villains! This takes the form of an elaborate story that leads the villains into the hands of a wronged Indian tribe .. who , of course, torture and kill the guy and his mistress in a nasty manner. (I will scan this later.)"

I don´t know if he scanned this later i can´t find it on the site the rest.


File: 1505040916800.jpg (81.68 KB, 750x581, cos2.jpg)


File: 1505040935188.jpg (68.11 KB, 750x517, cos3.jpg)


File: 1505040954685.jpg (66.99 KB, 750x543, cos4.jpg)


File: 1505040969558.jpg (73.36 KB, 750x563, cos5.jpg)


File: 1505040989828.jpg (66.53 KB, 750x562, cos6.jpg)


File: 1505041004134.jpg (66.14 KB, 750x553, cos7.jpg)


File: 1505041263595.jpg (83.75 KB, 508x739, d133159.jpg)

Now medievil torture.
D. by Dunsuls:
Tortured_this is a six pix set contributed by Oscar.Portrays good old fashion hot irons and a saw!!!!First of many by Oscar I hope :)


File: 1505041321203.jpg (69.42 KB, 511x742, d133162.jpg)


File: 1505041365454.jpg (92.82 KB, 504x736, d194-064.jpg)


File: 1505041424960.jpg (83.39 KB, 506x736, d194-065.jpg)


File: 1505041445271.jpg (104.61 KB, 500x732, d194-066.jpg)


File: 1505041461208.jpg (78.29 KB, 503x737, d194-068.jpg)


File: 1505041504905.jpg (77.16 KB, 504x738, d194-069.jpg)


File: 1505041525496.jpg (80.72 KB, 502x738, d194-070.jpg)


File: 1505041549322.jpg (95.01 KB, 503x737, d194-071.jpg)


File: 1505041603256.jpg (147.07 KB, 504x740, d194-072.jpg)


File: 1505041619365.jpg (127.87 KB, 495x732, d194-085.jpg)


File: 1505041635452.jpg (134.79 KB, 502x730, d194-086.jpg)


File: 1505041733640.jpg (131.33 KB, 504x734, d194-087.jpg)


File: 1505041751617.jpg (106.69 KB, 502x736, d194-088.jpg)


File: 1505041796397.jpg (135.02 KB, 506x739, d194-089.jpg)


File: 1505041821545.jpg (110.38 KB, 500x734, d194-090.jpg)


File: 1505041848282.jpg (96.42 KB, 499x733, d194-093.jpg)


File: 1505041893825.jpg (99.28 KB, 502x733, d194-101.jpg)


File: 1505041909493.jpg (96.75 KB, 499x731, d194-109.jpg)


File: 1505041939734.jpg (91.06 KB, 505x730, d194-110.jpg)


File: 1505041958045.jpg (91.13 KB, 501x735, d194-112.jpg)


File: 1505041975069.jpg (89.03 KB, 503x735, d194-113.jpg)


File: 1505042017822.jpg (73.53 KB, 502x739, d194-114.jpg)


File: 1505042037561.jpg (69.37 KB, 503x733, d194-116.jpg)


File: 1505042054019.jpg (59.85 KB, 501x731, d194-118.jpg)


File: 1505042083652.jpg (65.41 KB, 501x727, d194-119.jpg)


File: 1505042129150.jpg (72.85 KB, 502x733, d194-121.jpg)


File: 1505042149386.jpg (66.98 KB, 499x733, d194-122.jpg)


File: 1505042181710.jpg (63.08 KB, 505x734, d194-125.jpg)


File: 1505042228583.jpg (137.43 KB, 503x736, d194-057.jpg)

I forgot this 5 pics.


File: 1505042246289.jpg (87.45 KB, 504x732, d194-060.jpg)


File: 1505042268234.jpg (101.25 KB, 506x740, d194-061.jpg)


File: 1505042288571.jpg (87.04 KB, 502x732, d194-062.jpg)


File: 1505042314060.jpg (92.05 KB, 498x734, d194-063.jpg)

The last one of this series.


File: 1505042413581.jpg (62.04 KB, 401x600, med02.jpg)

More torture.
D. by Dunsuls:
Tortured Part 3
8 more from Oscar in the same Midevil Motif':)


File: 1505042432563.jpg (77.59 KB, 413x600, med03.jpg)


File: 1505042445069.jpg (66.83 KB, 403x600, med08.jpg)


File: 1505042458492.jpg (76.05 KB, 414x600, med10.jpg)


File: 1505042486928.jpg (88.82 KB, 494x724, med11.jpg)


File: 1505042500253.jpg (74.78 KB, 410x600, med12.jpg)


File: 1505042513719.jpg (76.29 KB, 411x600, med18.jpg)


File: 1505042526602.jpg (72.46 KB, 414x600, med19.jpg)


File: 1505042654097.jpg (76.58 KB, 691x483, libblue21.jpg)

More torture and one killing.
D. by Dunsuls:
Rape ,Torture and Mutilatation with a Axeing thrown in for fun.Thats about the only way I can discribe this 15 pix set sent to me by "Oscar"It even has a little"eye"action:)


File: 1505042671029.jpg (77.44 KB, 691x498, libblue22.jpg)


File: 1505042684736.jpg (73.9 KB, 691x498, libblue23.jpg)


File: 1505042705384.jpg (73.64 KB, 691x498, libblue24.jpg)


File: 1505042720764.jpg (78.89 KB, 691x498, libblue25.jpg)


File: 1505042745468.jpg (75.92 KB, 691x498, libblue26.jpg)


File: 1505042765537.jpg (73.89 KB, 691x498, libblue27.jpg)


File: 1505042831122.jpg (69.62 KB, 691x498, libbluept21.jpg)


File: 1505042846967.jpg (113.29 KB, 691x498, libbluept22.jpg)


File: 1505042873216.jpg (103.74 KB, 691x498, libbluept23.jpg)


File: 1505042890279.jpg (113.66 KB, 691x498, libbluept24.jpg)


File: 1505042907427.jpg (117.4 KB, 691x498, libbluept25.jpg)


File: 1505042925789.jpg (114.03 KB, 691x507, libbluept26.jpg)


File: 1505042941750.jpg (118.06 KB, 691x507, libbluept27.jpg)


Who's the artist of the c series?


File: 1520722770532.jpg (187.42 KB, 784x968, 3c_1.jpg)

LOVED this site back in the day. Gonna share a few more I didn't see posted. I'll start with some more Kinjite.


File: 1520722792039.jpg (178.74 KB, 810x965, 3c_2.jpg)


File: 1520722828889.jpg (225.08 KB, 1470x821, 3c_3.jpg)


File: 1520722846682.jpg (217.45 KB, 1109x1004, 3c_4.jpg)


File: 1520722867887.jpg (200.24 KB, 887x917, 3c_5.jpg)


File: 1520722894603.jpg (195.19 KB, 992x926, 3c_6.jpg)


File: 1520722910137.jpg (124.01 KB, 944x787, 3c_7.jpg)


File: 1520722988295.jpg (120.87 KB, 637x867, drethkira1.jpg)


File: 1520723011900.jpg (123.17 KB, 637x867, drethkira2.jpg)


File: 1520723025817.jpg (125.05 KB, 637x867, drethkira3.jpg)


File: 1520723039775.jpg (107.04 KB, 637x867, drethkira4.jpg)


File: 1520723072402.jpg (119.47 KB, 637x867, Imps1.jpg)


File: 1520723085041.jpg (109.07 KB, 637x867, Imps2.jpg)


File: 1520723119395.jpg (154.18 KB, 637x867, Lizardmen1.jpg)


File: 1520723133085.jpg (134.06 KB, 637x867, Lizardmen2.jpg)


File: 1520723152478.jpg (86.08 KB, 637x867, Lizardmen3.jpg)


File: 1520723196973.jpg (111.06 KB, 637x867, Vamp1.jpg)


File: 1520723210921.jpg (143.79 KB, 637x867, Vamp2.jpg)


File: 1520723224672.jpg (48.98 KB, 637x867, Vamp3.jpg)


File: 1520723338687.jpg (61.13 KB, 447x654, AlienDiet01.jpg)

Here's a series by an artist who went by "Fred" on the site.


File: 1520723355462.jpg (85.56 KB, 448x648, elyse.jpg)


File: 1520723375186.jpg (110.13 KB, 514x729, flora.jpg)


File: 1520723389348.jpg (107.31 KB, 519x738, gina.jpg)


File: 1520723403980.jpg (102.77 KB, 514x730, haley.jpg)


File: 1520723420118.jpg (113.39 KB, 550x737, iris1.jpg)


File: 1520723434497.jpg (108.52 KB, 542x715, iris2.jpg)


File: 1520723448198.jpg (123.42 KB, 518x730, jessica.jpg)


File: 1520723484726.jpg (120.68 KB, 547x738, kelly1.jpg)


File: 1520723505229.jpg (118.32 KB, 539x714, kelly2.jpg)


File: 1520723576682.jpg (8.95 KB, 320x159, 001.jpg)


File: 1520723681909.jpg (136.74 KB, 787x935, Beat03.jpg)

These are all by an artist who went by the name "Genesys". I have seen some of them posted in various places, but rarely do I see them all posted together.


File: 1520723698888.jpg (123.68 KB, 787x749, Beat04.jpg)


File: 1520723716224.jpg (159.04 KB, 1181x826, Beat05.jpg)


File: 1520723732138.jpg (110.26 KB, 787x713, Beat06.jpg)


File: 1520723748235.jpg (216.52 KB, 787x1081, Beat07.jpg)


File: 1520723773460.jpg (211.17 KB, 787x1101, Beat08.jpg)


File: 1520723793132.jpg (138.99 KB, 1181x847, Butcher's table.jpg)


File: 1520723807454.jpg (191.46 KB, 1181x844, DeadMeatorecycler.jpg)


File: 1520723827049.jpg (87.09 KB, 630x925, Joywhilecarryn.jpg)


File: 1520723841876.jpg (125.44 KB, 787x995, partyepilogue.jpg)


File: 1520723863603.jpg (61.31 KB, 661x636, PosingStudio01.jpg)


File: 1520723894755.jpg (160.66 KB, 787x1171, Ropes&Poles.jpg)


File: 1520723917017.jpg (76.98 KB, 945x692, RopingStudio01.jpg)


File: 1520723931241.jpg (167.01 KB, 1181x836, Shot01.jpg)


File: 1520723949797.jpg (201.61 KB, 1181x814, Shot02.jpg)


File: 1520723965716.jpg (242.23 KB, 787x1158, Shot03.jpg)


File: 1520723977536.jpg (56.66 KB, 382x1181, SlimFast.jpg)


File: 1520723995103.jpg (220.22 KB, 1181x844, Treatmentroom.jpg)


File: 1520724170456.jpg (56.07 KB, 558x782, deathwill002.jpg)


File: 1520724185674.jpg (48.76 KB, 634x563, deathwill003.jpg)


File: 1520724200429.jpg (89.83 KB, 549x766, deathwill004.jpg)


File: 1520724215113.jpg (49.23 KB, 532x718, Deathwill005.jpg)


File: 1520724233819.jpg (58.25 KB, 532x653, Deathwill006.jpg)


File: 1520724250096.jpg (27.38 KB, 455x585, Deathwill007.jpg)


File: 1520724263359.jpg (49.38 KB, 519x709, Deathwill008.jpg)


File: 1520724283643.jpg (51.2 KB, 475x703, Deathwill009.jpg)


File: 1520724341372.jpg (51.79 KB, 475x703, Deathwill010.jpg)


File: 1520724361927.jpg (60.28 KB, 558x789, deathwill011.jpg)


File: 1520724426354.jpg (53.62 KB, 558x789, deathwill012.jpg)

I LOVE this where he starts beating this hot piece of fucking meat just for fun! Ha ha!


File: 1520724501825.jpg (40.14 KB, 523x686, deathwill013.jpg)

And MORE beating. Fuck, I'd spend hours doing that if I were him!


File: 1520724522088.jpg (133.34 KB, 1181x835, Deathwill017.jpg)


File: 1520724534781.jpg (227.15 KB, 1181x850, Deathwill018.jpg)


File: 1520724719325.jpg (161.99 KB, 1140x747, Deathwill019.jpg)

Not sure what the shot was for in the last image, since that big tittied plaything is already dead, but unfortunately, this is where this story stopped. If anyone has a continuation, I'd LOVE to see it. The remaining images after this one are just misc images from the same artist. I SO wish I could find more of this guys art, because he's FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!


File: 1520724756673.jpg (100.05 KB, 574x847, fleshrend037.jpg)


File: 1520724768218.jpg (88.51 KB, 775x558, fleshrend045.jpg)


File: 1520724814598.jpg (89.43 KB, 761x569, fleshrend046.jpg)

Unfortunately, this is the last one from him that I have.


Very nice additions! Like the artist! Thanks!





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