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Post only drawings by this artist that are translated


this should probably go in /req/


His name is Sachisuke Masumura.


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That's All I could find


AKA Cruelty High School festival Sachisuke Masumura


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Anyone have the translated/full-sized version of this?


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full-sized version


This artist is named Sachisuke Masumura.


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there you go o


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thanks. I got a number of translations that I didn't have.


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I love that last one but real it looks like they could lift their head above the blade. I suppose a solution is to torture any girl that avoids it.


I've seen another translation of this pic, mentioning leaving them hanging for 24 hours before the beheading.

But I prefer the idea of the rail showing them what happens next (gutting etc.) before going to the beheading station, so they don't *want* to be alive when the next steps happen.


thanks for sharing !

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